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97. Aziraphale & Crowley, how hard can being Warlock's nanny be?
Set during the 6 years that Aziraphale was the gardener and Crowley was the nanny. They start bickering during one of their check-ins as to who has the harder job. Crowley decides Nanny is going to go "on holiday" and let Aziraphale fill in. Gen or slash is fine.
kinkmeme  good_omens 
9 weeks ago by satsuma
858. Outsider POV, staff at their regular hangouts ship Aziraphale and Crowley
Maybe it's the ice cream vendors in the park, or the waiters at the Ritz, or shop-owners on the same street as Aziraphale's bookshop who always see Crowley coming in to visit.

Whoever this group of people are, they've become invested in this bizarre couple and low-key ship them.

This could be fun in the format of a group chat conversation (regular 'ooh I've spotted them, wonder what they're up to today!') or a narrative where someone watches them get-together slowly over time. Totally down for however you want to write it!

Basically give me Ineffable Husbands fans within canon, haha. I love outsider POV fic because these two must look so interesting without context and I love exploring that.
kinkmeme  good_omens 
9 weeks ago by satsuma
Gen or Aziraphale/Crowley, holy warrior Aziraphale
I'm losing my entire mind because I just learned according to Neilman himself Aziraphale "fought in the war against the Revolting Angels – the 'Glorious Revolution' that Dagon refers to" and I am gonna need literally ANYTHING to do with this concept. Crowley finding out years later when Hell mentions it? Aziraphale having had this memory wiped by God because he couldn't deal with it, but Crowley remembers him? The archangels reminding him that he used to be mighty and smite the wicked, just like he did In The Beginning?

Seriously, A N Y T H I N G. Please. This concept is killing me six fucking ways to Sunday.
kinkmeme  good_omens 
9 weeks ago by satsuma
386. Aziraphale/any, angel markings
Some of the angels have gold markings on their faces. Aziraphale's are bold, dramatic, and ornate, somewhere on his body. (Covering his back? Around his thighs?) I want to know all about Aziraphale's, and someone else seeing them.
kinkmeme  good_omens 
9 weeks ago by satsuma
Uncle Lies/Critic
Uncle Lies/Critic. Because Doug confirmed that the former is Ask That Guy in one of the behind the scenes, the Amadeus editorial dynamic was interesting, and I miss Critic/ATG.
Fic  kinkmeme  character:critic  character:others  pairing:critic/other  kink:incest  genre:slash 
may 2019 by tgwtg_fic
ffxv_kinkmeme | Re: FILL: Warmth For Two [1/1]
Ignis sees Prompto freezing and shivering a lot, so he gives him his jacket. Then Prompto notices that after a while, Ignis is the one shivering even though the other is trying hard to control it. So he scoots closer to Ignis and gives him a big hug so they can share body heat.
fic  f:FinalFantasy  f:FF15  slash  s:Ignis/Prompto  'dwth  kinkmeme  h/c 
february 2019 by esther_a
Thy Enemy Eros - anonymous
"It was an apple tart, Monsieur," Javert says, "from an anonymous sender. A--woman." At this, he flushes. It seems preposterous that someone would so want to win his heart that she would resort to this. Clearly it was some misguided attempt at manipulation. "I didn't have the chance to eat it until I was here. Forgive me, Monsieur, I should have known better, and now I bring dishonor to us both."
#les-mis  *javert/valjean  pre-slash  warning:abandoned  humour  crack  kinkmeme  writer:anonymous  web:lj  word:1-5k  dubcon 
june 2018 by christycorr
Hyper and Devil Boner kidnap Critic
Inspired by Freddy vs Jason cameo, Hyper and Devil Boner kidnap Critic for one of their dates and have sex in front of him while he's tied up to piss him off
fic  kinkmeme  genre:het  character:critic  character:devilboner  character:hyperfangirl  pairing:hyperfangirl/devilboner  feature:kidnapping  kink:exhibitionism  kink:handcuffs 
march 2018 by tgwtg_fic
The Heart's Search
Prompt: For thirty-five girls/boys, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime. The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth. To be swept up in a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels. To live in a palace and compete for the heart of gorgeous Prince Arthur.

But for Merlin Emrys, being Selected is a nightmare. Leaving his home to enter a fierce competition for a crown he doesn't want. Living in a palace that is constantly threatened by violent rebel attacks.

I'd just love to see Merlin being from a lower caste than most of the others and not liking Arthur at first and just being his usual self, before he starts to actually like the prince. I'm looking for a lot of snark and Arthur secretly liking Merlin's difficult personality.

There's a love triangle in the books, but I'm not really a fan of that, so I'd be very happy if it's left out of the story. Choose whatever reason you like to make Merlin actually enter the competition.
author:rotrude  fandom:Merlin  pairing:Arthur/Merlin  au  angst  drama  oblivious!Merlin  au:modern  au:royalty  complete  kinkmeme 
february 2018 by yuurei
The Night King
After V-Day, Merlin fixes the hole in Harry’s head with his magic and then makes Harry the new Arthur — a job which comes with the responsibility of leading the Wild Hunt every full moon. Eggsy makes a discovery of his own — he’s a selkie (well, according to Merlin), and the weird fur he found under his mum’s bed is his skin. But as he soon learns, something’s changed in more than just him — the magic in the world is waking up, and King Arthur is returning, in the body of the man that both he and Merlin love.
kinkmeme  fandom:Kingsman  pairing:Harry/Eggsy  pairing:Merlin/Eggsy  threesome  au  oneshot  au:fantasy  au:royalty  badass!character  protective!character  drama  future!fic 
february 2018 by yuurei
Going Down
Dean Smith is a high-level sub. He tries not to spread the news around, but it gets pretty hard sometimes.... like around the super-hot dom Dean keeps meeting in the elevator.
author:hazeldomain  fandom:Supernatural  au  pairing:Sam/Dean  complete  kinkmeme  BDSM  D/s  angst  self-harm 
december 2017 by yuurei
Creature Comforts
Sam and Dean try to make good use of the downtime that they get from hunting. Sam tries to make good use of Dean.
author:thedropoutandthejunkie  fandom:Supernatural  pairing:Sam/Dean  oneshot  established-relationship  pwp  kinkmeme 
december 2017 by yuurei
dark and stormy
Kylo knows before the Supreme Leader is even consulted that he will not allow a rescue mission for their General.

He knows this because it's is his immediate response to the news too. It makes sense; after all, Hux is hardly irreplaceable. He is merely a man and though Snoke will be hard pushed to find someone as smart, as loyal, as quick as Hux there is no shortage of suitable successors. Besides, men break easily and when men break they talk.

And men who talk are traitors.


aka, the one where hux is kidnapped, kylo saves him and then through an unfortunate series of events they end up taking shelter with the resistance
author:callicokitten  fandom:StarWars  pairing:Kylo/Hux  angst  drama  PTSD  hurt/comfort  protective!character  complete  au  kinkmeme  established-relationship 
november 2017 by yuurei
Snob/Critic or General/Critic Princess Fantasy
The Rocky and Bullwinkle review had this lovely line "this movie's so charming I want it to kiss me and take me off to our castle". Snob/Critic or General/Critic, princess fantasy.
fic  kinkmeme  genre:slash  character:critic  character:others  pairing:critic/other  kink:roughsex  kink:tieporn  kink:wallsex  kink:costumes 
october 2017 by tgwtg_fic

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