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What Is An Ant To A God?
Jason Ironheart awakens post-ascension, and has an interesting 'conversation' with B5's resident cryptic godling.

Another in the growing series of works prompted by a B5 rewatch podcast
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april 2017 by Beatrice_Otter
Raindrops and Snowflakes
A missing scene from Intersections in Real Time.
fic  babylon.5  missing.scene  john.sheridan  kosh 
august 2010 by Beatrice_Otter
[Babylon 5/House] Hand More Instramental by aris_tdg (FIC)
The only upside to the whole situation, House thought, was that he got to watch his team attempt to manhandle the Vorlon's environment suit from a vastly underpowered stretcher to the bed in the isolation lab. He watched the methane/bromine ratio on the air monitors with half his attention, and Chase and Foreman struggle with the bulky suit with the rest.

"Do you have the atmosphere mix?" Sinclair asked as Chase made a rather valiant save.

House spared him a baleful glare. "Please. This is only my job."

"How long is this gonna take?" That from Garibaldi.

"We're nearly stabilized on the atmosphere," House said. "Then we'll be able to get inside that suit and see if we can diagnose the problem. Then we can talk timelines."
babylon5  house  fic  crossover  greg.house  kosh 
july 2009 by hb
[Babylon 5] Raindrops and Snowflakes by andrastewhite (FIC)
When John Sheridan opened his eyes, he knew that he had to be dreaming. All of a sudden his head felt a hundred times clearer than it had been all week - and he was free of pain, and hunger, and the disorientation caused by the drugs.

"Hey there," said a familiar voice. "Thought you'd never wake up."
babylon5  fic  john.sheridan  kosh  torture  vorlons 
july 2009 by hb
FanFiction.Net : Snowflakes and Raindrops
John Sheridan is visited by an old friend. Set during 'Intersections in Real Time'.
B5  sheridan  kosh  andraste  yr:2005  [PG]  len:1001-5000 
february 2007 by dossier1013

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