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Stars Go Out Tonight - FarenMaddox - Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle [Archive of Our Own]
The three men meet many people in their travels, and this isn't the first time they've met a copy of someone they knew in the past. But this might be the first time Fai's ever felt like he had a second chance.
fic:tsubasa  pairing:kurogane/fai  r:PG  l:5-8k  genre:angst  writer:farenmaddox 
july 2014 by spurious
travelingpsycho: This was supposed to be a silly little fic...
It starts, like most of Ace's particularly stupid ideas, as a bet, but it's not as simple as it sounds.

Ilana writes them SO PERFECTLY *___*
pairing:ace/arsenal  fic:8uppers  l:5-8k  r:NC-17  writer:travelingpsycho 
march 2012 by spurious
Love Dealer 2011 - [Kanjani8] Brilliant World (one-shot)
Yoko may not be Jack Bauer, but Maru never seemed to mind.

Awkward Yoko cuteness, just super great!! <3
writer:nanyakanya  r:NC-17  pairing:yoko/maru  genre:fluff  l:5-8k  fic:kanjani8 
november 2011 by spurious
Androids - whenyoudesertme (phrenk) - Arashi (Band), Japanese Actor RPF, Johnny's Entertainment [Archive of Our Own]
"Scientist Aiba and assistant Sho open a package of great importance."

"Jun comes home for a visit and makes the most of his time."
au:scifi  genre:au  genre:happyending  pairing:aiba/nino  pairing:ohno/sho  fic:arashi  writer:phrenk  l:5-8k  r:PG-13 
october 2011 by spurious
yoymisogorgeous: Crazy Little Thing Called
"It takes Nino a while to figure out which world he wants to live in."

this is sooooo cool *_* and also yoko/aiba *____*
writer:ltgmars  fic:arashi  fic:kanjani8  genre:au  genre:happyending  pairing:aiba/yoko  pairing:nino/subaru  au:normallives  l:5-8k  r:PG 
october 2011 by spurious
je_otherworlds: Bring Me to the Edge
"Ryo and Yoko work outside the law for the law. It’s probably a good idea that they’ve never really learned how to follow the rules."

alternate summary: yoko and ryo try to get their jobs done as quickly as possible so they can fuck each others' brains out, also there are guns and yoko in a dress *_*
fic:kanjani8  genre:au  au:crime/spies  writer:joshuaglass  pairing:ryo/yoko  genre:porn  porn:crossdressing  l:5-8k 
october 2011 by spurious
The Rainbow Bridge Fic Exchange - Fic for airairo! On how not to set up your coworkers
"A bunch of idiots (or more specifically, a pair of idiots) get up to idiotic things, like, for example. matchmaking."
fic:kanjani8  fic:arashi  genre:humor  pairing:maru/ohno  l:5-8k  r:R  writer:greatfountain 
october 2011 by spurious
An Eager Want - whenyoudesertme (phrenk) - Arashi (Band), Johnny's Entertainment, Japanese Actor RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Nino needs to collect three friends and knows just the person to help out. (More to the point, I wrote this off an old anon meme prompt asking for lesbian schoolgirls Ohmiya.)

fic:arashi  pairing:ohmiya  genre:au  genre:fluff  au:genderswap  writer:phrenk  au:highschool  l:5-8k  r:PG-13 
september 2011 by spurious
je_holiday: Might as Well (or: Three Times Jin and Yoko Failed an Assignment, and Once They Made the Most of It)
"Not all assassins are cool, suave, and perfect one hundred percent of the time. Everyone has their streak of (epic) fail. The key is to just make the most of a bad situation, even (especially) if it involves hopping into bed with your partner."

fic:kanjani8  fic:kat-tun  pairing:yoko/jin  genre:au  writer:pot_and_kettle  genre:humor  au:crime/spies  l:5-8k  r:NC-17 
september 2011 by spurious
je_holiday: All Strings Will Snap
"Ryo accidentally kisses Ueda while drunk. Rumors and ridiculousness ensue and everything goes downhill from there..."

i don't usually like ryo/ueda but i love this fic *_*
pairing:ryo/ueda  fic:kanjani8  fic:kat-tun  fic:news  writer:happiestwhen  genre:happyending  genre:humor  l:5-8k  r:NC-17 
september 2011 by spurious
je_holiday: Three Sides of a Square
yoko/hina/maru-ish: "Sometimes, even the people you’ve known the longest can still surprise you." <33333333333333333333
fic:kanjani8  pairing:yoko/hina/maru  writer:elyndys  genre:happyending  l:5-8k  r:PG-13 
september 2011 by spurious
lily22: [Dexter/Death Note] Concinnitas
L looked around with some puzzlement, as though surprised to find himself in the middle of a bustling police station. “I’m investigating,” he said. “Are those donuts for me?”

Dexter tried his best for calm as he lifted the lid of the box for L to pick one. L just smiled, shut the lid, and took the whole box.
fic:deathnote  fic:dexter  genre:crossover  writer:lily22  l:5-8k 
september 2011 by spurious

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