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Kitchenista: Breakfast on the Fly
I have a love/hate relationship with breakfast. I love to eat it, but I hate
to make it for my kids. Well, that's not entirely true. If I could spend an
hour making and enjoying a leisurely breakfast while my kids dressed themselves,
brushed their teeth, and packed their lunch, I'd be golden.

So while I can't make pancakes every morning for my kids, I can make them on
the weekends and then freeze them for the week. Are they as good as fresh from
the griddle pancakes? Well, my old boss at America's Test Kitchen would say no,
but my 4-year-old doesn't seem to mind.

Here's how to do it: Make a batch of your favorite pancakes. Lay them in a
single layer on a lined baking sheet (they may stick to the pan so be sure to
lay down foil or parchment first) and freeze until hard. Once frozen, you can
stack the pancakes in a zipper lock bag for easy storage. In the morning, just
grab the pancakes you need and drop them in the toaster (for one or two) or
throw in a 400-degree oven (for more) until heated through.

And since the only thing I hate more than making breakfast in the morning is
doing dishes, I make pancake roll-ups instead. I spread peanut butter or cream
cheese and jam on the pancake, then roll it up and hand it to my kids (if I'm
feeling really fancy I wrap one end in parchment, like a Parisian crepe). We
all love not having to use a plate and if really pressed for time we can take
them in the car. (Or I can lock them in the car to eat while I make my own breakfast!)

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