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Probing Parenago: A Dialogue on Stellar Discontinuity
Heads up this guy thinks that cool stars which can form molecules have consciousness, and telekinesis, and that's why they orbit the galaxy faster, so there's no dark matter
2masto  stapledon  astrophysics  kook 
11 weeks ago by mikelynch
The Fourth Dimension and the Bible (1922)
"This higher dimension is seen to be heaven, where God dwells, and all events here on earth simply three-dimensional manifestations of that higher heavenly aggregate."
2masto  kook  mathematics  religion 
march 2019 by mikelynch
Florentin Smarandache (pseudomathematics / outsider science)
I discovered this guy via a Wolfram Mathworld page which had a big list of integer sequences he'd named after himself. Hoo boy.
2masto  mathematics  science  kook 
september 2018 by mikelynch

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