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Find friends to go squirrel fishing with Stomp.io | VentureBeat
Stomp.io, an online service that brings together people looking to meet up at “kooky” events, announced that it is launching today at the Launch conference in San Francisco.<br />
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“It’s like (crazy stunt show) Jackass, but for nerds,” said All Things D’s Kara Swisher.<br />
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The service is like Meetup meets Groupon. Anyone can post a crazy event — like squirrel fishing, where a bunch of people will meet, attach nuts to strings and drive squirrels nuts. Users then sign up for the event and let the craziness commence.<br />
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Stomp.io will also offer deals for some of the more crazy events to attract more users. The more events a user goes to, the more points and badges they can earn.
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Gothamist: The L(ove) Train
Cute story with a happy ending. I think...
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Memorable Quotes from Brick (2005)
Aww, so fucking noir! Here is a fun exercise - say these aloud to yourself in what you judge to be a normal tone of voice, then listen to how kooky you sound!
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