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His Pride - Chapter 1 - AyameKage - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
Ichigo Kurosaki is in trouble, grave trouble, unless Byakuya can get to him first. When a new threat invades Ichigo's world, Byakuya steps up to the task of protecting him. The captain of the Sixth takes on this task for personal reasons pertaining to his pride... He's in love with Ichigo.
bleach  fanfic  ao3  author  AyameKage  yaoi  multi-chapter  Byakuya/Ichigo  introspection  Senbonzakura  Renji/Rukia  het  Kon  OC  Kusajishi  Yachiru  alcohol  Kurosaki  Yuzu  Kurosaki  Karin  Kurosaki  Isshin  solo  nsfw  Ishida  Uryuu  first  time  Ukitake  Jyuushirou  Kurotsuchi  Mayuri  Kyouraku  Shunsui 
april 2015 by cptnsuz
When Plans Go Awry - tylashke - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
Featuring Renji, Byakuya, a Jacuzzi and an unexpected situation... RenBya.- Part 5 of the Sakura and Tattoos series also here: http://tylashke.livejournal.com/18151.html#cutid1
bleach  fanfic  ao3  lj  author  tylashke  yaoi  nsfw  Byakuya/Renji  Kusajishi  Yachiru 
february 2015 by cptnsuz
Fight for What's Worth It - Chapter 1 - EzraTheBlue - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Yumichika wants a baby, Ikkaku does not. Yumichika has never let little things like that get in his way, and he's willing to go to surprising lengths to get what he wants. What will he do? Why is he so set on having Ikkaku's baby? And what will happen when the truth comes out? Notes: For Algernon Fenton (A_Eelif). Inspired by Letting Go of Pride to Bring New Life by Algernon Fenton (A_Eelif). DISCLAIMER: The original characters of Bleach are not mine. The original ideas of Algernon Fenton, especially the lozenge system of male pregnancy, Emiko Kyoraku, Takahiro Kuchiki, and any events of her stories referenced within, are hers and are used with permission. This story is being cross-posted here and on Fanfiction.net, under the same username. If you see it elsewhere, then it's not me. Author Notes: Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! I'm making my first foray into Bleach fanfiction, and today, I come to... break some hearts. First and foremost, I have to thank Algernon Fenton. This work is a spin-off of her m-preg works, How Do You Choose? and Letting Go Of Pride to Make New Life.
bleach  fanfic  ao3  author  EzraTheBlue  yaoi  WIP  Ikkaku/Yumichika  Kurotsuchi  Mayuri  nsfw  Zaraki  Kenpachi  Kusajishi  Yachiru  Kurotsuchi  Nemu  multi-chapter  mpreg  angst  first  time  mindfuckery  drugs  self-harm  Byakuya/Renji  anons  Akon  Jyuushirou/Shunsui  Yamamoto  Genryuusai  Sasakibe  Choujirou  Soi-Fong  dub-con  Unohana  Retsu  Hisagi  Shuuhei  Matsumoto  Rangiku  h/c 
february 2015 by cptnsuz
Debate, a bleach fanfic | FanFiction
l Orihime, Zaraki, Yachiru l Explaining drinking to a fish.
kusajishi  yachiru  bleach  fanfic  ff.net  author  Kuroeia  gen  Inoue  Orihime  Zaraki  Kenpachi 
february 2013 by cptnsuz
Love and the Art of War Chapter 1, a bleach fanfic | FanFiction
Nanao X ...Zaraki? I have no excuse, explanation, or defense of this pairing whatsoever. So very, very sorry. The crack! It burns!
Kyouraku  Shunsui  Ukitake  Jyuushirou  kusajishi  yachiru  Madarame  Ikkaku  Ayasegawa  Yumichika  matsumoto  rangiku  bleach  fanfic  ff.net  author  DarthAmmonite  het  multi-chapter  WIP  humor  Kenpachi/Nanao 
february 2013 by cptnsuz
2metaldog: Request fics - part 2
The Zen Of Sand - Urahara & Zangetsu
Diverting Disaster - Byakuya & Yachiru
Dispelling Boredom - Learning to Fly 'Verse
Tempered Desperation - Sanzo
Ichigo/Kisuke  Byakuya/Grimmjow  yaoi  drabbles  nsfw  anthology  genjyou  sanzo  saiyuki  Zangetsu  cho  hakkai  person  POV  lj  kusajishi  yachiru  bleach  smoking  author  2metaldog/iron  dog  fanfic  1st_person_POV 
january 2013 by cptnsuz
Interoffice Personnel Relations - Methoxyethane - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
"Well," Yamamoto asked, "Does anyone else want to file sexual harassment charges against their captains?" Two hands immediately raised.
Kusajishi  Yachiru  Zaraki  Kenpachi  Soi-Fong  Ukitake  Jyuushirou  bleach  fanfic  ao3  author  Methoxyethane  gen  humor  Abarai  Renji  Kuchiki  Byakuya  Hitsugaya  Toushirou  Yamamoto  Genryuusai 
june 2012 by cptnsuz
Before It's Too Late Chapter 1, a bleach fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Yumichika has feelings for Ikkaku and Ikkaku has feelings for Yumichika...so what's the hold up! Well, you'll find out if you read this.
Kusajishi  Yachiru  Zaraki  Kenpachi  Kyouraku  Shunsui  Matsumoto  Rangiku  bleach  fanfic  ff.net  author  A.Eelif  multi-chapter  yaoi  nsfw  Ikkaku/Yumichika 
february 2012 by cptnsuz
Bleach Fiction: 12 Days of Christmas Bleach Style Chapter 10, a bleach fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Day 10 - Sledding (Ukitake/Kyoraku/Starrk):

Starrk watched with mild amusement as Lilynette went whizzing past him on some brightly coloured piece of what the Quincy boy had called plastic.
bleach  fanfic  ff.net  author  TheaBlackthorn  yaoi  threesome  fluff  drabble  Jyuushirou/Shunsui/Starrk  Lilynette  Gingerbuck  Kusajishi  Yachiru 
december 2011 by cptnsuz
Bleach Fiction: 12 Days of Christmas Bleach Style Chapter 2, a bleach fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Christmas Tree (07/12/2010):

Ukitake smiled softly as he watched Lillynette and Yachiru bounce around the Christmas tree he'd procured in honour of the living world tradition.
Lilynette  Gingerbuck  Kusajishi  Yachiru  bleach  fanfic  ff.net  author  TheaBlackthorn  yaoi  threesome  drabble  fluff  Christmas  Jyuushirou/Shunsui/Starrk 
december 2011 by cptnsuz
The Bald and the Beautiful, a bleach fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Looking for new opponents around Rukongai, Ikkaku finds something much more interesting. Though he had never imagined it, the most beautiful creature isn't a woman. My take on how they met, colored in deep yaoi...
Houzukimaru  izuru/shuuhei  Abarai  Renji  Zaraki  Kenpachi  kusajishi  yachiru  bdsm  Ruri-iro  Kujaku  multi-chapter  WIP  first  time  bleach  fanfic  ff.net  author  Ethelwyn  yaoi  nsfw  Ikkaku/Yumichika  timeskips  Matsumoto  Rangiku 
december 2011 by cptnsuz
The Lies that Bind Chapter 1: Part I, a bleach fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Set after the Battle of Karakura Town. Once the battle has ended, the truth about Yumichika's zanpakuto weighs heavily on his mind. The strain of the secret begins to impact his life and he begins to wonder if it's worth the secrecy. IkkakuXYumichika
bleach  fanfic  ff.net  author  RunToEarth  multi-chapter  yaoi  nsfw  Ikkaku/Yumichika  angst  Kusajishi  Yachiru  Hisagi  Shuuhei  introspection  Abarai  Renji 
december 2011 by cptnsuz
Story: Thinking things over
Follows after "Kitty". Byakuya and Zaraki decide if they really want more. ByakuyaxZaraki COMPLETE, Yaoi
bleach  fanfic  AFF  author  DreadfulVirtue  yaoi  Byakuya/Kenpachi  Kusajishi  Yachiru 
november 2011 by cptnsuz
Claire - Bleach Fanfic - Aizen Is King (Part 1/2)
Summary: As Ukitake comes round to find a scene of massacare it is clear right away that they have lost. But just what is Soul Society like now that Aizen has won, who has been healing the injuries of those few still alive, can Byakuya help a severely wounded Renji, and just where is Kurosaki Ichigo? Ukitake knows they cannot rest until the devastation has been sorted out but with nearly everyone missing, injured, or dead that is not going to be as easy as it seems...
bleach  fanfic  fanart  LJ  author  cmc42/nerdowl  artist  scatter  muse  dark  character  death  yaoi  multi-chapter  Byakuya/Renji  Jyuushirou/Shunsui  Isshin/Ryuuken  Ichigo/Uryuu  Yamada  Hanatarou  Kuchiki  Ginrei  Ayasegawa  Yumichika  Kusajishi  Yachiru  Kurosaki  Yuzu  Ichimaru  Gin  Ise  Nanao 
november 2011 by cptnsuz
Daily Adventures - Fanfic: Where the Heart Is
Coyote Starrk stood in the middle of a crowd of people. Being able to simply stand there, feel people brush against him, hear their laughter and conversations, and see their faces, frightened him. He wondered how long they'd last.
bleach  fanfic  LJ  gen  Jyuushirou/Shunsui/Starrk  Lilynette  Gingerbuck  Kusajishi  Yachiru  threesome  author  liralen/liralen  li/liralenli 
october 2011 by cptnsuz
Friend, Foe, or F…mate Chapter 1: Introduction, a bleach fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Two of the most mischievous shinigami, Yachiru and Gin, team up to bring a little fun and chaos to the Seireitei by randomly trying to pair up characters as friends, enemies, or love interests. Will they succeed or fail in their challenges?
bleach  fanfic  ff.net  WIP  multi-chapter  humor  gen  het  yaoi  Ichimaru  Gin  author  totoromo  Kusajishi  Yachiru 
october 2011 by cptnsuz
Perch in my Soul - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETA-CAKE!!!! (Bedtime Story)
Summary: Yachiru wants to hear her favorite bedtime story....and Kenpachi indulges her...
bleach  fanfic  LJ  gen  Zaraki  Kenpachi  Kusajishi  Yachiru  author  calmingeffects 
september 2011 by cptnsuz

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1st_person_pov  2metaldog/iron  a.eelif  abarai  aff  akon  alcohol  ame  amnesia  angst  anons  anthology  ao3  artist  author  author:spunky0ne/starfire0ne  ayamekage  ayasegawa  baby  banter  bdsm  birthday  bleach  byakuya/grimmjow  byakuya/ichigo  byakuya/jyuushirou  byakuya/kenpachi  byakuya/renji  byakuya/shunsui  byakuya/sousuke  byakuya  calmingeffects  character  chibi-zoe  childbirth  cho  choujirou  christmas  cmc42/nerdowl  dark  darthammonite  death  dog  drabble  drabbles  dreadfulvirtue  dreams  drugs  dub-con  ethelwyn  ezratheblue  fanart  fanfic  ff.net  first  flashbacks  fluff  gen  genjyou  genryuusai  gin/sousuke  gin  gingerbuck  ginrei  h/c  hakkai  hanatarou  het  hisagi  hitsugaya  houzukimaru  humor  ichigo/kisuke  ichigo/uryuu  ichimaru  ikkaku/yumichika  ikkaku  inoue  introspection  isane  ise  ishida  isshin/ryuuken  isshin  izuru/shuuhei  jyuushirou/shunsui/starrk  jyuushirou/shunsui  jyuushirou  kahewai  karin  kenpachi/nanao  kenpachi  kon  kotetsu  kuchiki  kujaku  kuroeia  kurosaki  kurotsuchi  kyouraku  li/liralenli  lilynette  liralen/liralen  lj  madarame  matsumoto  mayuri  methoxyethane  mindfuckery  mpreg  multi-chapter  muse  nanao  nemu  new  no  non-con  nsfw  oc/oc  oc  ocs  orihime  person  pov  rangiku  renji/rukia  renji  retsu  rii  rikichi  rukia/renji  rukia  runtoearth  ruri-iro  saiyuki  sanzo  sasakibe  scatter  self-harm  senbonzakura  shunsui  shuuhei  smoking  soi-fong  solo  theablackthorn  threesome  time  timeskips  totoromo  toushirou  tylashke  ukitake  unohana  unrequited  uryuu  wedding  wip  yachiru  yamada  yamamoto  yaoi  year's  yumichika  yuzu  zangetsu  zaraki 

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