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Knowledge Management Priorities in Large Law Firms – 2018 Survey - Prism Legal
I draw two main conclusions from the survey, the same as last year. First, KM remains robust. Each year we find more firms with KM professionals; the number of survey respondents and Summit attendees grows. Second, KM has certain core activities but also tackles an ever-changing set of initiatives. KM professionals will likely always need to attend to core activities such as forms + precedents or upgrading core systems such as search. But they also work on a shifting range of activities, from pricing, and process improvement, to new methods of collaboration. Of course, the latest is artificial intelligence, which seems destined to occupy us and many others for years to come.
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15 days ago by JordanFurlong
Chinese woman discovers that her iPhone X can be unlocked by her friend’s face
According to Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation, Yan, a woman from Nanjing, China, was offered two refunds from Apple after her colleague managed to unlock both her iPhone X that had faulty facial recognition function.

It wasn’t just a fluke either, as her colleague was able to unlock both devices on every attempt.

The two women are not related to each other.
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6 weeks ago by osi_info_program
Beijing bets on facial recognition in a big drive for total surveillance
Now they can see who’s coming and going, and by combining artificial intelligence with a huge national bank of photos, the system in this pilot project should enable police to identify what one police report, shared with The Washington Post, called the “bad guys” who once might have slipped by.
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6 weeks ago by osi_info_program
Selective Exposure to Misinformation: Evidence from the consumption of fake news during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign
-heavily concentrated among w/most conservative info diets
-Facebook key vector of exposure
-fact-checks did not reach those exposed
FakeNews  elections  facebook  research  km 
7 weeks ago by osi_info_program
Mapping the anti-vaccination movement on Facebook
Over the past decade, anti-vaccination rhetoric has become part of the mainstream discourse regarding the public health practice of childhood vaccination. These utilise social media to foster online spaces that strengthen and popularise anti-vaccination discourses. In this paper, we examine the characteristics of and the discourses present within six popular anti-vaccination Facebook pages. We examine these large-scale datasets using a range of methods, including social network analysis, gender prediction using historical census data, and generative statistical models for topic analysis (Latent Dirichlet allocation). We find that present-day discourses centre around moral outrage and structural oppression by institutional government and the media, suggesting a strong logic of ‘conspiracy-style’ beliefs and thinking. Furthermore, anti-vaccination pages on Facebook reflect a highly ‘feminised’ movement ‒ the vast majority of participants are women. Although anti-vaccination networks on Facebook are large and global in scope, the comment activity sub-networks appear to be ‘small world’. This suggests that social media may have a role in spreading anti-vaccination ideas and making the movement durable on a global scale.
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7 weeks ago by osi_info_program
The Verge 2017 tech report card: Uber
Let’s recap: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick joins President Trump’s business council, and faces an immediate backlash; Uber is accused of undermining a taxi driver protest at JFK airport; the #DeleteUber hashtag goes viral; Susan Fowler speaks her mind; Waymo files its lawsuit; a self-driving Uber runs a red light; a self-driving Uber crashes; Travis Kalanick is caught on camera being a jerk; we learn about Uber executives visiting a South Korean escort bar; Apple threatens to remove Uber from the App Store; “Greyball;” “Hell;” Anthony Levandowski pleads the Fifth; Anthony Levandowski is fired; Uber considers smearing a rape victim in India; many Uber executives resign; Kalanick resigns; Lyft outpaces Uber; London bans Uber; the new CEO apologizes; a failed auto-leasing program is canceled; a major Uber investor sues Kalanick, who countersues; Uber is subject to five separate criminal investigations; Uber is fined for enabling unqualified drivers; a data hack exposes personal information of 57 million riders and drivers; the hacker is paid off and the hack is covered up; and (last but not least) Uber’s secret spying unit is exposed, and it sounds insane.
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7 weeks ago by osi_info_program
Ad targeters are pulling data from your browser’s password manager
According to new research from Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy, [password] managers are being exploited as a way to track users from site to site. The researchers examined two different scripts — AdThink and OnAudience — both of are designed to get identifiable information out of browser-based password managers. The scripts work by injecting invisible login forms in the background of the webpage and scooping up whatever the browsers autofill into the available slots. That information can then be used as a persistent ID to track users from page to page, a potentially valuable tool in targeting advertising.
advertising  privacy  km 
7 weeks ago by osi_info_program
A Reality Check: Algorithms in the Courtroom
A response to the NY times article that delves into the details of:
"How well does pretrial risk assessment work in practice, what do the tools actually measure, and how are the tools related to the life-shaping decisions reformers care most about?"
algorithms  km 
9 weeks ago by osi_info_program
Even Imperfect Algorithms Can Improve the Criminal Justice System
In courtrooms across the country, judges turn to computer algorithms when deciding whether defendants awaiting trial must pay bail or can be released without payment. The increasing use of such algorithms has prompted warnings about the dangers of artificial intelligence. But research shows that algorithms are powerful tools for combating the capricious and biased nature of human decisions.
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9 weeks ago by osi_info_program

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