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Why some Lego sets are a better investment than gold | The Independent
Investors have secured a better rate of return on some sets of Lego than from gold.

Mint condition Lego box sets have rocketed in price since the turn of the millennium. On average, Lego sets have increased in value 12 per cent every year since 2000, according to analysis from The Telegraph.  
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blokdots – Hardware Prototyping Reimagined
Another icon driven instruction set for hardware prototyping. BA Thesis
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Sara DeLong | ABOUT
Hi! I'm Sara!
Welcome to my blog! I am passionate about all things design and data visualization. When I am not tracking down a data source to create visualizations, you will also find me running, biking, cooking, and painting. My public health expertise has taught me that effective information design and data visualization are key to sharing data with a variety of audiences, improving program management, and creating an impact. Feel free to contact me if you have a question or are interested in collaborating on a project.
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Fundamentals of Data Visualization
This is an online preview of the book “Fundamentals of Data Visualization” to be published with O’Reilly Media, Inc.

The book is meant as a guide to making visualizations that accurately reflect the data, tell a story, and look professional. It has grown out of my experience of working with students and postdocs in my laboratory on thousands of data visualizations. Over the years, I have noticed that the same issues arise over and over. I have attempted to collect my accumulated knowledge from these interactions in the form of this book.

The entire book is written in R Markdown, using RStudio as my text editor and the bookdown package to turn a collection of markdown documents into a coherent whole. The book’s source code is hosted on GitHub, at https://github.com/clauswilke/dataviz. If you notice typos or other issues, feel free to open an issue on GitHub or send me a pull request. If you do the latter, in your commit message, please add the sentence “I assign the copyright of this contribution to Claus O. Wilke,” so that I can maintain the option of publishing this book in other forms.

This work is licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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Factory 50 premium icons (SVG, EPS, PSD, PNG files)
Icons for Kx sales and marketing presentations; powerpoint, pdf and website
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10 Best New Restaurants in NYC in 2018 | AFAR
Financial District

When Manhatta, the latest from Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group, opened on the 60th floor of a skyscraper downtown last summer, it quickly became one of the best places to dine with a view in Manhattan. Not surprisingly, it’s also become one of the hardest reservations to land because of that. The $78 three-course prix fixe is a great value, but if you don’t want to wait for months to get a seat, try walking in for a seat at the bar. You get not only the same views of the Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge, but also access to an exclusive bar snack menu with a croque madame made with quail eggs and fried chicken bites that are more delicious than the fancy French fare served at the tables. —Lyndsey Matthews, Destination News Editor
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Book - Visualising Data
mponents of your charts.
Influencing factors and considerations: presentin
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october 2018 by fallond
#SWDchallenge: scatterplot! — storytelling with data
It will be interesting to see both where these two measures agree (high across both would indicate the most effective managers, low across both would be those we need to get some help or manage out) as well as where the measures disagree (scoring high on one but low on the other). A scatterplot is the perfect tool to illustrate this (the scenario is real, but the data in this case is made up):
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october 2018 by fallond
Re-approaching Color – Lyft Design
For lightness and darkness, there wasn’t a great naming system already in place. We chose to go with a simple scale from 0 to 100, With 0 being the lightest possible color and 100 being the darkest possible color. The only caveat is we needed to be intentional in how we mapped out colors from 0 to 100. If we needed to retroactively add a shade, for example, that could cause us to redo all the numbers and require us to reteach everyone in the organization. So we needed to be correct in how we assigned colors to the scale. We’ll get back to how we did this later on.

By equipping people with those two simple things, hue and brightness names, we had our language. So now if you hear red 60, you’ll know it’s a medium red, and if you see a really light shade of blue, you can guess it’s blue 10. The language is quick to learn and reasonably precise.
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september 2018 by fallond
Dashboards are becoming one of the most valuable tools for organizations to gain visibility into how they
are performing as well as help develop ways for increasing overall efficiencies. Whether as part of a larger
business intelligence (BI) solution or as a standalone solution, organizations are looking at dashboards to
help solve their business problems. Unfortunately, the ability to sift through solutions and understand the
nuances of the data visualization industry is not always easy. This report aims to provide an overview of
the data visualization market by identifying what dashboards are, the value they provide, what offerings
are provided by vendors, and the considerations organizations should take into account when looking at
To collect this information, a survey of solution providers was performed to identify industry trends, features
and functionality, positioning, etc. Overall, 26 vendors participated in the survey. These include Dundas
Data Visualization, IBM, InetSoft, Information Builders, Klipfolio, PivotLink, Tableau Software, Visual Mining,
and QlikTech. In addition, industry research and interviews were conducted to provide a broad view of the
data visualization industry and the value dashboards provide to the organization. Vendors were broken out
into categories to help identify the types of solutions they provide. These include analytical, operational,
Microsoft specific, and business performance management. In general, vendors fall into multiple categories.
Twenty-eight percent of vendors provide horizontal solutions to their customers letting them customize
dashboards. The most targeted vertical solution is manufacturing at 32%, with high tech a close second
at 28%. Marketing and operations are the most broadly targeted departments within an organization at
44% and 40% respectively. Sales dashboards come in a close third place with 36% of vendors offering sales
dashboard solutions. Business decision makers are the largest targeted market related to decision
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september 2018 by fallond
storytelling with data
Learning by practice: improving an existing graph sharpens your skills
I'll start with a few comments on the art of undertaking makeovers. Since joining the storytelling with data team last year, I've tackled nearly 100 makeovers of clients' graphs and recently started teaching our custom client workshops. The last section of our workshops is my very favorite: when we turn it over to participants for hands-on practice. We review & discuss their examples of visualizing data and how we might apply the best practices we've covered that day to make the selected examples even stronger. The benefits of hands-on practice are two-fold: participants get feedback on their own visuals AND learn how to thoughtfully critique others' work. For more insight on the feedback process, check out Episode 1 of the SWDpodcast: the art of feedback. 
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september 2018 by fallond

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