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Let Me Help
"The Narada incident has just been dealt with, and Kirk is realizing that he's in worse shape than he would like to admit." (111,306 words) Part 2 of Shades of Blue and Gold
james_kirk  spock  leonard_mccoy  kirk/spock  kirk/mccoy  bamf!kirk  hurt!kirk  ptsd!kirk  guilty!spock  protective!spock  protective!mccoy  friendship  hurt/comfort  ptsd  abuse:child(past)  tarsus_iv  hunger/starvation  noncon/dubcon  recovery  slowburn  preslash  series/verse  fandom:startrek(aos)  author:maifai 
9 weeks ago by elwarre
palimpsest verse - fireinmywoods - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Kirk convinces McCoy to play husband for negotiations on a planet with conservative values. This story is really well written and such a joy of a fake married fic-turned-verse. But the twist!!!! Something about it really rubbed me the wrong way in the moment, even though honestly, it was probably just surprising?? And ultimately, it made for a very warm and fun resolution. I'll have to reread it and see if I missed the signs.
!startrek:aos  kirk/mccoy  fanfic 
10 weeks ago by epaulettes
Papa, Daddy and Pasha
Either Spock and Jim have a kid, or Chekov gets deaged and considers them his parents. And said little kid walks in on their daddy's sexytimes. So then Jim and Spock have to awkwardly explain whats going on, of course they're lying but its a little hard for them to come up with something on the spot.
de-aging  Kirk/McCoy 
12 weeks ago by kribban
bones/kirk -- kirk walks in on bones lounging around his quarters in just a pair of jeans and nothing else. kirk is frozen in shock and lust, and bones is embarrassed and turns around to grab something to change into....but the rear view is even better and more than kirk can handle.

props for lots of up-against-the-wall groping. and detailed descriptions of bones' ass in those jeans.
12 weeks ago by kribban
Solitary Confinement
Mental asylum AU. Jim Kirk is a freak, just like the rest of them. Paranoid, schizophrenic -- the guy thinks he's the captain of a starship somewhere in the god-damned future, in space.
fanfic  oneshot  complete  startrek!reboot  slash  kirk/mccoy  11/10 
december 2018 by excentryke
Blue Shift [tassos]
When Leonard shows up at Starfleet Academy, he wonders just how drunk he was when he met with the recruiter. He has no friends, misses his kid, and if drowning his sorrows doesn't kill him, PT will. Then he meets Jim Kirk again.
kirk/mccoy  startrek:fic  college  evolutionofthings 
december 2018 by irishmizzy
McCoy and Kirk are interns.

McCoy works his butt off, angsts over every patient he loses, is stressed and missing out on sleep/time with his kid.

And then there's Jim. Who has worked his way through all the nurses and most of the hospital board, is disgustingly cheerful, never seems to need to study, and manages to look sexy as hell on no sleep and wearing puke stained scrubs (not that McCoy is attracted to him or anything.)

McCoy loathes Kirk. MCoy is convinced that it's only a matter of time before the smug little bastard screws up big and he's going to be there when it happens, possibly pointing and laughing. And then it does and McCoy ends up comforting him instead.
Kirk/McCoy  AU 
december 2018 by kribban
This is so bad, it's kind of impressive.
missplaced!Commentfic  Kirk/McCoy  bad!sex 
december 2018 by kribban
She's My Hero
Gaila was on the Farragut and died in the epic throw down with the Romulans. "Uncle" Jim (aka Daddy's boyfriend) tells a young Joanna bedtime stories of his Orion friend, out of fondness for her memory and as someone he thinks can provide a strong female archetype for Joanna to aspire to. He tells her how she broke away from slavery and the expectations of her people to be a great Starfleet officer. How she was beautiful, smart, etc. He makes her out to be this great heroine (because she so totally is!).

So, come Halloween, Joanna knows exactly who she wants to be. ^_^
Gaila  Kirk/McCoy  Joanna  kid!fic 
december 2018 by kribban
SpockPrime leaves sexy thoughts behind in Jim's head by accident, but what if - instead of seeing memories of fucking himself/KirkPrime - Jim remembers fucking BonesPrime. Only, because he's not having really weird thoughts about having sex with himself and all (just his best friend, not so weird right?) it takes him a little while to cotton on to where the thoughts have come from. In the meantime, he acts progressively more batshit than usual and freaks everyone out. Including Bones.

When he twigs, NuSpock clears out his head and sets things to right, but now that Jim's seen a sweaty sexy Bones writhing under him, he can't seem to unsee it, so he proceeds to try and get in those scrubs. Bonus if, surprise! Jim is thrown when NuBones is way more toppy than BonesPrime, but decides he can so totally roll with it if Bones wants to tie him up and make him scream.
Kirk/McCoy  Spock!Prime/McCoy!Prime 
december 2018 by kribban
Jimmy's step-dad
McCoy and Kirk are having sex and Kirk says something along the lines of 'Frank, please stop, mom will hear us,' and McCoy, caught up in the moment, and generally not being able to think because Kirk has him so worked up, says something along the lines of, 'what makes you think she doesn't know?' and Kirk comes instantly, without even being touched.

Later, McCoy freaks out but Kirk assures him he was not abused, he just had a hot stepdad and a rich fantasy life, and McCoy kinda looks like him?
december 2018 by kribban
Jim and Bones, slow-dancing. A simple private moment of affection, maybe following a wedding...can be their own wedding or someone elses, but I would love a little fluffy drabble with this scene.
december 2018 by kribban
palimpsest [fireinmywoods]
“Skip to the point, Jim. The sooner you spit it out, the sooner I can refuse and get back to work.”

“It’s really no big deal,” Jim says as the door slides closed behind them. “I just need you to come down to Hearth with us…as my husband.”
startrek:fic  kirk/mccoy  fakemarried  extra!awesome 
november 2018 by irishmizzy
In the Event of an Accidental Marriage, Please Fill Out Form 27b-6
There was a mission report to write and paperwork to file, this time including actual paper. Starfleet Special Incident Form 27b-6 (otherwise known as the Accidental Marriage Form) required a physical hardcopy to go along with the electronic one, signed by the person or persons involved--in triplicate, no less. Jim had printed out the requisite sheets before heading off to his shower, leaving them in a neat stack on the coffee table next to his vintage Montblanc fountain pen. He stared at them now, wondering how in God's name he was to explain to Fleet what had happened.

With an economy of words and a minimum of detail, Jim decided, picked up the pen and began to write.
accidentalmarriage  startrek:fic  kirk/mccoy 
november 2018 by irishmizzy
I just *cough* want McCoy h/c! I do not care who else is in the story or how anything goes down. Just. Please, oh please someone?
Kirk/McCoy  hurt/comfort 
november 2018 by kribban

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