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OSGi Alliance | Technology / How to Get Started with OSGi
A collection of links to articles and books on OSGi development. Neatly separated into the three primary implementations: Apache Felix, Eclipse Equinox and Knopflerfish.
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january 2014 by searchmeister
Knopflerfish OSGi
Welcome to the Knopflerfish website. The goal with the Knopflerfish project is to develop and distribute easy to use open source code, build tools and applications, related to the OSGi specifications. See charter for details.
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may 2008 by delixyz
Status of Opensource OSGi containers
Piero Campanelli's small writeup about status of OSGi opensource containers and their adherence to OSGi standard. beginning of 2007.
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december 2007 by edzard

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