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On the Count of Three - lightgetsin - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
“Put your glass down,” he said quietly. “Or throw it in my face in the next three seconds. Two. One.”

((Series that starts with Dresden playing poker with Marcone and Kincaid. Tagged for the whole series.))
au  fandom:dresdenfiles  pairing:dresden/marcone  pairing:dresden/kincaid  rating:nc-17  length:15000-35000  fic  slash  threesome  bets  pwp  possessive  knifeplay  gun.kink  author:lightgetsin 
october 2019 by zimaya
Snared - Eione - The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien [Archive of Our Own]
Lúthien loses her patience with Celegorm and Curufin. She ties Celegorm down and takes her revenge, while Curufin is forced to watch.

WHY? :(
fandom:tolkien  pairing:luthien/celegorm  het  noncon  voyeurism  knifeplay 
july 2019 by as_lld_again
Change Me (If You Dare)
"I have a confession to make, Will." There were many confessions Will had been trying to drag from Hannibal's lips. Will glanced back sharply, no doubt wondering what Hannibal was willing to share. Preparing for the worst. "I have fantasized about us."

"Like this?" Will turned back to face the boarded-up window and wall. "Partners in... death?"

"Yes... But beyond this moment of revelation."

"What lies beyond this?"

After Will kills Randall Tier, Hannibal knows with certainty that they are equals meant to evolve together. He will do whatever is necessary to help Will accept and embrace his potential, and acknowledge Hannibal as his partner in life and death.
Author:OneWhoSitsWithTurtles  Hannibal  Slash  fanfic  Hannibal/Will  Angst  Smut  Hurt/Comfort  Fluff  Romance  Relationship:FirstTime  Top!Hannibal  Bottom!Will  OralSex  Frottage  Biting  Knifeplay  Marking  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  TrustIssues  Manipulation  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
may 2019 by Ambrosine8
The Hound - Mitsuhachi - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
While Kakashi is off on a mission, Iruka receives an unexpected visit.

Notes: Warnings for questionable levels of consent, knifeplay, bloodplay, and really broken ninja sociology.
fic  iruka/kakashi  naruto  porn  kink  bloodplay  knifeplay  dubcon 
may 2019 by exclamations
Command And Conquer by tielan
Teyla gets this purr in her voice when she's being domme on him. John likes it.
sga  john/teyla  tielan  bdsm  knifeplay  wordcount:1.000-1.999  pwp 
november 2018 by tittakv
Words:65,342, Will acquires a murderous secret admirer, and learns how much easier the habit of violence can be with an enthusiastically willing target. A courtship through blood and… other means of influence.
음. 첫번째 편은 정말 맘에 들었고, 두번째 편은 중반까지는 좋았는데, 결말만 좀 맘에 안들었다. 그외엔 정말 좋았다! manipulative 한니발은 진리다...심지어 그런데도 불구하고 바텀인거 진짜 내 취향...하.
iesika  S1  AU  will/hannibal  bottom!hannibal  top!will  possessive!will  Beverly-Katz  Brian-Zeller  Jimmy-Price  Jack-Crawford  Alana-Bloom  s&m-practices  Cannibalism  jealousy  Bloodplay  Knifeplay  Breathplay  Domestic-violence  manipulative!hannibal  grey!will  fix-it  first-time  rating:R  fandom:Hannibal  length:Long  genre:angst 
september 2018 by engfordean
Better Than To Bend by silentwalrus
In which Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes is tired, hungry and completely failing at not sticking it in the crazy. Also there’s a war going on or something.

aka world war threesome. Fear these queers.
avengers  steverogers/buckybarnes  steverogers/buckybarnes/peggycarter  silentwalrus  knifeplay  bdsm  wordcount:20.000-29.999 
september 2018 by tittakv
ready for the start of something new by t_fic (topaz), topaz, topaz119 (topaz)
It's New Year's Eve; Thor has come through with the speakeasy access; and Darcy has an awesome dress. It's as good a time as any to have a talk with Clint.
avengers_au  clintbarton/darcylewis  topaz  knifeplay  bdsm  wordcount:10.000-19.999 
march 2018 by tittakv
Omiai - iesika - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Will acquires a murderous secret admirer, and learns how much easier the habit of violence can be with an enthusiastically willing target.

A courtship through blood and… other means of influence.

+ i was excited for 50k of will/hannibal that i hadn't read from an author i've like in the past, and it was satisfyingly fucked up, but i didn't like how this or the sequel ended.
fic  will/hannibal  hannibal  creepy  kink  d/s_bdsm  dubcon  breathplay  bloodplay  knifeplay 
september 2017 by exclamations
Better Than To Bend - silentwalrus - Captain America (Movies)
"In which Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes is tired, hungry and completely failing at not sticking it in the crazy. Also there’s a war going on or something.

aka world war threesome. Fear these queers."

Also, Bucky sort of accidentally outs himself as queer to the Howling Commandos early on and prepares to take NO shit about it. (But maybe they have his back, or Steve's back, which is sort of the same thing.)

(Also it's less "cross-dressing" per my tags and more "mild feminization by way of lipstick," and it's all amazing.)
fic  slash  het  threesome  fandom:captainamerica  pairing:steve/bucky  pairing:steve/peggy  pairing:steve/bucky/peggy  rating:r  length:15000-35000!  knifeplay  crossdressing 
july 2017 by zimaya
emungere: "Blackbird" (Will/Hannibal) NC-17
Shortly after Will kills Garret Jacob Hobbs, he and Hannibal stumble into a D/s relationship. It's a relief to have Hannibal telling him what to do, but the closer they become, the closer he gets to realizing who and what Hannibal really is.
fanfic  hannibal  will/hannibal  slash  au  d/s  bdsm  knifeplay  marking  scars  bloodplay  casefic  manipulation  words:50-100k  fav 
june 2017 by dontletmego
The Kindest Cut - rivkat - Smallville
"For the prompt: what if Clark's experience of pleasure had been as muffled as his experience of pain, leaving him desperate to feel?"
fic  slash  author:rivkat  fandom:smallville  pairing:clark/lex  rating:nc-17  sadomasochism  angst  length:<2000  knifeplay 
april 2017 by zimaya
Some Kind of Courtship - Annie D (scaramouche) - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
"Dean buys Castiel as a slave and has a fun time viciously breaking him in. But what Dean doesn't know is that this is exactly what Castiel wants.

(Or, two sociopaths walk into a slave auction...)"
au  rating:nc-17  fandom:spn  fic  slash  pairing:dean/castiel  length:15000-35000  sadomasochism  bondage  knifeplay  sextoys  author:scaramouche 
february 2017 by zimaya
Broken People
Dean is a rather sadistic top, vampire Benny is a supernaturally durable bottom. Dean is fascinated that he doesn't have to hold back, unlike with human lovers, but also worried about his desires in the first place. Would love if there was some guilt on Dean's side, since he cares for Benny and wonders if he's a bad person, and Benny reassuring him.

Everything but heavy gore is okay.
pairing:dean/benny  aftercare  bdsm  implement:belt  spanking  D/s  dirtytalk  bloodplay  toys  :spn  top!Dean  knifeplay 
may 2016 by Mayalaen
Requirements by ravenna_c_tan
5K Draco is spending much of sixth year in the Room of Requirement. But sometimes the Room has a different idea of what he requires than he does.
harry/draco  ravenna_c_tan  nc-17  00-10K  bondage  knifeplay  hd_holidays 
may 2016 by ficlinks
Request: Uriel/Sam, non-con
Uriel is convinced that the reason he can't stop thinking about Sam's sinfully attractive body is some evil trick of Lucifer's. True vessel or not, though, he's just a mudmonkey, and an abomination at that.

So if Uriel waits until Castiel is off with Michael's vessel and punishes and/or violates Sam for tempting him, it's not like Sam didn't deserve it. Right?
!tofill  noncon  fps  pairing:sam/uriel  pairing:sam/omc(s)  kink:torture  blindness  begging  bottom!Sam  crying  bloodplay  masturbation  restraints  painplay  :spn  knifeplay  objectinsertion 
may 2016 by Mayalaen

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