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Russia Is Running Low on World War II Soviet Tanks. It Found Help in Laos. - The New York Times
Too good. Putin does so many GPW parades Russia is combing the world for running T-34s.
t34  tank  putin  russia  kitsch 
4 weeks ago by yorksranter
9 thoughts on Trump serving Clemson fast food -
I have just realised what this reminds me of - that German photographer who specialises in Lots of American Stuff In Neat Lines
trump  photography  kitsch  mcdonalds 
5 weeks ago by yorksranter
Who Killed American Kitsch? | Collectors Weekly
For home-front America, World War II was a time of shared sacrifice, when people gave up simple pleasures to support those fighting overseas in the greatest struggle the civilized world had ever known. After the war, though, society breathed a collective sigh of relief and went out looking for a bit of fun.

One of the easiest things to do was to update one’s décor, as Donald-Brian Johnson discovered when he and co-author, Leslie Piña, began researching “Postwar Pop: Memorabilia of the Mid-20th Century,” which focuses on art pottery, paper goods, and holiday ephemera, and was published in 2011 by Schiffer. “During the war and immediately after it, foreign imports had been cut off, so all of these domestic art pottery firms sprang up,” Johnson says. “They were very successful until the early 1950s, when imports from Japan took over. By the time the ’60s rolled around, most of the U.S. firms were out of business.”
americankitsch  madein  kitsch  manufacture  madeinamerica 
august 2018 by hockendougal
Camping With John Waters and His Band of ‘Filthy Freaks’ - The New York Times
The “Pope of Trash” hosts a sleep-away camp in Litchfield County, Conn. Yes, there were marshmallows, polyester and nudity.
camping  culture  johnwaters  trash  kitsch  film  cinema  connecticut 
october 2017 by brendanmcfadden
RT Woof! Kitsch handkerchief with fluffy dog via
kitsch  woof  gift  dogs  vintage  from twitter
october 2017 by whyieatramen
What Will Become of the World’s Biggest Picnic Basket?
"Standing seven stories tall and measuring 208 feet at its widest, for years the Newark, Ohio, building housed the headquarters of the Longaberger Company, its exterior painstakingly modeled on the famous handwoven hampers created and distributed by the basket manufacturer. But as of last week, employees will no longer pack in like sandwiches or march in like ants as they go to work, as Longaberger has consolidated its offices elsewhere, leaving the fate of this rare architectural landmark up in the air."
architecture  kitsch  us 
july 2016 by madamim

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