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A KPFA/PACIFICA CHRONOLOGY 1946-2004 | United For Community Radio
I remember the Pat Scott putsch and resulting fallout.
Christ what an asshole.
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january 2018 by po
(13) “Here's a note we received from the KPFA General... - Morning Star Gali
“Here's a note we received from the KPFA General Manager. Our sister station in New York WBAI owes the Empire State Building $1.8 million. It appears the Pacifica board is so entrenched in factional fighting that it is paralyzed to deal with the situation. Hence, the Empire State Building is poised to take over either or both KPFA and KPFK's assets as these are the two stations worth the most. We don't know what's going to happen but there's a possibility we'll be off the air come mid-January. It's a shame as right now KPFA, at the local level, is in the best fiscal position it's been in since I came back in 2008.
Update: just heard back from a board representative who said she doesn't believe the Empire State Building will immediately seize our assets and that Pacifica is trying to get a loan. Of course that will be up to the Empire State Building.” Mitch Jeserich
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december 2017 by Quercki
Calcium and Disease: Hypertension, organ calcification, & shock, vs. respiratory energy
leads through fibrosis to calcification. The exception is the skeleton, which loses its calcium as the soft tissues absorb calcium.
These observations lead to some simplifying ideas about the nature of aging and disease.
Some people who know about the involvement of calcium in aging, stress, and degeneration suggest eating a low calcium diet, but since we all have skeletons, dietary calcium restriction cant protect our cells, and in fact, it usually intensifies the process of calcification of the soft tissues. Statistics from several countries have clearly shown that the mortality rate (especially from arteriosclerotic heart disease, but also from some other diseases, including cancer) is lower than average in regions that h
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august 2014 by merylste
Maybe Dan Siegel could offer some leadership around KPFA?
If Dan Siegel is going to show himself to be a leader of the progressives of Oakland he will need to show it at KPFA. KPFA is our local community radio station in the Pacifica Network, in case you did not know. And in case you did not know, as most don’t, there is a […]
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march 2014 by zennie62
What Do Our Prisons Say About Us?
Why are so many people in prison in this country, and why are those behind bars treated so badly? Structural factors -- historical, social, political, even psychological -- were explored in a conversation Richard Lichtman had with Terry Kupers. Kupers emphasized both our habit of categorizing people and what he calls the criminalization of dissent.
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july 2013 by merylste
Over the Edge (radio) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Over the Edge (or, OTE) is a sound collage radio program hosted by Don Joyce of Negativland.

I used to listen to this as a teenager when I was seeking out weird things on the radio.
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december 2012 by SteveLambert

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