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Skye Freeman | Key Value Observation in iOS 11
It seems like the past few weeks in iOS news has been dominated by the addition of the Encodable, Decodable and Codable protocols - finally fixing the ugly p...
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august 2017 by pixel
lorentey/GlueKit: Type-safe observable values and collections in Swift
GlueKit contains type-safe analogues for Cocoa's Key-Value Coding and Key-Value Observing subsystems, written in pure Swift. Besides providing the basic observation mechanism, GlueKit also supports full-blown key path observing, where a sequence of properties starting at a particular entity is observed at once. (E.g., you can observe a person's best friend's favorite color, which might change whenever the person gets a new best friend, or when the friend changes their mind about which color they like best.)
swift  kvo  observable  mvvm 
november 2016 by danielr

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