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Noctis gets Ignis to fuck him while he's playing video games
Noctis is playing online with Prompto, headset and everything, when he sees Ignis cooking in the kitchen and he somehow ropes Iggy into fucking him while his mic is still on and wants to see if he can get away with it.

Little does he know that Prompto got Gladio to fuck him on the other end and now both think that they're being all stealthy but really they suck at it and are very loud.

+++ Noct gets off on the voyeuristic aspect of it and it makes him come harder than usual
+++++ Both Noct and Prom are trying to keep up appearance by playing and trying to sound normal but they fail miserably
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ignis  pairing:ignisxnoctis  kink:sex  kink:game  kink:voyeurism 
26 days ago by ffxvkinkmeme
Down Time
Dean is very focused on finding and killing Michael and has thrown himself into research with a passion exceeding even Sam’s. But both Sam and Cas are worried about this; Dean won’t stop even to sleep or eat, at least not for long.

While all three of them are in the library, Sam has an idea and gets up and goes over to Cas and asks if the angel trusts him.

Cas does, and so Sam ties him to the chair he’s sitting in. And he slowly opens Cas’s shirt, and his pants, and plays with his nipples, and kisses him, and nips and licks, and then jerks Cas off but refuses to let him come.

And Dean is trying to ignore this obvious attempt to distract him but Cas’s moans and pleas and Sam’s dirty talk is getting to him, and he snaps at Sam about it, to either knock it off or let Cas come so they can get back to what they’re supposed to be doing.

Sam says if Dean wants Cas to come, he’ll have to take care of it himself.

So Dean does, fingering Cas while Sam keeps playing with his dick until the angel comes hard enough he nearly passes out.

Dean needs to come himself at that point, so switches the tables on Sam, and ties him up to watch while Cas rides Dean until they both come.

On AO3 here
fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:sam/castiel  kink:hurt!dean  kink:bondage  kink:nipple-play  kink:teasing  kink:kissing  kink:blowjob  kink:edging  kink:fingering  kink:voyeurism  kink:bottom!castiel  kink:top!dean  kink:voyeurism(forced) 
27 days ago by spnkink_meme
A Man With a Beard
There's plenty to say about a well-groomed man with a beard. "With great beard come great responsibility," for one. Kallus has Lyste sometime during season 3 on Coruscant, and then after he's grown a beard on Yavin IV. Zeb mentions that Kallus looks way better with his hair slicked back with the full beard, and now Hot Kallus is getting tail left and right.

After being egged on by far too many of you, Kallus is oblivious to whatever Lyste and Zeb are feeling, and enjoying getting off as he becomes the poster boy and morale boost the Alliance needs.
fandom:starwars  fandom:swrebels  fanfic:listing  author:ibreathethroughwords  archive:ao3  pairing:alexsandrkallus/yogarlyste  pairing:alexsandrkallus/fennrau  pairing:alexsandrkallus/davitsdraven  pairing:alexsandrkallus/garazeborrelios  kink:size  kink:rimming  kink:obedience  kink:orgasmdelay/denial  kink:oral  kink:exhibitionism  kink:masturbation  kink:military  kink:voyeurism 
5 weeks ago by wrennette
The Shortest Distance Between Two Points
Castiel watches over the Winchesters, which means he hears a lot of things he probably shouldn't, sees a lot of things he wishes he didn't, wants a lot of things he was never even meant to know about. Dean and Sam are failing at trying to fight both Heaven and Hell simultaneously, and they're taking it out on each other, and Castiel doesn't know how to help them except to get between them.
spn  non-au  pairing:Sam/Dean  pairing:Sam/Dean/Castiel  character:Sam  character:Dean  character:Castiel  genre:angst  broken!Dean  hurt!Dean  bottom!Dean  toppy!Sam  protective!Sam  kink:voyeurism  kink:manhandling  kink:blood-play  kink:knifeplay  kink:pain  kink:rough-sex  kink:threesome  kink:blowjob  kink:wall-sex  kink:coming-untouched  season_5  10.000-20.000 
7 weeks ago by somersault1509
Fic: The Curious Nature of Hobbits
Bilbo has made the strangest thing that any of the dwarves have ever seen. None of them understand what it is. Thorin in particular is curious as to what a hobbit would possibly use an eight-inch cylindrical piece of polished wood for. But once Gandalf clarifies the significance behind the item, Thorin comes to a blunt realization and forced admission about his own feelings.
type:fanfic  type:pre-relationship  type:slash  film:the_hobbit  pairing:thorin/bilbo  rating:NC-17  kink:sex-toys  kink:voyeurism 
8 weeks ago by kph2pt0
UNFILLED: Anders/F!Hawke/Sebastian
I would absolutely love to read a fic where a female mage Hawke, in a committed relationship with Anders, comes up with a plan to seduce a celibate Sebastian. The backstory can be that maybe before Anders and Hawke got together, Hawke flirted around with Sebastian, but nothing happened? It's up to you. I just really want to read a threesome with these three, with some voyeurism, broken vows of celibacy, teasing, and Hawke getting absolutely plowed by the man she loves and the man she has a crush on.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:anders  character:hawke_female  character:sebastian  kink:threesome  kink:voyeurism  kink:seduction  relationship:poly 
8 weeks ago by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Carver/Anders - while Garrett watches.
Garrett Hawke is a doting lover to his Anders, and a good big brother to Carver. When Anders drunkenly expresses his lust of Carver, Garrett rushes to arrange for Anders to have his wish at a later occasion. Carver jumps at the opportunity to fuck his big brother's hot partner and to show off his skills to Garrett, and Anders agrees to it once he's sure Garrett is seriously okay with it.

+ Carver treating Anders so good
+ Carver doing an amazing job
+ Garrett admiring Carver
++ bottom!Anders
++ rough sex
+++ incest ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- noncon, scat, gore, violence

Whether Garrett is fine with just watching is up to the filler. Any kind of sexytimes between the brothers would be a delightful surprise.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:anders  character:carver  character:hawke_male  pairing:anders_carver  kink:voyeurism  kink:rough_sex  kink:incest  relationship:slash 
8 weeks ago by dragonage_kink
SilverSlashes: Fic How Charged With Punishments the Scroll
Bucky cleared his throat, “you never told me he felt like that about you.”

Steve’s brow wrinkled, “like what?”

Bucky rolled his eyes, “don’t be stupid, Stevie.”
fic  marvel  Steve/bucky  steve/tony/bucky  civil_war  avengers  slash  polyamory  abandonment_issues  Ironman  captainamerica  wintersoldier  black_panther  black_widow  Shuri  Loki  Hulk  Falcon  Hawkeye  psychological_issues  Thor  steve/tony  bucky/tony  bucky/steve  kink:voyeurism  scarletwitch    sexualidentity_issues 
11 weeks ago by pkoceres
In The Dark
So what if it's easier for Sam to jerk off while he's listening to Dean do the same? He's pretty sure that's not weird.
spn  non-au  pairing:Sam/Dean  character:Sam  character:Dean  genre:PWP  kink:voyeurism  author:runedgirl  1.000-5.000 
12 weeks ago by somersault1509
FILL: Voyeurism kink turning into threeway - Sidney Crosby/Marc-Andre Fleury/Matt Murray
A & B are spicing up their relationship. They ask C to watch them have sex and be an uninterested third party so a small public-sex kink gets tried out, and they both come like rockets so success!, right?

They invite C a few more times to play uninterested (they've tried disgusted as well, but that didn't really work) bystander, and it always finishes the same way - with A & B fucked out, and C leaving in silence.

Finally A & B catch a clue that C isn't as unflapped as he makes out to be, and so the next invitation is for a threesome.
Complete  Link_to_Fill  Rating:Explicit  Pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Marc-André_Fleury/Matt_Murray  Kink:Polyamory  Kink:Voyeurism  Kink:Public_sex  Kink:Exhibitionism  Kink:First_time  Kink:Relationship_Negotiation  Kink:Established_relationship  Kink:Getting_together 
12 weeks ago by sinbinmod
Observe and Report
Recently demoted from his job as a field agent, Castiel is back behind a desk. It’s humiliating to be here with the same coworkers he left behind only a few months ago, but he’s bound and determined to keep his head down, do his job, and prove to his boss that he won’t make the same mistakes twice. Everything is going as planned until he finds himself distracted by one of the people he’s charged with monitoring: Dean Winchester.
spn  au_(not_hunters)  pairing:Dean/Castiel  character:Castiel  character:Dean  character:Sam  character:Charlie  character:Gabriel/Trickster  character:John  character:Zachariah  character:OFCs  character:OMCs  genre:angst  genre:romance  mechanic!Dean  hurt!Dean  hospitalized!Dean  agent!Castiel  pining!Castiel  kink:first-time  kink:voyeurism  kink:panties  DeanCas_Bigbang  50.000-60.000 
november 2018 by somersault1509
KiriBaku+1 - “get out.” “no.”
kirishima and bakugo are a new couple, and are 100% horny because they waited so long to admit their feelings, and now they’ve finally got each other all to themselves. unfortunately, this means that everyone feels a little caught in the crossfire. most are perceptive enough to make themselves scarce when kirishima and bakugo’s playful banter starts getting intense, but every once in a while someone gets forcibly put out of a room because the two need their alone time.

but what happens when someone just says no. these two should be able to keep their dicks to themselves for one evening, really... and if someone doesn’t jump when they (bakugo) say jump, what are they gonna do about it? apparently, the answer is have sex anyway, right in front of them. it starts as just teasing... seeing how far they have to go before this other person gets uncomfortable and leaves. they don’t count on the person getting extra comfortable and staying.

whether they end up in a threesome, the person masturbates to the couple having sex, or it does eventually get too awkward, that’s up to the author. third person could be anyone... I think Iida could be an entertaining choice, as long as he’s not written too super uptight like the fandom sometimes makes him. or maybe kaminari? or izuku?

bonus points for extra teasing, because you just know bakugo would be all “like what you see?” and showing off.
ship:kirishimaxbakugou  character:bakugou  character:kirishima  kink:voyeurism  kink:exhibitionism  !unfilled 
november 2018 by bnhakinkmeme
Gladnis & Grn Noctis + Fucking Like Bunnies While Noctis Goes About His Day
(Can i say i love the gladnis train that's going on right now and i am gonna add to it)

Noctis has walked into his apartment to find his shield and advisor going at it like rabbits and has learned to deal with it

+Gladio will be on the couch, across the table or even up against a wall eith Ignis pawing wildly at his crotch and going to town on his nipples, all the while Noctis is just chilling as if he were alone

++While they're watching tv, Gladio will bend over the coffee table and Ignis will fuck him rigt there. Noctis could be holding a casual convo as if his two best friends weren't fucking all thr time in his apartment

+++Noctis has a spare room in his apartment just for Ignis and Gladio to have sex in- not that it gets used despite how much sex they have

++++Onr time Noctis comes home to find them in the middle of some weird thing where Ignis was having Gladio spank himself and calling Ignis daddy. Instead of asking questions Noctis just sat down and did his homework
!unfilled  character:gladiolus  character:ignis  character:noctis  pairing:gladioxignis  kink:voyeurism  kink:slutty 
november 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Gladnoct+Promptis & Gladnis Dub-con "Cuckold Voyeurism"
One night while Ignis and Prompto are by themselves relaxing, they both end up on the discussion of fantasizing about watching their boyfriend fuck/get fucked by someone else. They come up with the plan to sate their needs by getting Gladio and Noct good and drunk (maybe even drugged?), then getting the two into bed together; which shouldn't be too difficult since it was kind of obvious the two do harbor some denied feelings for each other and then getting themselves off watching their boyfriends have sex.

+Prompto gets off watching Noctis getting fucked roughly since Noct is more often the top in their relationship

+Ignis was the one to first broach the subject and come up with the plan

+Gladio and Noct are completely unaware of what's going on, just thinking they're having very vivid and weird dreams, they get awkward around each other even more

+videos and pictures are taken for later viewing

Whether or not what's going on is found out is up to the potential author. Only DNW's are toilet stuff or that it ends in OT4 or that Ignis and Prompto join in with Gladio and Noct during the act.
!unfilled  character:gladiolus  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  pairing:gladioxignis  pairing:noctisxprompto  pairing:gladioxnoctis  kink:cuckolding  kink:dubcon  kink:dub-con  kink:voyeurism 
october 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Trading data in the afterglow - Aoida_blue - Red Hood and the Outlaws (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
It had been hot, steamy, sweaty sex and Jason wanted nothing more than to press his lips against the shell of Kori's ear, and pat the exposed side Roy was presenting, and stay curled next to them for hours.

Jason never got what he wanted.

(Meanwhile Tim got more than he wanted)
kink:voyeurism  wc:1k5k  trope:flirting  pov:jason-todd  pairing:jason/tim  pairing:jason/kori/roy  genre:humor  char:koriand'r  char:jason-todd  char:tim-drake  trope:awkward-situations  kink:threesome  relationship:polyamory  author:Aoida_blue  f:dcu  kink:teasing  char:roy-harper  kink:coitus-interruptus  type:fic 
october 2018 by toobufftorebuff

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series:heat-party  series:it's-the-challenge-of-our-lives(and-we-don't-want-to-fight)  series:mallverse  series:merfolk-au  series:pierced  setting:gala/ball  setting:jail/prison  setting:nightclub  setting:office  setting:party  sexualidentity_issues  shadowhunters  ship:kirishimaxbakugou  ship:tetsutetsuxkirishima  ship:todorokixbakugouxdeku  shuri  skye(shield)  slash  source:ao3  spies/assassins  spn  stanford-time  status:complete  status:wip  steve/bucky  steve/tony/bucky  steve/tony  supernatural  teasing!sam  teddy-lupin/charlie-weasley  thor  tissie  top!phil  toppy!sam  trope:abo-dynamics  trope:apologies  trope:awkward-situations  trope:bad-cops  trope:beating  trope:captivity  trope:catatonic!jason  trope:caught-in-the-act  trope:cohabitation  trope:confessions  trope:confrontations  trope:creatures(merfolk)  trope:creatures  trope:cruel-words  trope:cultural-differences  trope:domestic  trope:drugged  trope:eavesdropping  trope:emotional-constipation  trope:established-relationship  trope:fights/arguments  trope:first-meetings  trope:flirting  trope:gallant-rescues  trope:guilt  trope:imprisoned  trope:inequality/discrimination  trope:infidelity  trope:insecurities  trope:intoxication  trope:jason-feels  trope:jealousy  trope:kid!jason  trope:kinks  trope:mental-health-issues(bipolar-disorder)  trope:mental-health-issues(depression)  trope:mental-health-issues(ptsd)  trope:mental-health-issues  trope:misunderstandings  trope:occupation(prostitute)  trope:occupation(sex-worker)  trope:overheard  trope:perfect-characterizations  trope:pining(mutual)  trope:pining  trope:playing-chicken  trope:porn  trope:possessiveness  trope:prostitution  trope:protectiveness  trope:religious-themes  trope:robin!jason  trope:secrets-revealed  trope:secrets  trope:self-esteem-issues  trope:self-loathing  trope:sex-tape  trope:sex-work  trope:shenanigans  trope:stripping  trope:undercover  trope:unrequited-feelings  trope:ust  type:fanfic  type:fic  type:first-time  type:pre-relationship  type:slash  unrequited!sam(dean)  ust  warning:abuse  warning:alcohol  warning:child-abuse  warning:dubcon/noncon  warning:dubcon  warning:manipulation  warning:noncon-drugged  warning:noncon  warning:past-noncon  warning:past-torture  warning:referenced-noncon/dubcon  warning:slurs  warning:slut-shaming  warning:torture  warning:underage  warning:unhealthy-coping-mechanisms  warning:unhealthy-relationships  warning:unsafe-bdsm-practices  wc:<1k  wc:10k20k  wc:1k5k  wc:20k50k  wc:5k10k  wc:drabble  wc:wip  wintersoldier  wip:finished!1808  wip:finished!1812  wip:finished  words:<1k  year:2018  year_verse  ~   

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