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The Debian System —
Instead of the regular user's handbook, The Debian System deals exclusively with Debian GNU/Linux and does not cover general topics, such as Linux basics, servers, or desktop environments. Rather, it details the internals of the Debian operating system...
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november 2007 by die_z
madduck's droppings : /geek/2006.10.10_ibm-lenovo-on-site-support
Debian dev's happy w/ Lenovo's customer support; my X40's actually been more or less problem free - or, more accurately, the problems it has were caused by me
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october 2006 by sogrady
madduck's droppings : /2006/09/22 22 09 2006
"I consider Ubuntu's change a hack fixing symptoms, not causes." - interesting point from Martin; my only question would be whether or not this is potentially a "perfect is the enemy of good" case
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september 2006 by sogrady
madduck's droppings : /debian/2006.05.24-ubuntu-and-debian
i thought i'd'd this a while back, but apparently not; anyway, this is exhibit A in explaining why i have so much respect for Martin
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september 2006 by sogrady

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