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Opinel Mod Step By Step (Pic Heavy) |
Last weekend I hit the big 31, and for my birthday my wife got me an assortment of knife stuff, cigars, whiskys/whiskeys, in short... Guy Stuff! One of...
5 days ago by the-kenny
Original Poop Knife
@pidibi Pak pochopíš věci jako poop knife ;)
toilette  poop  knife  hygiene  wc 
8 days ago by garcon
Sharpest Kitchen Knifes made from everything (Underwear, Smoke, Potatoes, Milk, Tape) - Nerdcore
Kiwami Japan may be my favorite Youtube-Channel at the moment. Some weirdo makes fucking sharp kitchen knifes out of everything. I blogged about his Knife made from Amazon Cardboard a while ago and since then he made knifes from underwear, tape, potatoes, milk and smoke.
diy  knife 
11 days ago by kogakure
臻 高級料理刀具
專賣大馬士革、三合鋼等高級料理刀具, 以及高級職業用牛刀, 臻 高級料理刀具是一家專業生產廚房刀具的企業,公司擁有先進的生產設備,產品質量優良,價格合理,暢銷德、法、美、英、西班牙等歐美國際市場,深受客商信賴和用戶青睞!
Knife  Kitchen 
15 days ago by chihchung
Black Bird SK-5 Noir
<p>Field and Stream Magazine's "Best of the Best" in 2011 has been updated with a glare reducing black epoxy powder coating. The clever but simple design makes the SK-5 an essential tool for hardcore bushcrafters and starting woodsmen alike. The Black Bir
knife  hiking  gear 
19 days ago by banzaimonkey
Legal for a 16 year old to carry a knife? - legaladvice
Useful information about Pennsylvania laws on carrying a knife.
law  local  knife 
25 days ago by mcherm

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