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Higher Than The Clouds
Could I pretty please have art of young Sam and Dean sharing a hit back and forth?
round:fall2018  pairing:sam/dean  fandom:supernatural  medium:art  status:complete  kink:shotgunning 
september 2018 by spn_masquerade
Title: Of Forts and Cigarettes
Title: Of Forts and Cigarettes
Author: Foxy
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Red Hood and the Outlaws
Character(s): Roy Harper, Jason Todd, mentions of Koriand’r
Summary: Roy thinks he understands Jason, at least a little. And that’s probably more than Jason has had in a long, long time.
Warning(s): Language, explicit sexual content, reference to past drug abuse
pov:roy-harper  genre:pwp  kink:blowjobs  kink:anal  kink:handjobs  kink:shotgunning  wc:1k5k  pairing:jason+roy  kink:oral  char:roy-harper  pairing:jason/roy  trope:smoking  char:jason-todd  f:dcu  genre:smut  kink:hair-pulling  kink:finger-fucking 
march 2017 by cochepaille
Up In Smoke
New Years is celebrated in Vancouver, the boys having to cut their Christmas vacations short for whatever reason. Steve and Chris fly up to spend it with Jensen and Chad just happens to show up as well. I'd like for this to take place during their first year of filming when Jared and Jensen have gotten to know each other a bit but there is still a lot of unknown.

Like when Chris lights up a joint and Jensen doesn't even blink and even takes a big hit. Jared had maybe thought Jensen was too uptight or goodie-goodie for that. While all 5 guys are together in the same room Jared and Chad are paired off and the other three have the sofa.

Chris, Jensen and Steve get noticeably handsy with each other as the evening progesses. Chris and Steve shotgunning alternate hits with Jensen and then licking at his lips. Hands on thighs, stroking hair and then eventually outright kissing and fondling with Jensen ending up straddling one of them and being felt up be the other.

Chad and Jared are surprised and then undeniably turned on as they try not to watch at first.

Jensen meets Jared's gaze and noticeably likes that he's watching. Chris and Steve notice but are more curious about the byplay then possessive or jealous.

For Jensen, Steve and Chris its just something they do when they're together because they've been friends for so long and Jensen trusts them.

Bonus stuff...Chris gets that its Jensen that's turning Jared on and pulls out all the stops to get his boy off in fine order. Chad tries to touch thinking the threesome is open to newcomers and Chris grabs his wrist before he can touch Jensen. He's okay with Chad watching, but not touching.

They all get off on it in some fashion.

Would prefer clothes stay at least partially on. No full nudity, just work around the clothes - push them down or up or whatever but yeah, clothes kink for sure. It would be great if they all got off either in or on their jeans :)
fandom:spn-rps  pairing:jensen/chris/steve  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:drugs  kink:fondling  kink:shotgunning  kink:frottage  kink:handjob  kink:voyeurism  kink:coming-in-pants  kink:voyeur!jared  WIP  WIP:1608 
august 2016 by spnkink_meme
Beautiful Disaster by nyxocity
Rock Band AU. Jensen’s the lead guitarist in the number one rock band in the country. Justin’s the lead singer, and they’ve been doing this together since middle-school, been together since just after high school. As on top of the world as they are, Jensen’s starting to become disillusioned with the lifestyle and his crumbling relationship with Justin. And then he meets a new roadie on the crew named Jared who’s got a voice like an angel and a heart to match, and everything starts to change. Words: 96,941.
musician!jensen  band  rockstar!jensen  bigbang  jared/jensen  au  author:nyxocity  rps  angst  character:justin-hartley  jensen/justin  rating:nc-17  90k  B  haveread  meet-as-strangers  friends-with-benefits  pot-smoking  kink:shotgunning  musician!jared  livejournal 
may 2016 by mountainstomove
Come on Baby Light My Fire
It's Dean's first time smoking. It isn't Sam's.

Extra cookie for blushy, happy Dean, trying to keep his cool, rock and roll, badass older brother posturing, then happily falling apart in Sam's arms.

So many cookies for happy, stoned first time sex/lengthy, sensual making out.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:sam/dean  kink:shotgunning  medium:fic  round:fall2015 
september 2015 by spn_masquerade
Reefer Madness
Kevin has somehow come into possession of marijuana (maybe someone in Branson sold it to him, maybe he found an old MOL stash that's still good), and Sam comes across him while he's smoking. Kevin's got a crush on Sam, and he's brave when he's stoned. Before he knows it he's in Sam's lap, breathing the smoke into his mouth.

I'd also love a fill for an established relationship version of this prompt. Or really any story involving the two of them shotgunning.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:sam/kevin  kink:shotgunning  kink:drug-use  kink:frottage  kink:angst  kink:handjob  medium:fic  round:fall2015 
september 2015 by spn_masquerade
Love Burns its Casualties
Endverse Cas smoking a joint and shotgunning with any version of Dean (although 2009!Dean would be especially delightful).
fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/castiel  kink:shotgunning  kink:blowjob  medium:fic  round:fall2015 
september 2015 by spn_masquerade
Arcade/Boone, "Good Ones, Lost Ones" pts 23b/?
Arcade strikes up a relationship with Boone ten years after fleeing the Mojave in disgrace.
Part 4 of series "Take Your Shot"

posted Posted 07/08/15, WIP
kink:violence  kink:medical  filled_falloutkink  relationship:slash  kink:substance  character:arcade_gannon  character:boone  fic_series:take_your_shot  wip  kink:shotgunning  fillathon:15_july 
july 2015 by falloutkinkmeme
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
After Vegascon I need some J3. All three together. Or two with one J watching or watching and directing other two, don't care who does what.
fandom:spn-rps  pairing:jared/jensen/jdm  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:threesome  kink:shotgunning  kink:voyeurism  kink:voyeur!jdm  kink:daddy  kink:masturbation  kink:fingering  kink:blowjob  kink:oral-sex 
april 2015 by spnkink_meme
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
After Vegascon I need some J3. All three together. Or two with one J watching or watching and directing other two, don't care who does what.
pairing:jared/jensen/jdm  kink:shotgunning  kink:voyeur!jdm  rps  blowjob  daddykink  fingering  oralsex  masturbation  threesome  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen  voyeur 
april 2015 by Mayalaen
Sam/Dean, shotgunning
For all his rebellious attitude at school, Dean never tried smoking weed. It was Sam smoking with his friends, Sam who know what he's doing. He takes Dean through it for the first time. Dean unravels happily in his brother's arms.

extra awesome for banter, kissing at a motel room alone or in the Impala. It'd be lovely if it only happened around the last few years, cause there's a sweetness to doing something like this for the first time after all they've been through, something light in all the hard seriousness, but it'd be beautiful also if it happens when they were teens.

Please, no non con or manipulation. Perhaps Sam suggests it because Dean has been so worried lately - it's not an evil plot.
Round:Winter2015  fandom:supernatural  pairing:sam/dean  medium:fic  kink:shotgunning  kink:established-relationship 
march 2015 by spn_masquerade
FILL Re: Sid/Flower, shotgunning
Prompt: Flower shows Sid how to smoke. This leads to makeouts. Quiet, gentle, stoned-out-of-their-minds makeouts.
Pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Marc-André_Fleury  Character:Sidney_Crosby  Character:Marc-André_Fleury  Kink:Shotgunning  Rating:Teen_and_Up  Complete 
december 2014 by sinbinmod
FILL: Sam Gagner/John Tavares, shotgunning & stoned sex
Prompt: John's never smoked weed before. Sam tries to teach him, which leads to shotgunning, which leads to making out which leads to more.
Pairing:Sam_Gagner/John_Tavares  Character:Sam_Gagner  Character:John_Tavares  Kink:Shotgunning  Kink:Stoned_sex  Rating:Explicit  Slash  Complete 
july 2014 by sinbinmod
The smoke billows out and away from their mouths and Steve cautiously breathes out before too much of it steeps down into his lungs.

His jaw flexes tightly, when his mouth falls closed. Bucky just laughs. "Didn't like that?"

On the contrary.
author:mayalinified  sequel  length:1.000-5.000  rating:nc-17  pr0n  prostitution  fandom:marvel  pairing:steve/bucky  character:bucky  character:steve-rogers  kink:blow-job  kink:hand-job  kink:public-sex  kink:shotgunning  archiveofourown  au  au-human 
april 2014 by kdjslvgds
this paper moon (is fading slow)
He finds Bucky on a balcony of the eighty-second story, leather glove thrown hatefully across the smooth-buffed concrete, cigarette dangling from the gleaming fingers of his metal hand. Smoke curls around him in a low-lying fog, smell bitter and sharp and hanging heavier than tobacco.

“That even work on you?” He’s genuinely curious. Bucky can still get drunk, but it takes so much liquor that he rarely ever bothers; the loss of control scares him, snaking memories of someone else’s will carved into the back of his brain.

Bucky just shrugs, taking another drag on the spliff. “Doesn’t hurt.”
author:linzeestyle  fandom:marvel  pairing:steve/bucky  kink:makeouts  kink:shotgunning  drug-use  genre:fluff  genre:romance  length:1.000-5.000  rating:pg-13  character:bucky  character:tony-stark  character:steve-rogers  archiveofourown 
april 2014 by kdjslvgds

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