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Kobalt gross collections jumped 30% in 2018, company expects figure to top $600m this year
Kobalt’s net revenues increased 25.3% in its 2018 financial year, up to $402m. The figure is up $81.1m year-on-year, and up around $142m on the $260m the firm posted for its 2016 financial year. Gross profit for the fiscal year ending June 2018 was $52.5m, which increased 23.6% from the $42.5m reported for 2017. Kobalt’s operating losses reached $41.4m in the year, up from $24.3m in 2017. The company’s employee numbers increased from an average of 376 to 515 during the year.
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Kobalt is a Major Label Waiting to Happen
Kobalt is a next-generation label and it is plotting a course to becoming a next generation-major. That success will not be reflected in having the rosters of household names that characterise the traditional major model, but instead an ever-changing portfolio of niche superstars. The question is whether the current majors can respond effectively; they have already made big changes, including label services, JV deals, higher royalty rates, etc. Perhaps the most fundamental move they need to make, however, is to understand what a superstar artist looks like in the era of fragmented fandom. The way in which streaming services deliver music based on use behaviours and preferences inherently means that artists have narrower reach because they are not being pushed to audiences that are relevant.
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Kobalt Music Group is raising the biggest investment round in its history
The raise is taking place at KMG – which owns Kobalt Music Publishing, Kobalt Neighbouring Rights, recorded music operation AWAL and collection society AMRA. It is separate to Kobalt Capital, which is an acquisitive fund managed by KMG. Kobalt is now talking to investment banks to pull together the funding, MBW’s sources tell us. Kobalt’s largest raise to date came in 2017, when it absorbed $89m across two investment rounds – one for $75m led by Hearst Entertainment and a further $14m from Section 32, the US-based venture capital fund created by Bill Maris, who was formerly head of Google Ventures. That fact alone suggests the new raise could well be in excess of $100m.
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march 2019 by motiveunknown
Can Kobalt Disrupt the Label Game With AWAL?
AWAL is the anti-label in other ways, too: Its executives love YouTube (for turning music videos from loss leaders into revenue generators) and cater to what they call music’s “middle class.” Kobalt’s artist-friendly deal structures have frustrated its major-label rivals, driving up the price of signing talent. The company won’t share specifics except to say that the splits are, “if not opposite, definitely close to it,” according to Wright.
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Kobalt | Built for creators.
Kobalt is the music services company of tomorrow, built on transparency and technology. Publishing, neighboring rights, label services, and more.
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august 2018 by theafter
Can Kobalt’s AWAL rewrite the rules of A&R?
“Often, when people talk about a big advance cheque [from a major label], I like to have a detailed conversation with them about it,” says Olinick. “Let’s say you’re talking about a million dollars. People say, it’s irrational and it’s a huge number, so we have to take it. “But when you look at the trajectory of the assets you already have, and you look at the assets that are likely to come into your label deal, that ‘irrational, huge’ cheque actually starts to look quite rational, and pretty small. “When we’re confident in the break-down economics like that, we as AWAL can write very big cheques, too. It’s about reading the data – and when we have vision and passion, going beyond the data, too.”
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july 2018 by motiveunknown
Kobalt's AWAL acquires Chance The Rapper's radio promo company
What’s the main criticism you hear about such companies versus the major labels? It goes a little something like this: ‘Good luck getting on US radio without the muscle of Universal, Sony or Warner.’ Today, AWAL has provided a strong answer to this critique – acquiring New York-based, multi-format radio promotion specialist, in2une Music. Who are in2une? For one thing, they’re the company Chance The Rapper has deployed to plug his acclaimed music at US radio.
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june 2018 by motiveunknown
AWAL hires Aaron Bogucki as Vice President, Digital Marketing
Aaron Bogucki has left his role as Vice President of Digital Marketing at Republic Records in New York to take on the same title at Kobalt’s AWAL. Based in the company’s London office, Bogucki will oversee digital marketing campaigns for the AWAL roster as well as driving digital marketing strategy. Over the course of three years at Republic, Bogucki worked with the Weeknd, Post Malone, James Bay, Ariana Grande, Florence + the Machine, Liam Payne, and more.
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Kobalt revenues jumped 24% to $321m in FY2017 - will get close to $500m this year
Speaking to MBW this week, Kobalt boss Willard Ahdritz (pictured, main) said that his firm’s global headcount grew by 30.2% in FY2017, from 344 people to 448. He added that Kobalt’s staff count will increase by another 100 people in its current financial year (to end of June 2018) – and that this employee base will grow again by a further 200 people in FY 2019. That would result in a global headcount by next summer in excess of 700 people. Ahdritz stressed, “To say we want to hire more people is great, but we are being smart about how we grow.”
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april 2018 by motiveunknown
Kobalt promises $150m investment for AWAL recordings business
Now all of this will be branded AWAL, as a business offering digital distribution, analytics, funding, A&R, marketing and promotion. Lauv will rub shoulders with artists like Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Wombats, VÉRITÉ and Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes on its roster. The rebranding comes alongside a promise that AWAL will be “investing $150m into building artists’ careers, hiring another 100 AWAL employees to better serve its growing roster of artists, and introducing a lineup of new technology products”. The first fruits of the latter include more-detailed financials in AWAL’s analytics app, breaking down income by artist, track, streaming service, country and more. AWAL is also launching a separate ‘AWAL Analytics platform to mine data from Apple Music and Spotify, which will be shown off at SXSW next week.
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march 2018 by motiveunknown
pom2xml Plug-in for Kobalt Released!
The plug-in will generate a Project Object Model (POM) XML file for your Kobalt project.
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january 2018 by ethauvin
Kobalt Plug-ins Update
Since Cédric released Kobalt 1.0 and Kotlin 1.1 is out too, I've also updated my plug-ins...
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march 2017 by ethauvin
Maven Local Repository Plug-in for Kobalt
I've released another pluginin for Cédric's Kobalt build system based on Kotlin. The plug-in will detect the Maven Local Repository location, similarly to Gr...
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Danger Mouse signs with Kobalt | Kobalt press release
Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) Kobalt Music Publishing Music news press releases 30th Century Records (Danger Mouse)
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