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1.1 Billion Taxi Rides on kdb+/q & 4 Xeon Phi CPUs
kdb+/q is considered by its users to have good performance attributes. So this is something I wanted to try for myself, which turned out to give some interesting results. In this blog post I'll see how fast kdb+/q can query 1.1 billion taxi rides. I'll be using the same dataset I've used to benchmark Amazon Athena, BigQuery, Elasticsearch, EMR, MapD, PostgreSQL and Redshift. I've compiled a single-page summary of these benchmarks.
database  SQL  scale  speed  kdb  Q  KX 
2 days ago by fjordaan
What exactly is Mifid II and what does it mean for the ordinary investor | Gale and Phillipson
Essentially, those in the investment sector were required to openly offer a standard explanation of any costs, charges and fees, making matters much clearer for investors.
kx  tr  education  first  derivatives 
8 weeks ago by fallond
JSON Formatter & Validator
kx  data  filter  validation  of  Operator 
9 weeks ago by fallond
See the Product | How Prezi Works | What Makes It Unique | Prezi
What makes Prezi so unique
Words won’t do it justice. Neither will a simple video. But here’s our best attempt at defining why Prezi is the better way to present.
Powerpoint Alternative
powerpoint  tools  presentation  kx  sales 
10 weeks ago by fallond
Flood Maps
Good interactive map; house gone with +3 metre rise
kx  interactive  visualisation 
february 2018 by fallond
Canva Presentation
Cloud-based design solution; personal to business.
Design  Job  Kx  Webdesign  UI  UX 
january 2018 by fallond
Prototyping Tools | Cooper
When deciding how to build your next prototype, the vast landscape of modern prototyping tools can be overwhelming. It’s easy to stick with the tools that you know for expedience sake, but a lot of great new tools are available and worth exploring.

Building off of our prior roadtest, we’ve updated and added to our assessment of some of today’s tools. We hope this resource will help fellow designers find a prototyping tool that works for their needs.

This is a living document. We will continue to add more tools and update existing ones.
UX  UI  Design  tools  software  Axure  kx 
september 2017 by fallond
The Complete Guide to the Product Design Process
The Complete Guide to the UX Product Design Process. From identifying the problem to working a solution

Recommended tools: Sketch + InVision, Axure, Principal, Flinto, and Framer
UX  Design  Kx  First  Derivatives 
september 2017 by fallond
Earnings - CSO - Central Statistics Office
Published data on national earnings, including breakdown by sector (Public - Private)
data  Kx  dashboards 
september 2017 by fallond
ERA Interim, Daily
Please note that the fields shown on this interface are a subset of the ERA Interim dataset. The complete dataset (including wave fields) is available via the batch access. The full list of fields can be found here.
Kx  Data  First  Derivatives  Dashboards 
may 2017 by fallond
Met Éireann very high resolution climate reanalysis for Ireland  (MÉRA) - launch Friday May 26th - Weather News - Met Éireann - The Irish Meteorological Service Online
A 1-month sample of some of the data (in GRIB 1 format) can be found below:

mean sea level pressure

2 m temperature

10 m wind - u component

10 m wind - v component
data  sample  kx  dashboards  first  derivatives 
may 2017 by fallond
$ mkdocs serve
INFO - Building documentation...
INFO - Cleaning site directory
[I 160402 15:50:43 server:271] Serving on
[I 160402 15:50:43 handlers:58] Start watching changes
[I 160402 15:50:43 handlers:60] Start detecting changes
mkdocs  kx  documentation 
april 2017 by fallond

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