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kotcity/kotcity: KotCity, an open source city simulator
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21 hours ago by geetarista
kotcity/kotcity: KotCity, an open source city simulator
KotCity is a city simulator written in Kotlin inspired by the statistical city simulators of old. This game aims to achieve a mark somewhere between SimCity (1989) and SC2000. Hopefully this mark will be hit and we can set our sights higher. The game will be fully supported on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
simulator  simulation  game  opensource  kotlin 
yesterday by wjy
Objectbox Mobile Database - ObjectBox
ObjectBox DB is an easy & fast object-oriented mobile database for Android, Linux, soon iOS. It supports relations, JavaRx, Kotlin. And POJOs are POJOs.
kotlin  database  orm  android 
3 days ago by lgtout

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