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Tide Times and Chart for Ko Pha Ngan
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Sea Conditions, 7-Day Tide Table, Live Weather, Tide Station Map, Location Guide

Best and clearest chart of several sites i looked at.
[jan 2019]
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10 weeks ago by tometaxu
Phanganist - Koh Phangan Online Magazine
A daily online magazine all about the island of Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand. We have all the information about Koh Phangan that you will ever need including Parties, Yoga, Events, Businesses, People and the Community, Unique Articles about the Island, Culture, Art, Music and DJs, Activities, What To Do and Best Deals.

Phanganist.com | retr 23 feb 2018
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february 2018 by tometaxu
Koh Phangan Island News
Koh Phangan's one and only Online News Magazine - Reports ... the awful truth!
[tourist-related news, especially party tourists]

Koh Phangan Island News | kohphangannews.org | retr 22 dec 2017
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december 2017 by tometaxu
Thailand Surf Map – Wind and Wave forecasts
surf, wind, temperature, and more.

Surf Forecast | surf-forecast.com | retr 18 dec 2017
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december 2017 by tometaxu
Ko Pha Ngan Sea Conditions
Tides, water, weather - summarised in 3-hour intervals over the next 2 days.

Tide Forecast | tideforecast.com | retr 18 dec 2017
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december 2017 by tometaxu
Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao tides
Information and speculation about how the tides work there.

Thailand Visa Forum | thaivisa.com | 2007
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december 2017 by tometaxu
KPT Language School
Group and private Thai language lessons

KPT School | kptschool.com | retr 3 dec 2017
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december 2017 by tometaxu
Koh Space | Koh Phangan's Co-Working Space
136/1 Moo 1, Baan Tai
Near the White Rabbit junction.
6 days - Bt 1,300
month - Bt 3,900

Koh Space | kohspace.com | retr 3 dec 2017
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december 2017 by tometaxu
C&M Vocational School Koh Phangan
Just north of Srithanu, next to the lake.
drop-in and long term Thai language and culture classes.
Arrange Education visa - 3 mo, 1 yr, 2 yr.

C&M Vocational School | thaiculture.education | retr dec 2017
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december 2017 by tometaxu
Southern Bus Terminal Bangkok - Sai Tai Taling Chan
Very complete description with photos of Southern Bus Terminal/SC Plaza.
Other sources say that "Sai Tai Mai" is the old bus terminal, better to say Sai Tai Taling Chan.

train36.com | retr 1 sep 2017
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september 2017 by tometaxu
Nok Air
"fly Thai Domestic budget flight with professional-friendly service"
Many flights daily throughout Thailand and beyond.

nokair.com | retr 1 sep 2017
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september 2017 by tometaxu
Bus Service Bangkok - Koh Pha-ngan - Bangkok
Bus connection Bangkok - Koh Pha-ngan - Bangkok
Updated on 30 November 2015
Might be a little outdated, but has good basic info here about buses.

koh-phangan.de | retr 1 sep 2017
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september 2017 by tometaxu
Ko Pha Ngan Forum
Travel discussion for Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand
Active as of 1 sep 2017.

TripAdvisor | tripadvisor.in | retr 1 sep 2017
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september 2017 by tometaxu
Wat Kow Tahm - Home | Facebook
posts stop at 19 feb 2016.
the previous people?

Facebook | facebook.com | retr 17 aug 2017
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august 2017 by tometaxu
Wat Kow Tahm - listing at Dhammathai.org
Some information is outdated (website name, organisers), but some is useful.
Wat Kow Tahm current website is kowtham.com [aug 2017]

Dhammathai | dhammathai.org | retr 15 aug 2017
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august 2017 by tometaxu

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