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UNFILLED: Rey & or / Finn - Vampire Rey
Nothing living can leave Jakku. Rey & Finn's escape in TFA gets slightly more complicated.
prompt:unfilled  character:Rey  character:Finn  relationship:Finn_Rey  relationship:Finn&Rey  kink:vampirism 
july 2018 by swkink
Summary: Harry is deliberately infected with Vampirism in order to make him crave a mate… Draco's not all that keen on being craved though…
author:ladyvader  fandom:harrypotter  type:fic  kink:vampirism  pairing:harry/draco  rating:nc-17  creatures:vampires  setting:hogwarts-era  trope:mates/bonded 
march 2012 by writtenonarms
manic_intent - "An Accident of Circumstance"
(Vampire AU!) As part of a reward for his successes in border skirmishes, Sebastian Shaw allows Erik discretion to create a childe of his own, within reason. Erik rebels.
fic:xmen-first-class  author:manic-intent  pairing:erik/charles  words:10000-20000  genre:au  genre:first-time  kink:vampirism  kink:virginity  rating:R 
december 2011 by musical_emjay
bitterfic - Bored Games: True Blood Fic
"A game of Candy Land with the Queen of Louisiana challenges some of Sookie’s ideas about herself." The dialogue in this is very witty and playful.
!recs  (femslash)  fandom:true_blood  pairing:sophie-ann/sookie  kink:vampirism 
october 2011 by ein_myria
...Best Damn Tapper! *Most Smartest* - Fic: A Little Help From a Friend (Pam/Sookie, True Blood)
Pam helps Sookie with a slight problem that will be benefit both of them...This is such a PWP, but I can so see this happening.
!recs  (femslash)  fandom:true_blood  pairing:pam/sookie  kink:red_wings  kink:vampirism 
october 2011 by ein_myria
He takes her captive after he's turned and mayhem and torture ensues. Please try to keep it R-level rather than NC-17. It can be Lost Slayer-world set or not.
!prompt  post:03  fandom:btvs  type:het  character:buffy  character:giles  pairing:buffy/giles  kink:vampirism 
september 2011 by whedonkinkmeme
fleshflutter - "Flying Weight"
Sam wakes after being soulless for three years to discover that Dean and his relationship with him have undergone some serious changes. Through traveling and hunting with Dean, Sam struggles to put his life back together after events he has only limited memory of. A season six AU.
fic:spn  author:fleshflutter  words:20000-50000  pairing:sam/dean  genre:au  genre:first-time  kink:vampirism  kink:voyeurism  rating:NC-17 
september 2011 by musical_emjay

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!prompt  !recs  (femslash)  author:fleshflutter  author:ladyvader  author:manic-intent  character:angel  character:buffy  character:cordelia  character:finn  character:giles  character:rey  creatures:vampires  fandom:ats  fandom:btvs  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:hp  fandom:true_blood  fic:spn  fic:xmen-first-class  genre:au  genre:first-time  kink:dubcon  kink:red_wings  kink:virginity  kink:voyeurism  pairing:buffy/giles  pairing:cordelia/xander  pairing:erik/charles  pairing:harry/draco  pairing:hermione/rita  pairing:pam/sookie  pairing:pam/tara  pairing:sam/dean  pairing:sophie-ann/hadley  pairing:sophie-ann/sookie  post:03  prompt:unfilled  rating:nc-17  rating:r  relationship:finn&rey  relationship:finn_rey  setting:hogwarts-era  trope:mates/bonded  type:fic  type:het  words:10000-20000  words:20000-50000 

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