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The Epicurean Edge
The Epicurean Edge is a division of BladeGallery Inc, founded in 1997 specializing in handmade, one-of-a-kind knives from around the world. BladeGallery Inc. was started by Daniel O'Malley, a bladesmith himself.
knives  kitchen  seattle  kirkland  gear 
july 2017 by kiranmaxweber
BookTree Kirkland
The reincarnation of the former Parkplace Books.
bookstores  Kirkland  local 
january 2017 by amoore
All Ages and Abilities bicycle infrastructure, style. They just built this.
Kirkland  FamilyFriendly  from twitter_favs
september 2016 by austinf
Full Extension 30_SH-ABC
SH-ABC - Chinese full extension drawer brand used in Costco grill.
kirkland  grill  forhome  2009 
september 2016 by lokifoo
Chainline Brewing Company
Inspired by the active outdoor lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest and situated alongside Kirkland’s brand new bicycle corridor, our goal is to provide the Seattle area with the finest locally-made Northwest style Ales and Lagers.
brewery  beer  pacificnorthwest  kirkland 
january 2016 by clocky
Brix Wine Cafe
Located in the heart of Kirkland's Juanita Village
kirkland  pacificnorthwest  restaurant 
january 2016 by clocky

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