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Silicon Valley and the limits of ‘leaning in’
SEPTEMBER 20, 2017 Emma Jacobs

Working at Kleiner removed the scales from her eyes. “You can’t always get ahead by working hard if you’re not part of the ‘in’ crowd.” The culture, she writes, is “designed to keep out people who aren’t white men . . . for all the public hand-wringing about how unacceptable this is, no one on the inside can honestly say the absence of diversity is a mystery or a coincidence; this is the way they set up the industry”. Despite Asians being well represented in Silicon Valley, she writes, the “bamboo ceiling” means they don’t make it to the upper echelons.

She was frequently told to be bolder. Now she wonders whether the reserve of “introverted, analytical people, often women” was undervalued. “What if our inclination to assess and avoid the outsized risk of certain ventures could be an asset to our teams? Why does it never seem to occur to anyone that it’s an option . . . for the men to actually listen to us?”

Inspired by the arguments of Sheryl Sandberg in her book Lean In that women should take their place at the table, Pao recalls taking the advice literally and installing herself in one of the “power seats” in a private jet, only to find the conversation turn to pornography and sex workers. Once off the plane, the men ditched Pao to socialise together.
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John Doerr to Step Aside and Become Chairman at Kleiner Perkins - The New York Times

John Doerr is stepping back from the day-to-day management of his firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, in a changing of the guard. Mr. Doerr, 64 will become KP's first chairman. The shift reflects a reprioritization of his time from managing the firm to grooming the next generation of leaders. “I see this chair role as a ‘player coach,’” Mr. Doerr wrote in a blog post on Thursday. “I’m super enthused about our next gen leaders and the future.”....“The venture industry is changing all the time,” he wrote. “We must keep changing to better compete and serve entrepreneurs.”
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After Kleiner Trial, Expect Less Shooting From the Hip in Silicon Valley - NYTimes.com

In its glory days, venture capital was a freewheeling enterprise with few rules and scant documentation. That may all be over now....This probability became apparent during the testimony of Ellen Pao, the former junior partner who was suing Kleiner. She said that she had discovered Twitter as a potential investment for the venture capital firm. But Kleiner disputed that Ms. Pao had found Twitter because she could not prove it. Twitter is now worth $32 billion.

“There is not a single piece of evidence to suggest Ellen Pao ever sourced Twitter,” Kleiner’s lawyer, Lynne C. Hermle, told the jury....The issue of having to document an idea is now set to ripple through Silicon Valley. While the truth of what did or did not happen with Twitter was one of the many unresolved points of the trial —.... — it is a pretty good bet that the next time a junior partner at Kleiner or any other venture firm thinks he or she has come up with something great, the partner will record it in emails, memos, diaries and possibly stone tablets.
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Kleiner Perkins, Disrupted - NYTimes.com

The last decade has not been as kind to Kleiner. Entrepreneurs have less need of venture capitalists and their cash, because it is cheaper to start a company and they now have other funding sources. Kleiner also had self-inflicted wounds: An ambitious bet on alternative energy companies, also known as green tech, did not work out as well as hoped, and many opportunities were missed in consumer Internet companies. When the events at issue in the trial took place — roughly 2008 to 2012 — the firm downsized.

A struggling firm in a struggling industry is, as all connoisseurs of digital disruption know, bound to be filled with unhappiness....Kleiner was a firm in flux, Mr. Hirschfeld recalled. One woman he talked to said Kleiner “seemed to be moving from a brand called KP to a brand of individuals that are part of KP. It was now becoming more of a cult of personality, and each personality had its own brand.” ...Kleiner is coming off at the trial as a place where, whatever its undoubted excellence, the loudest people win, the most aggressive win, and those who can find a mentor by sucking up win. This does not sound like a family, a meritocracy or even a place that is a successful investor over the long term.

Why didn’t Kleiner realize this in 2012, when Mr. Hirschfeld submitted his 26-page report?

Perhaps the firm was focused on the narrow issue: whether Ms. Pao was the subject of discrimination. Mr. Hirschfeld’s answer was no, and so maybe the details did not matter.
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Dec 4th 2003
From The Economist print edition
Eugene Kleiner, pioneer of venture capitalism, died on November 20th, aged 80
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Kleiner Perkins founder says Silicon Valley elite are being treated like Jews in Nazi Germany (theverge.com)
Tom Perkins, one of the co-founders of the Silicon Valley powerhouse venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, is afraid the next Kristallnacht — a night of violence against Jews before the start of World War II — will happen in the Bay Area.
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New Hope for the New Economy
January 15, 2001 | WSJ | By Anthony Perkins. Mr. Perkins is editor-in-chief of Red Herring and co-author of "The Internet Bubble" (HarperBusiness, 1999).

By the end of last year, more than 100 dot-...
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