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A Solavellan hurt/comfort noncon story with Solas' younger self from the past as Fen'harel
I was thinking about how it seems possible Solas was an a****** back in the days of Arlathan. It's also very possible he owned slaves as well before leading a rebellion against the other members of the Elven pantheon. So it's not far off that he could have been a real monster before having a change in world-view and mindset.

What if, while trying to close a rift, Solas and Lavellan end up getting sent back in time to the days of ancient-Arlathan temporarily. There, they are found to be in the lands of Fen'heral himself.
Lavellan does not recognize Fen'heral for Solas since he wears a face covering wolf mask and speaks exclusively in Elven. Fen'heral however recognizes Solas as himself and agrees to hide his identity from Lavellan and help send them back, but only after he has Lavellan. Solas protests but Fen'heral points to her vallaslin as enough reason to assault her and has Solas and Lavellan restrained when they try to fight back and flee.
[See prompt for more details]
dragon_age:inquisition  prompt:unfilled  character:solas  character:fen'harel  character:lavellan  relationship:het  pairing:f!lavellan_solas  kink:non_con  kink:rape_aftermath  kink:hurt_comfort  kink:time_travel 
12 weeks ago by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Cullen Time-travel or Origins Derailed
Shortly before/during Duncan's visit of the Circle Cullen acquires memories of the Post-Trespasser/Post-Inquisition Cullen. Promptly panics. Does something stupid. Ends up recruited with Amell and/or Surana.

Would be nice:
+ if the situation is somehow fault of the creepy statue
+ if the "stupid" thing was an attempt to keep the events that lead to Broken Circle from happening
+ going cold fish on lyrium in the middle of the Blight because things weren't difficult before
+ relearning how to templar without lyrium/learning a different fighting style
+ Alistair and Morrigan have opinions
+ young Leliana is so strange...
+ wait, is that Hawke?!
+ return to the Circle Tower being a nightmare

Extra bonus for:
+++ Anders
+++ Architect
+++ figuring out what to do about Kirkwall
dragon_age:inquisition  dragon_age:origins  prompt:unfilled  character:cullen  kink:time_travel 
december 2018 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: DAI!Cassandra and Varric meet DA2!Cassandra and Varric (and vice versa)
Let's say Alexius was in fact wrong, and that when he casts his time magic that while the Inquisitor and Dorian get launched into the future, DAI!Cassandra and Varric (as the other two party members) instead get hurled through time and space right into the beginning of Dragon Age 2, moments after DA2!Cassandra stabs DA2!Varric in the book.

With all of the knowledge that they possess, how do the future versions of Cass and Varric react to their situation, and vice versa for the past versions? Do they disappear once the Inquisitor sorts everything out, or does Thedas now have 2 copies of each?

Bonus points if they also comment on the obvious graphical differences between their renditions in the two games.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:cassandra  character:varric  character:dorian  character:gen_female_inquisitor  character:gen_male_inquisitor  kink:time_travel 
april 2018 by dragonage_kink
M!Shepard/Kaidan, "It's like Groundhog Day. Just with Reapers (and more feels)", 13/?
If you had the chance to do everything all over again, would you?

You're in pain. Bleeding out like a mother. Some freaky starkid thing messing about with your head. Gives your three choices to end the shitty situation the universe found itself in. You choose, close your eyes and pray that you did the right thing.

But then your eyes open. You're not where you expected you would be. Dead, in rubble or otherwise.

You're confused for a moment but then it hits you. How did you end up here?! Are you hallucinating? But you're not.
prompt:filled  mass_effect:trilogy  fanfic:unfinished  character:Shepard_male  character:Kaidan  pairing:M!Shepard_Kaidan  relationship:m/m  kink:time_travel  character:gen_crew_members 
april 2018 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: Anders and Fenris - time travel
Somehow Anders and Fenris get thrown back in time, to the times when Kirkwall was still under the Tevinter rule, and have to work together to survive.

OP has no squicks, feel free to take the prompt wherever you like.
dragon_age:2  prompt:unfilled  character:anders  character:fenris  kink:time_travel 
march 2018 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: FTrevelyan/Solas: Time travel + two person love triangle
Basically, Evelyn managed to convince Solas to take down the Veil in a more slower and gentle manner to reduce the damages. Solas also used his recovered power to give Evelyn his lifespan so they could always be together. She stood by his side in the war against the newly-awoken Evanuris as his mate and second-in-command, hoping to create a new Thedas where all races lived in peace and freedom until a battle against an Elvhen god led to Evelyn being displaced in time and space.

Jumped to different time points in the past, Evelyn met Solas at various ages and helped him until she stuck in a period when Solas was just gain his power and position as a god took her into his temple. As Evelyn quickly became his most trusted ally in and best friend, he fell in love with her and even willing to take her as his mate despite the damage it could do to his power. But to his surprise and anger, she kept refusing him with all kinds of reasons. Even when he used underhanded tactics like sleeping around to provoke her, she still held her ground.

Eventually, the Older!Solas/her husband appeared. Turn out that he had/would place a spell on his younger self that would seal off the latter's memories about Evelyn. The seal would only come off at the moment when she disappeared from their present and the older Solas received all of his memories back and know when and when he should go to get her back, then perform the sealing spell, starting the circle all over again. But before the older Solas could bring himself and Evelyn back to their present, he must wait sometimes to recharge. So young Solas, his older self and Evelyn were stuck with each other for the time being.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:solas  character:trevelyan  pairing:f!trevelyan_solas  kink:time_travel  relationship:het 
december 2017 by dragonage_kink
F!Shepard, "That Which Haunts Us," 2.8/?
Shepard dies in the final battle against the collectors and wakes up back where she started; just before the mission on Eden Prime.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:filled  fanfic:unfinished  character:Shepard_female  character:Kaidan  character:Jenkins  genre:no_sex/romance  kink:time_travel  genre:AU 
december 2017 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: Ashley doesn't die on Virmire...
...she gets sent back in time by ancient Prothean ghosts in order to fight the Deadites and retrieve the Necromonicon. That's right, anons, it's Army of Darkness time!
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:Ashley  genre:no_sex/romance  kink:time_travel  genre:AU  genre:crossover 
december 2017 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: F!Shepard/Thane/Irikah, all the times you might forget
I have seen some awesome timeloops where Shepard gets to restart with her full badassery and future knowledge.

Usually it starts with ME1, but I want to give a decade head start, with her waking up as a mere soldier of 21. She heads off to stop a tragedy-- the murder of Irikah Krios.

Turn into a threesome, have Thane be her BFF, but give me bittersweet love here.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:Shepard_female  character:Thane  character:Irikah  relationship:poly  kink:time_travel  genre:AU 
december 2017 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: Changing History
Someone goes back in time to stop Anders from blowing up the Chantry and starting the rebellion. They do this by keeping Anders from being captured during his last escape and keeping him out of the wardens and away from Justice. They are somehow able to convince him to stay away from Kirkwall perhaps they convince him that Karl is already dead or tranquil or whatever reason A!A can come up with he doesn't go to Kirkwall.

"Without Anders' in Kirkwall, Meredith eventually implemented the tranquil solution - with that reality's Cullen's support - turning every Mage tranquil and killing those who resisted. With her help, Lucius annulled all circles and turned the remaining mages tranquil. Those who survived escaped to Tevinter and now aid the Venitori, making them a far more formidable force. On top of that the inquisition is led by Cassandra, since there was no conclave and no Herald. There's also no anchor to close the breach."

Anders is either with the Ventori or rebel mages it up to A!A. If he is with the Ventori he is in a relationship with Dorian.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:anders  fanfic:au  kink:time_travel 
november 2017 by dragonage_kink
F!Tabris/Leliana "Its Just a Jump and a Twist," 6/?
I would like to read about what could happen if Leliana from the end of the Trespasser somehow ended up in place of Origins!Leliana before she met the Warden.
prompt:filled  fanfic:unfinished  dragon_age:inquisition  dragon_age:origins  relationship:f/f  character:leliana  character:tabris  pairing:f!tabris_leliana  pairing:f!warden_leliana  kink:time_travel 
november 2017 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Female Mage Trevelyan/Solas: Time travel + two person love triangle
Evelyn Trevelyan met Solas when he walked up earlier than canon, they fell in love, survived the mage/templar war and she agreed with his goal of taking down the Veil, became his supporter, student and bondmate.

Thanks to Evelyn's support and her resources from the Inquisition, Solas has managed to destroy the Veil, using his recovered power to give Evelyn his lifespan so they could always be together, create a new country for both elves, humans and mages where everyone can live free and equal. He and Evelyn also managed to gradually kill off the Elven gods until their final fight, a god (Falon'Din?) used a spell on Evelyn to remove her from the world.

The spell failed to kill her, instead just made her jumped to different time points in the past, where she always met with Solas at various ages and helped him. Eventually, the spell stopped working and Evelyn was stuck in a period when Solas was just gain his power and position as a god. Past Fen'Harel has long been curious about the strange shemlen that kept appearing out of nowhere whenever he needed help the most, so when she appeared again and seemed like she wouldn't disappear anytime soon, he took her into his temple.

As Evelyn quickly became young!Solas most trusted ally in and best friend in his fight against the other gods for the people's freedom, he fell in love with her and even willing to take her as his mate despite the damage it could do to his power. But to his surprise and anger, she kept refusing his advance with all kinds of reasons (including how she's married to "another elf", much to his jealousy) despite by that point, she was pretty much his wife (they slept, bathe, ate together, only without sex). Even when he used underhanded tactics like sleeping around (also because Fen'Harel seemed like the kind of person who's not afraid to use sex as a weapon) to provoke her, she still held her ground.

One day, Evelyn was injured during a battle and Y!Solas was too far away to reach her in time, but the Older!Solas/her husband suddenly appeared and save them all. Turn out that he had/would place a spell on his younger self that would seal off the latter's memories about Evelyn, the seal would only come off when she was attacked by the time spell, so in that moment when she disappeared from the present, the older Solas received all of his memories back and know when and when he should go to get her back, then perform the sealing spell, starting the circle all over again.

But before O!Solas could bring himself and Evelyn back to their present, he must wait sometimes to recharge. So Y!Solas, his older self and Evelyn were stuck with each other for the time being.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:solas  character:trevelyan  pairing:f!trevelyan_solas  kink:time_travel  relationship:het 
october 2017 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Gen, Mass Insert
I'll make my own story with this plot as a base, but here is the idea:

In mass effect, on Earth a Bunch of nerds scientiscts (Humans / Salarians / etc...) Created a Time rift who obliterated the labs and everything in a 10km Radius, but also teleported through time and space, everything who was at this location few centuries before (2016 to be simple).

So, you're You, with your family or your friends, or your coworkers, inside your town / city (can be a village or a big city like Paris/NY/Tokyo, your choice) living a normal day until the light suddenly changed, from an early afternoon to morning/dawn... weird, but it gets weirder as emergency's shuttles came through air, and lots of mass effect element start to get into your city. (Alliance / aliens / new tech...)

How do you react (Stay at home and refuses to be upgraded into ME, or live a relationship with people from ME (No reapers and no shep, or any known character from the game (exept from the councillors))

my preference of developpment: Human male, with the hots for the Turians males, but being from a christian family, he has to deal with his special coming out (being Gay, and Xenosexual with a Species who doesn't looks like a Human isn't somthing any Religion would be ok with it.)

Oh, by the way, the aliens are used to the humans & the Asaries, so no surprise as for "wow, you've got 5 fingers, it's soo uncommon... and your lips ... " stop choosing the esay way to start a relationship by bringing somthing new, but work your fingers out of your ass for it.

(But for the X humans (with X∈N, [1,99999]) who have been teleported from 2016 the Aliens are certainly new for them, unless you played Mass Effect)
prompt:unfilled  mass_effect:trilogy  genre:self_insert  genre:AU  kink:time_travel  genre:no_sex/romance 
august 2017 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: Fenris/Female mage Hawke: Future Fenris + his daughter with Hawke got sent to the present
In the future, Fenris married Marian Hawke (please use her default look) and had a daughter (or more) with her. One freak accident sent father and child to the past some times after that night between Fenris and Hawke. So now the whole gang had to find a way to send the pair back to their right time while dealing with some of the consequences of knowing what would and could happen to them.

I would love to see most focus on Hawke and Fenris who reacted to the fact that there'd be a happy future for them together despite everything, or the fact how much Fenris would change by being a father to a mage.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:fenris  character:hawke_female  pairing:fenris_f!hawke  relationship:het  kink:time_travel  kink:kid_fic  character:gen_party_members 
july 2017 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Dorian/M!Inquisitor or Cullen, Time Travel Fix-It
Dorian's boyfriend dies, and Dorian uses the chaos that results from the death of either the leader or the Commander of the Inquisition to justify attempting to recreate the magic Alexius used at Redcliffe so that he can go prevent his amatus' death from ever happening. No one is fooled by his reasoning, but Dorian has never let what other people think stop him from doing what he thinks needs doing...
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:cullen  character:dorian  character:alexius  character:gen_male_inquisitor  pairing:dorian_m!inquisitor  pairing:cullen_dorian  kink:time_travel  relationship:slash 
july 2017 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Inquisitor/Any - Time Travel - Cursed to repeat Inquisition over and over until she gets it right
(Basic plot but just a long explanation)

Everyone is curious about the Inquisitor. The Inquisitor who seems to not be surprised nor afraid about anything, not the Breach, not the red lyrium, not Corypheus, anything. It's like she's expecting those things to happen, and when they do happen, she just shrugs and quickly steps in to act, unfazed.

At first, the Inner Circle (specially Leliana and Cassandra) think she's behind all this, opening the Breach and working for/with Corypheus. They investigate her (she seems to know that she's being investigated (“how?” wonders Leliana), but she doesn't stop it either), but the reports show that she's not the enemy nor a spy. So what is the truth, then? Is she a seer? An augur? A dreamer who has seen many things?

Until someone makes her explain everything.

So she does. What does it matter anyway? She's tried many times without success. She's tired. She's resigned to always fail.

The truth? She's been cursed by some Senior Spirit or by the Fade itself (why her? What did she do to deserve this endless torture? Meet her friends and love interest (how much she cares for all of them, specially LI, and yet, they see a stranger) and watch them die and die again, for her failures, her mistakes). When she dies, she doesn't move on, instead, she goes back to the beginning, when the Conclave exploded. And she will have to repeat it over and over again until she finally gets it right, and avoid the destruction of the World, the Fade, of everything.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:gen_neutral_inquisitor  kink:time_travel 
june 2017 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Dorian/Cullen or Inquisitor/Cullen - Time Travel - No Inquisition - Different Roles/Jobs
When Dorian and the Inquisitor go to the future, they don't end up in Redcliffe Castle. They end up in Haven, still 9:41 Dragon (just a few months later perhaps) at the Inquisition base, only it's not the Inquisition but just a Refugee Camp. The Inquisition was never created. Why??? Keep reading.

Corypheus somehow??? goes back in time with Alexius (but waaay back in time, childhood of the Advisors/Companions) and just fucks up everything and everyone's life... He doesn't kill anyone... He just change their life choices from the beginning so they'll grow up to be someone else, no part of the Inquisition. Like, Cullen never joined the Order and now 9:41 Dragon is a cook in Haven? A farmer? Blackwall is a chancellor of the Chantry? Vivienne being a Witch of the Wilds? Leliana as a promiscuous pirate who doesn't care for anything? Bull a hippie guy who is 100% piece and love and never does violence ever? Inky and Dorian find out that their lives changed too? The Inquisitor of that future/present? is a people hating/hobo/hermit who lives in a cave? Dorian is a drunk married with children? And things like that, they have such different jobs/roles than they had in canon that you know is just... Wow, this is messed up. (I'm only suggesting, but A!A can choose what role/new job Cullen/Leliana/Cassandra/Everyone else has in this messed up future). And anyway, because Cullen/Cassandra/Leliana/Josephine have such different jobs, they never thought about teaming up and forming the Inquisition.
dragon_age:inquisition  prompt:unfilled  fanfic:au  character:dorian  character:cullen  character:gen_female_inquisitor  character:gen_male_inquisitor  pairing:cullen_dorian  pairing:cullen_f!inquisitor  pairing:cullen_m!inquisitor  kink:time_travel 
june 2017 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Solas/Lavellan, Sort of a Groundhog's day thing?
In the Crestwood scene, Solas originally intended to tell Lavellan who he really was, but he changes his mind at the last second, as most of us know. But Lavellan keeps reliving that day over and over, with the same result every time. Little things will change here and there, and she will always try to change things but somehow he keeps leaving the glade that day anyway. She doesn't know why it keeps happening, but clearly something went wrong that day that she needs to fix.

Some ideas for this:
- Maybe she just needs to get Solas to tell her he's the Dread Wolf in order to stop reliving that day
- Maybe he has told her that a million times, but it is not the answer
- The answer ends up being something stupid and fluffy, like her saying please or something because only she can change his heart and bla bla bla
- I could even be up for a tragic ending where either she or Solas has to die that day
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  relationship:het  character:solas  character:lavellan  character:gen_female_inquisitor  pairing:f!inquisitor_solas  pairing:f!lavellan_solas  kink:time_travel 
april 2017 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Anders/Anders + Whoever DA2 crew are transported to Awakening era Vigil's Keep
So, this anon loves Anders/Anders, and I have read a few fics where either Awakening!Anders is sent forward in time or Anders reverts to his pre-Justice mindset - ALL AWESOME! BUT WHAT IF the entire DA2 crew - Hawke and as many companions as you want* (but at minimum Anders and Fenris) - is transported back to Vigil's Keep when Anders and the Hero of Fereldan were there.

Anders/Anders desired, of course, but please feel free to have fun with other pairings.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  relationship:slash  character:anders  character:hawke_female  character:hawke_male  character:gen_party_members  pairing:anders_any_character  kink:selfcest  kink:time_travel  character:gen_neutral_warden  dragon_age:origins 
february 2017 by dragonage_kink

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