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The Flip and Kodak Zi8 - A Good-bye To Our Favorite Pocket Camcorders - WITNESS Blog
Last week we found out that the two pocket camcorders most used by WITNESS and our partners, the Flip and Kodak Zi8 (the Zi8), have been discontinued. First, blow-out sales prompted us to notice that the Zi8 is officially discontinued. Then, Cisco announced that the entire Flip company will be closed. As we say good-bye, here is a look back on how we used these successful products in our work, some alternative models we considered and the features we like and hope to see in future models.
video  Flip  Kodak  Zi8 
yesterday by euler
Rochester Photographer Honors His Late Father
When legendary Kodak photographer Neil Montanus died last month at the age of 92, his son Jim, a renowned photographer himself, decided to honor his late father. 
It resulted in a trip that took him to places his father famously photographed, and a journey that’s far from over.
For Jim Montanus, each day at his late father's house is a new adventure.  A room is filled with boxes of slides, old film and Kodak mementos, like the signed portrait of Walt Disney, which his dad shot early in his career.
“This room is filled with hundreds and hundreds of photographs,” said Montanus.  “At some point, I'm going to have to go through and archive this stuff."
Neil Montanus lived a photographer's dream life. Working with a team of Kodak photographers he captured images of presidents, athletes, beautiful people, and beautiful places.
“He was an amazing photographer,” said Jim.  “I think he was one of the important photographers of the 20th century."
Jim Montanus says he wasn’t really into photography as a child.  By college, he was photo editor of his campus newspaper.  After a career in corporate marketing, he didn’t seriously follow in his dad’s footsteps until about five years ago.  Now, he is dedicated to keeping his father’s legacy alive.
“I think my dad's story is an important story to photography,” he said.
photography  rochester  kodak  family 
26 days ago by rgl7194
Kodak’s Downfall Wasn’t About Technology
So, if your company is beginning to talk about a digital transformation, make sure you ask three questions:
What business are we in today? Don’t answer the question with technologies, offerings, or categories. Instead, define the problem you are solving for customers, or, in our parlance “the job you are doing for them.” For Kodak, that’s the difference between framing itself as a chemical film company vs. an imaging company vs. a moment-sharing company.
What new opportunities does the disruption open up? Our colleague Clark Gilbert described more than a decade ago a great irony of disruption. Perceived as a threat, disruption is actually a great growth opportunity. Disruption always grows markets, but it also always transforms business models. Gilbert’s research showed how executives who perceive threats are rigid in response; those who see opportunities are expansive.
What capabilities do we need to realize these opportunities? Another great irony is that incumbents are best positioned to seize disruptive opportunities. After all, they have many capabilities that entrants are racing to replicate, such as access to markets, technologies, and healthy balance sheets. Of course, these capabilities impose constraints as well, and are almost always insufficient to compete in new markets in new ways. Approach new growth with appropriate humility.
Kodak remains a sad story of potential lost. The American icon had the talent, the money, and even the foresight to make the transition. Instead it ended up the victim of the aftershocks of a disruptive change. Learn the right lessons, and you can avoid its fate.
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4 weeks ago by akiraman
"Caring for Kodak's Colorama: Methodologies for Collections Care at Geo" by Mackenzie Robbins
This thesis provides an example of the research, processes, and methodologies involved in making a collection accessible. As an intern at George Eastman Museum (GEM),1 located in Rochester, New York, during the fall of 2015 through the spring of 2016, I helped to rehouse, identify, contextualize, catalog, and create a collections guide for the Kodak Colorama Collection. Colorama was a unique large-scale photograph advertisement that Kodak described as “The World’s Largest Photograph.” The collection consists of negatives, transparencies, and prints of the original 565 images that Kodak, in the order of dissemination, displayed in New York’s Grand Central Terminal from 1950-1990. Through researching Colorama and documenting my work in drafting the collections guide, I assess the following question: why a collections guide is the best fit for the Colorama Collection, what is the process for producing a collections guide in the Department of Photography at the George Eastman Museum, and how does such a document serve the institution’s goal of making the Colorama Collection more accessible to the online and onsite audiences as well as the museum’s staff and researchers.
photography  theses  kodak  colorama 
10 weeks ago by xr
The Kodakery | Free Listening on SoundCloud
This is Kodak’s podcast where we talk to creative people about their contributions to film, art and analog culture. We dig deep with our guests and find out what it really takes to bring a creative vision to life. Listen to these inspiring conversations.
podcasts  kodak  photography  on:soundcloud.com 
10 weeks ago by xr
The Kodak Picture Spot sign: American photographic viewing and twentieth-century corporate visual culture
This dissertation is the first in-depth study focusing solely on Kodak Picture Spots — signs placed into the landscape that highlight particular views and promote specific subjects to photograph. Eastman Kodak Company placed these branded markers along the roadside beginning in the 1920s, in several World’s Fairs from mid-century through the 1980s, and at various Disney parks from the late 1950s until Kodak’s bankruptcy in 2012. These picture-taking signs encouraged and mediated sightseeing in order to spur photographic activity, sell product, and equate places with pictures. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the dissertation examines the roles these little-studied photographic objects and their vernacular corporate-controlled views, settings, and activities play in the acquisition and distribution of images, real and ideal. Recommended views have a long history, dating back to eighteenth-century British pre-selected vistas and lasting into twenty-first-century digital culture. Picture Spots promote what Nathan Jurgenson calls “conspicuous photography,” a unique set of expectations and actions tied to corporate culture and technology. Chapter One explores Picturesque-era precursors related to gardens, tourism, and accoutrements such as maps and optical devices, including the Claude Glass and stereoscope, in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century England and America. Chapter Two examines early American tourism and the initial Kodak campaign of an estimated 5,000 metal signs placed along new roads between 1920 and 1925. Chapter Three charts Kodak’s long-standing association with international expositions, concentrating on the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair where Kodak installed nearly 50 signs. Chapter Four considers the partnership of Kodak and Disney, starting with the debut of Picture Spot signs at Disneyland circa 1959 and subsequent incorporation into all U.S. Disney parks. The dissertation concludes with developments in smaller venues as well as contemporary corporate viewing via social media and camera phones. Selfie sticks and other accessories also aid in reifying conspicuous photography in new and interrelated ways. Due to the ubiquity of photographs today, further aggregated on the internet by enthusiasts using hashtags, picture-taking signs have developed into nostalgic objects and tourist destinations unto themselves.
kodak  photography  theses 
10 weeks ago by xr
Kodak $40 Mobile Film Scanner is Like Google Cardboard for Scanning Film
If you’re looking for the cheapest possible way to digitize your 35mm Negatives and Slides, the Kodak Mobile Film Scanner is probably it. Costing just $40, this cardboard contraption lets you digitize 35mm film using just your smartphone and a couple of AA batteries.
The Kodak Mobile Film Scanner is made up of a foldable cardboard stand for your mobile phone, a base that allows you to slot in either 35mm Negatives and 35mm Slides, and an LED backlight. This, combined with the Kodak Mobile Film Scanner app (available on iOS and Android) allows you to use your phone’s camera to digitize your old film quickly… if not exactly “well.”
In other words: what Google Cardboard is to Virtual Reality, the Kodak Mobile Film Scanner is trying to be for scanning film.
kodak  film  scanning  iphone  apps 
july 2019 by rgl7194
John Cyril Redhead's beautiful Kodachrome portraits of women at war - National Science and Media Museum blog
Our collection includes these beautiful Kodachrome portraits of women in the armed forces, photographed during the Second World War.
Today and tomorrow, Bradford College are hosting the WAR conference, which will explore representations of people, cultures and landscapes touched, intertwined and transformed by war from 1914 to the present day.
Pam Brook, lecturer at Bradford College, will be looking at representations of women in Britain and France during the Second World War. She says:
I intend to examine themes of the representation of femininity. Many of the [paintings and photographs of women] were of a ‘heroic’ nature showing women engaged in war work and often in non-traditional roles such as munitions, farm work and transport. They were often shown in uniform or in garments that were not typically associated with feminine dress but yet project an idealised concept of womanhood.
We have a series of portraits of women in the armed forces in our collection, photographed by J.C.A. Redhead.
photography  film  kodak  WWII  military  women  40s  navy  uniform 
july 2019 by rgl7194
EKTACHROME is back | Kodak
Kodak is proud to announce the return of one of the most iconic film stocks of all time. KODAK EKTACHROME.
photography  film  camera  kodak  ektachrome  retro  printing 
june 2019 by asaltydog

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