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"¿Gastar sin evidencia?", por Roxana Barrantes | El Comercio | Economía | El Comercio Perú
De la misma manera que sería irresponsable construir una carretera sin pagar por el estudio de diseño, es poco razonable implementar una política pública sin los estudios necesarios
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24 days ago by guilleten
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t build a learning organization that improves reliability across all projects and invests in human capital strategies that will assure sustainability in the future
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5 weeks ago by ltalley
Mapping Critical Knowledge for Digital Transformation - Knowledge@Wharton
Strategic knowledge mapping helps to uncover these critical knowledge assets, providing the context for discovering the most promising digitalization strategies. It helps to identify those knowledge assets that digital transformation can leverage, or illuminates gaps in an organization’s knowledge network. A knowledge map features two dimensions: the structure of knowledge (how codified is an asset, ranging from deeply tacit to highly codified) and the diffusion of knowledge (how many parties have access to it). Digitalization structures knowledge (moving it up the knowledge map), which then makes it possible to develop strategies to share this knowledge and thereby create and capture value from this knowledge diffusion (systematically moving it to the right of the map).
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8 weeks ago by ltalley
Do you manage communities in the domain?

Have you participated in this year's State of Communit…
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12 weeks ago by jonhew
Knowledge Management Priorities in Large Law Firms – 2018 Survey - Prism Legal
I draw two main conclusions from the survey, the same as last year. First, KM remains robust. Each year we find more firms with KM professionals; the number of survey respondents and Summit attendees grows. Second, KM has certain core activities but also tackles an ever-changing set of initiatives. KM professionals will likely always need to attend to core activities such as forms + precedents or upgrading core systems such as search. But they also work on a shifting range of activities, from pricing, and process improvement, to new methods of collaboration. Of course, the latest is artificial intelligence, which seems destined to occupy us and many others for years to come.
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february 2018 by JordanFurlong
Chinese woman discovers that her iPhone X can be unlocked by her friend’s face
According to Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation, Yan, a woman from Nanjing, China, was offered two refunds from Apple after her colleague managed to unlock both her iPhone X that had faulty facial recognition function.

It wasn’t just a fluke either, as her colleague was able to unlock both devices on every attempt.

The two women are not related to each other.
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january 2018 by osi_info_program
Beijing bets on facial recognition in a big drive for total surveillance
Now they can see who’s coming and going, and by combining artificial intelligence with a huge national bank of photos, the system in this pilot project should enable police to identify what one police report, shared with The Washington Post, called the “bad guys” who once might have slipped by.
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january 2018 by osi_info_program

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