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Scand Ltd - SVG Kit 2.3 for Adobe® Creative Suite®
SVG Kit 2.3 for Adobe Creative Suite

Scand Ltd offers flexible solutions and extensions based on Adobe Creative Suite, beginning from CS and ending with CS6. We have wide experience in plug-in development for Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other Adobe products, both for Windows and MacOS X.

In practice, Adobe supports SVG file format, but only in Adobe Illustrator. So, you can't use SVG file as image for InDesign without converting it to EPS (raster graphics is not an option of course).

We present new solution - direct support of SVG format for Adobe InDesign, Adobe InDesign Server, Adobe InCopy, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Adobe Bridge.

Export of InDesign/InCopy books and documents to SVG format directly from Adobe InDesign, Adobe InDesign Server, and Adobe InCopy is available.

Scand Ltd. provides complete support of SVG format for Adobe Creative Suite, including InDesign and Photoshop, both Windows and Mac, both 32 and 64bit. Our vector graphics tool will broaden your opportunities in SVG image usage.
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