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kurofai | Headcanon ficathon!
two different takes on the prompt "The first time Fai drank Kurogane's blood in Infinity, it was because Kurogane forced him."
fic:tsubasa  pairing:kurogane/fai  genre:angst  l:1-3k  writer:farenmaddox  writer:sotongsotong 
june 2014 by spurious
無敵になれる二人 - 169. (fic) everyone is made of stars
"the thing is that ohno and nino actually are aliens."

this seems like it should be silly and weird but it's actually really sweet and beautiful! <3__<3
pairing:ohmiya  l:1-3k  genre:au  au:scifi  au:aliens  r:PG-13  genre:fluff  writer:harinezumi_kun  genre:crack 
february 2012 by spurious
displaced_bytes: Minor Melodies (Shibutani Subaru, Yasuda Shota)
"Inspired by their Life ~Me no Mae no Mukoe~ Music Station performances."

angsty and sweet <3 could be read as gen but i have subassan goggles
pairing:subaru/yasu  fic:kanjani8  writer:digitalized_  genre:angst  genre:happyending  l:1-3k  r:G 
october 2011 by spurious
theotheralissa: Kanjani8 - Benefits - Hina/Yoko
"So. One time last year (which Yoko hasn't ever told anyone) Hina gave Yoko a blowjob after a late night drinking."

awkward yoko and super-straightforward hina, aka yokohina at its best *___*
pairing:yoko/hina  writer:airairo  genre:porn  fic:kanjani8  l:1-3k  r:NC-17 
october 2011 by spurious
λ=h/p - in ur chatz, creepin on ur idolz
fic in the style of a chatlog, featuring yoko, nino, aiba, and junno. many lols to be had.
writer:debrogliewave  fic:kanjani8  fic:arashi  genre:crack  genre:humor  l:1-3k  r:PG 
october 2011 by spurious
The Rainbow Bridge Fic Exchange - Fic for yue-akuma! Can't Fight the Moonshine
"Chicago, 1931. At the height of Prohibition, only the Mafia, money hungry and idiotic dare defy the government. And Murakami Shingo."

Everything I never knew I wanted out of a Prohibition!AU Hina/Ohno fic.
genre:au  fic:kanjani8  fic:arashi  au:historical  pairing:hina/ohno  l:1-3k  r:R 
october 2011 by spurious
bottled_joy: Title: Featuring Closeness
"Honma can't be the most trustworthy person, any way you look at it, and when he grabs a fistful of Kamiyama's hair, yanking his head back to expose his throat, his bobbing Adam's apple, the thick veins popping on the increasingly pale skin, he wonders why Kamiyama doesn't fight back."

fic:thequizshow  pairing:honma/kamiyama  genre:porn  porn:breathplay  genre:angst  l:1-3k  r:R 
september 2011 by spurious
je_holiday: Gift fic for prevaricatory
Maybe he has become a bit of a loser for Koyama. But that's not love, and it's not his fault.
weird pairing but REALLY CUTE and great
fic:kanjani8  fic:news  pairing:yoko/koyama  writer:the_suit_case  genre:fluff  l:1-3k  r:PG 
september 2011 by spurious
je_holiday: Practice Makes...
"Subaru and Ryo work very hard at writing a song together, among other things."

for meeee :D
fic:kanjani8  pairing:subaru/ryo  genre:fluff  writer:travelingpsycho  l:1-3k  r:NC-17 
september 2011 by spurious

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