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Time Dilation – blarg?
You may have seen this list of latency numbers every programmer should know, and I trust we’ve all seen Grace Hopper’s classic description of a nanosecond at the top of this page, but I thought it might be a bit more accessible to talk about CPU-scale events in human-scale transactional terms. So: if a single CPU cycle on a modern computer was stretched out as long as one of our absurdly tedious human seconds, how long do other computing transactions take?
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17 hours ago by jchris
Vollständige Referrer und Seiten-URLs in Analytics anzeigen
lll➤ So geht's: Vollständige Verweis-URLs (Referrer) und Seiten-URLs in Google Analytics anzeigen lassen. ➤ Detaillierte Anleitung.
14 days ago by vielhuber

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