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Analyzing the Linux boot process |
This is a great text that covers lot's of groud: "[…] The beginning of boot: the OFF state […] Wake-on-LAN […] Bootloaders […] Starting up the kernel […] From start_kernel() to PID 1 […] The kernel's hardware manifest: the device-tree and ACPI tables […] From start_kernel() to userspace […] Early userspace: who ordered the initrd? […] "
linux  boot  grub  knowhow 
yesterday by jchris
Knock, Knock – The Isoblog.
Knockknock is a useful tool to see what kind of crap your Mac loads at startup. -==- What does your Mac do on Startup? Knockknock knows. It’s not properly updated for current versions of MacOS, but it is still useful. “git clone” and “/usr/bin/python” is sufficient to test.
git  osx  knowhow 
3 days ago by jchris
Analyse und Erklärung Meltdown und Spectre Sicherheitsproblemen | Proact Blog
UPDATE: Nach einem Hinweis von Falco in den Kommentaren zu diesem Artikel muss ich meine Aussage zu den Hypervisorbreakouts revidieren. Nach genauerer Recherche aufgrund des Hinweises im VMware Advisory, muss konstatiert werden, dass es mittels der Variante aus CVE-2017-5715 sehr wohl möglich ist, den Speicher des Hypervisor auszulesen und damit Daten anderer, eigentlich nicht sichtbarer VMs auf dem gleichen System auszulesen!
meltdown  spectre  knowhow 
11 days ago by jchris
One of the open, largest and most sympathic resource on security (including iot) that you will find on the internet.
security  knowhow  development 
17 days ago by oliverschwarz
Creating a third difference-only folder using rsync to compare 2 folders
I am using rsync to update 1 folder based on changes in the other folder however I also need to compile a 2nd copy of ONLY the files that have changed and put these in a 3rd folder so I can FTP them to a live website (which doesn't support rsync).
backup  rsync  knowhow 
18 days ago by jchris

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