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knitr: Use an inline expression in fig.cap chunk option - Stack Overflow
fig.cap is evaluated as an R expression, so instead of using \rinline (and thus having the caption again parsed by knitr), you can just create the caption string in R.

%% begin.rcode fig.cap=paste("x is", x)

but because fig.cap is evaluated before x is created by default, you will need to postpone the evaluation of fig.cap; to do that, you can include a chunk like this in the beginning of your document:

%% begin.rcode setup, include=FALSE
%% opts_knit$set(eval.after = 'fig.cap')
%% end.rcode

It specifies fig.cap to be evaluated after the code chunk is evaluated, i.e. when x is available for you to use in the figure caption. See eval.after in the documentation.

The other way to do this is to create x in a previous chunk, and use fig.cap=paste("x is", x) in the next chunk.
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9 days ago by jotjotjes
Include Images
```{r out.width = "50%", fig.align = "center"}.


```{r echo=FALSE, out.width='100%'}
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29 days ago by bikesandbooks
R at the command line -- executable
in the termal:

Rscript.exe -e 'knitr::knit("main.Rmd")'
Rscript.exe -e 'rmarkdown::render("main.Rmd")'
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february 2018 by bikesandbooks
Child documents - Input child files into the main document - Yihui Xie | 谢益辉
Rscript.exe -e 'rmarkdown::render(parent.Rmd)'
Rscript.exe -e 'knitr::knit(parent.Rmd)'

*** Absolutely seems to must be done with html_document **** (not html_notebook!!!)
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february 2018 by bikesandbooks

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