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This is Your Hometown [by firstbreaths], PG-13
After helping Burt Hummel with his Congressional campaign, Artie starts to wonder if his future might be a little different to how he’s imagined it
gleefic  genfic  ArtieAbrams  BurtHummel  KurtHummel  BlaineAnderson  TinaCohenChang  EmmaPillsbury  *politics  *friendship  °firstbreaths 
october 2015 by mayachain
I Like To Practice What I Preach [by sperrywink], NC-17
Sebastian goes to college in California to play lacrosse. There he makes new friends, and falls in love without noticing.
gleefic  teenwolf!fic  *crossover  Danny(TeenWolf)  SebastianSmythe  JacksonWhittemore  BlaineAnderson  KurtHummel  *futurefic  *first-time  *becoming!fic  *friendship  *homophobia  °sperrywink 
september 2015 by mayachain
Glee: The Musical [by ladyophelia14], PG
The second musical Kurt Hummel ever wrote became his most famous. It was called "Glee" and it was a story about being the underdog.
gleefic  Kurt/Blaine  Kurt&Finn.Hudmel  *alt.canon  *singing/performing  WillSchuester  KurtHummel  BlaineAnderson  RachelBerry  MercedesJones  °ladyopjelia14 
september 2015 by mayachain
On The Right Side Of The Wrong Bed [by homopayno], NC-17
Sebastian isn’t sure how he even got to this party. He’s lost count of how many beers he’d had, in hopes to loosen his nerve racked limbs and stop his heart from speeding up at the realization of what he came out tonight to do.
gleefic  SebastianSmythe  KurtHummel  *first-time  Kurt/Sebastian  °homopayno  *pwp 
january 2015 by mayachain
The Keys to Love and Hate - orphan_account - NCIS, Glee [Archive of Our Own]
Gibbs’ team is called to investigate the particularly brutal murder of a female SEAL. The man who found her body, Lieutenant David Karofsky, claims to be her best friend, but both Tony and Gibbs agree that he’s hiding something.
NCIS  Crossover:Glee  LeroyJethroGibbs  TonyDiNozzo  Gibbs/DiNozzo  DavidKarfosky  KurtHummel  Kurt/Karfosky  establishedrelationship  newrelationship  OneShot  Author:Orphan_Account  CaseFic  TonyDiNozzo&KurtHummell-Friendship  SavedforERead 
september 2014 by kliqzangel
Simple Pleasures | [Glee - Kurt/Blaine] out_there – Shining Upon the Waves
Title: Shining Upon the Waves
Author: out_there
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Not even Kurt Hummel can spin a three-month stint as a piano player on a cruise ship as a logical step to fame and success.
Glee  KurtHummel  BlaineAnderson  Kurt/Blaine  AU 
july 2014 by remula
Simple Pleasures | [Glee - Kurt/Blaine] gemmi999 – Two Ducks in Love
Title: Two Ducks in Love
Author: gemmi999
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: When Kurt’s thirteen, his father sits him down at the kitchen table and stares at him. Looks at him and looks through him until Kurt’s shifting uncomfortably because he’s pretty sure this means he did something wrong and is going to get punished, but for the life of him he doesn’t know *what* he did. He knows his dad’s kind of freaked out because he broke his arm, but he’d told his dad that he fell (doesn’t mention being pushed, doesn’t mention being called queer) and he’s pretty sure his dad had believed him. AU
Glee  KurtHummel  BlaineAnderson  NoahPuckerman  RachelBerry  Kurt/Blaine  AU 
march 2014 by remula
Breakeven [by idoltina], PG-13 - NC-17
5-fic-series: Kurt finally starts a local chapter of PFLAG and with the particular members he gets to join up, let's just say things get sufficiently awkward. (The one without Sebastian, college!future and eventual Karofsky/Luke.)
gleefic  KurtHummel  BlaineAnderson  DaveKarofsky  BurtHummel  SantanaLopez  BrittanyPierce  MrAnderson(Glee)  *comingout  *futurefic  *alt.canon  canon!pairing(s)  *friendship  *de-angst  *proposal/wedding  *love!fic  *sleep!fic  *hug!fic  °idoltina 
december 2013 by mayachain
Day of Silence [by thetimesinbetween], PG-13
This is a story about support, love, and friendships that are more like family. There is Kurt and Blaine being their spectacularly adorable selves; Santana being Santana in all her fiery, vulnerable glory; Quinn being a strong, independent woman; Dave Karofsky grappling with who he is and who he wants to be; and Nick and Jeff...well, you'll have to read on to see about them.
gleefic  canon!pairing(s)  *alt.canon  KurtHummel  BlaineAnderson  SantanaLopez  DaveKarofsky  BrittanyPierce  QuinnFabray  NoahPuckerman  RachelBerry  WillSchuester  EmmaPillsbury  MrAnderson(Glee)  MrsAnderson(Glee)  BurtHummel  CaroleHudson  FinnHudson  ArtieAbrams  MercedesJones  SamEvans  TinaCohenChang  MikeChang  LaurenZizes  *homophobia  *love!fic  *friendship  *loyalty  *cuddle!fic  *hug!fic  *comingout  *backstory  *grief!fic  DaltonStudents  °thetimesinbetween 
july 2013 by mayachain
Conversations Emma Pillsbury Should Have Had in 2010 [by patchfire], PG-13
If Ms. Pillsbury had been more focused on her students and counseling instead of other personal issues, the students of New Directions would have had some help finding their direction, and more than a few things might have changed.
gleefic  genfic  *tag  EmmaPillsbury  KurtHummel  RachelBerry  FinnHudson  QuinnFabray  MikeChang  NoahPuckerman  DaveKarofsky  SantanaLopez  BrittanyPierce  MercedesJones  *school!fic  °patchfire 
july 2013 by mayachain
Simple Pleasures | [Glee - Kurt/Blaine] seaouryou – Good (You Know What I Mean) ‘verse
Title: Good (You Know What I Mean) ‘verse
Author: seaouryou
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: No one knew what to make of Kurt Hummel, least of all Blaine Anderson. (1950s AU)
Glee  KurtHummel  BlaineAnderson  Kurt/Blaine  AU  MUST-READ 
march 2013 by remula
Simple Pleasures | [Glee - Kurt/Blaine] seaouryou – Well, the Rest of My Life Lays in Front of Me
Title: Well, the Rest of My Life Lays in Front of Me
Author: seaouryou
Rating: PG || Status: Complete
Summary: Blaine has plans. On paper they sound a lot like “become a hobo and stalk Kurt.”
Glee  KurtHummel  BlaineAnderson  Kurt/Blaine 
march 2013 by remula
Simple Pleasures | [Glee - Kurt/Blaine] seaouryou – Dress You Up in My Love
Title: Dress You Up in My Love
Author: seaouryou
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: For prompt: Kurt asks Blaine to tell him some of his kinks so they can explore together, and after a bit of wheedling Blaine tells him he has a thing for lingerie. Kurt’s hesitant about the idea until he realizes that he won’t be the one wearing it, Blaine will.
Glee  KurtHummel  BlaineAnderson  Kurt/Blaine 
march 2013 by remula
Simple Pleasures | [Glee - Kurt/Blaine] seaouryou – I Search Myself, I Want You to Find Me
Title: I Search Myself, I Want You to Find Me
Author: seaouryou
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: For prompt: When Kurt transfers to Dalton, to make things easier on him, he’s roomed with Blaine. It doesn’t make things easier. It makes them much harder.
Glee  KurtHummel  BlaineAnderson  Kurt/Blaine 
march 2013 by remula
Simple Pleasures | [Glee - Kurt/Blaine] seaouryou – Wiz-n’t He Wonderful
Title: Wiz-n’t He Wonderful
Author: seaouryou
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: When Crossrhodes gets put on hold because the stage is accidentally set on fire, newly minted Broadway star Jesse St. James returns to Lima and resumes his diabolical plans to make Blaine his BFF. This is an especially unwelcome turn of events for Blaine and Kurt, who just want to lose their virginity, dammit. (Sequel to The Pip With Pizzazz)
Glee  KurtHummel  BlaineAnderson  JesseStJames  Kurt/Blaine 
march 2013 by remula
Simple Pleasures | [Glee - Kurt/Blaine] seaouryou – Confidence
Title: Confidence
Author: seaouryou
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Once upon a time, Chris Colfer auditioned for the role of Artie and Darren Criss auditioned for the role of Finn. And then this happened.
Glee  KurtHummel  BlaineAnderson  Kurt/Blaine  ArtieAbrams  BrittanySPierce  MikeChang  NoahPuckerman  QuinnFabray  RachelBerry  SantanaLopez  TinaCohenChang  AU  MUST-READ 
march 2013 by remula
Near Misses [by flaming_muse], NC-17
Kurt and Blaine could easily not have met on a staircase in high school. They could have met a few years later in college instead.
gleefic  KurtHummel  BlaineAnderson  RachelBerry  TinaCohenChang  MikeChang  BurtHummel  CaroleHudson  FinnHudson  *becoming!fic  *first-time  *hardfeelings  *love!fic  *friendship  °flaming_muse  Kurt/Blaine  *singing/performing 
september 2012 by mayachain

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