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MeatEater Hunting - Choosing a Hunting Knife
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3 days ago by bradball
How to Clean and Maintain a Pocket Knife
With proper care and attention, any pocket knife — even the cheap ones — can become a generational heirloom.
knives  howto  gearpatrol 
4 days ago by geglover
Sharpening Direction 2 | Wicked Edge
More important is the way that the micro-serrations are oriented in relation to the type of cutting you wish to do, referred to as the scratch pattern orientation, or rake. The micro-serrations are minute teeth on the edge of the blade left from the sharpening process and function like the teeth on a saw or file. The finer the stone used to sharpen the knife, the smaller the teeth. Large teeth from coarse stones initially cut aggressively but wear quickly requiring more frequent touch-ups. By choosing the orientation of these teeth, you can improve your cutting efficiency. 
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9 days ago by imaginaryfriend
How Knives Cut | ChefSteps
A sharp knife, by comparison, has a crisp edge, with microscopic peaks and valleys along its length that generate a lot of friction as you drag it across the surface of food. This sharp edge easily grabs hold of a surface and tears open a crack. Once the crack is started, a gentle downward pressure allows the blade to plunge through the food, opening the crack as it goes.
knives  swords  sharpening 
9 days ago by imaginaryfriend
Best Knife Steel Comparison - Steel Charts & Guide | Blade HQ
Learn all about knife steels, from CPM and Bohler to everything in between. Each steel features a chart with useful info that you need in shopping for knives.
14 days ago by shamam
Blenheim Forge
Whilst heavily inspired by Japanese knife making traditions, current advances in metallurgy and production also drive our designs, processes and materials.
kitchen  knives  japanese 
16 days ago by markhgn

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