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Cas ends up in the box Dean built.

Rowena and Jack find a way to build a replica in Dean’s head that will hold Michael but let Dean access his powers. Between he and Jack they free Cas but he’s in shock.

Dean heals him and Cas now has an alpha angel in his life. Things go from there

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fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/castiel  kink:angel!dean  kink:powers!dean  kink:hurt!dean  kink:hurt!castiel  kink:rescue 
14 days ago by spnkink_meme
Dean's known for a long time that he can't get pregnant and has reluctantly accepted it - and then he does. He has a hard time wrapping his head around the news at first.

Their best guess is that Cas healed whatever was causing the problem when he resurrected Dean from Hell (and they just didn't conceive until now) or it happened recently.

Dean's pretty excited about the baby once he realizes that life isn't fucking him over for once.

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fandom:supernatural  pairing:sam/dean  kink:mpreg  kink:pregnant!dean  kink:hurt!dean  kink:kidnapping  kink:rescue 
21 days ago by spnkink_meme
Take a Breath
Dean ends up tied up and stuffed in a trash bag.

He probably has less than a minute and a half to get out.

While the person who put him in there watches him struggle as the clock winds down.

(Ok with it being Sam doing this to him as some kind of kinky game, but if it’s a baddie, then please let Cas rescue him in time).

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fandom:supernatural  character:dean  character:castiel  kink:suffocation  kink:restraints  kink:hurt!dean  kink:rescue  kink:hurt/comfort  kink:protective!castiel  gen-fill 
4 weeks ago by spnkink_meme
Short fills with watersports, any pairing, no more than one comment box - would just love to see some short splashy fun involving my favorite depravity and Supernatural characters.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:castiel/omc(s)  kink:non-con  kink:captivity  kink:rescue  kink:restraints  kink:watersports  kink:urination  kink:hurt!castiel  kink:hurt/comfort 
5 weeks ago by spnkink_meme
Cas gets accidentally locked in a clear glass case and Sam has to pick a series of locks to get him out. He chats to Cas while he does it, trying to reassure the angel.

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fandom:supernatural  character:sam  character:castiel  character:ketch  kink:kidnapping  kink:captivity  kink:rescue  kink:angst  kink:hurt!castiel  kink:comfort  kink:character-death(minor)  gen-fill 
6 weeks ago by spnkink_meme
Dean is either physically or emotionally hurt, and has gotten dirty so Cas gently, painstakingly cleans him up and helps him come out of it.

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fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/castiel  kink:suffocation  kink:hurt!dean  kink:hurt!sam  kink:protective!cas  kink:rescue  kink:angst  kink:comfort  kink:caretaking  kink:bathing  kink:kissing 
6 weeks ago by spnkink_meme
Holding Out
Dean steps in to rescue a barmaid getting mandhandled by a bunch of guys in a bar, and gets sucker punched hard enough to put him on the deck.

The guys grab him, and threaten to strip him down, finger him, fuck him open with pool cues, and then dump him by the road somewhere.

He’s in the middle of getting gagged and stripped when the door explodes inward, and Castiel arrives to rescue his hunter and let the men holding him know why it is never a good idea to hurt anybody with the surname Winchester.

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fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/omc(s)  kink:non-con(attempted)  kink:hurt!dean  kink:rescue  kink:bamf!castiel  kink:protective!cas 
7 weeks ago by spnkink_meme
TFW get captured, and are forced to watch each other be hurt and tormented.

Anything goes, just no permanent injury or death (even temporary).

Rowena and Jack arrive to rescue them and take them home.

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fandom:supernatural  character:dean  character:sam  character:castiel  character:jack  character:rowena  kink:captivity  kink:hurt!sam  kink:hurt!castiel  kink:rescue  gen-fill 
7 weeks ago by spnkink_meme
Find Me
Set while Michael has Dean.

Somebody snatches Sam and leaves him tied to a chair in a cabin miles from anywhere.

Sam is gagged and blindfolded, and restrained in such a way he can’t get loose.

He knows where he is, in the sense that it’s an isolated cabin if not the precise location, but Cas can still track him even though it will take a little longer to follow Sam’s prayers than if Cas still had wings.

When he finds and frees Sam, Sam is very relieved to see his angel.

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fandom:supernatural  pairing:none  character:sam  character:castiel  kink:kidnapping  kink:captivity  kink:restraints  kink:angst  kink:rescue  gen-fill 
8 weeks ago by spnkink_meme
The Winchesters don’t realise they’re being stalked until Cas goes into town to pick up something for them and seems to be taking a while.

The next thing, Dean’s phone goes, and all he can hear is Cas, in pain, being hurt, demanding to know what his captor is doing this, what they want, and finally begging them to stop.

The line cuts off, but it was Cas’s phone, and they track it to an abandoned car in a back alley in town.

They find Cas inside the trunk, alive but unconscious, bound and gagged, and hurt. They rush him home and care for him, and make plans to track down and deal with the person responsible, who phones them after they’re back home to explain just why they hurt Cas, and that they’ll be out there, waiting for the chance to do it again, if not to him, then maybe Jody or Donna, or Claire.

that person...they don’t know the hell they’ve just unleashed on themselves.

Because nobody hurts or threatens a member of their family and gets away with it.

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fandom:supernatural  pairing:none  character:dean  character:sam  character:castiel  kink:kidnapping  kink:torture  kink:hurt!castiel  kink:rescue  kink:protective!dean  gen-fill 
8 weeks ago by spnkink_meme
Mommy’s Naughty Boy
Somebody decides Dean would make the perfect baby for them and kidnaps him.

Dean is kept drugged and woozy for the first few days, until they figure out a system of restraints that are ‘adult toddler appropriate’ like the high chair with chafe proof cuffs, or an adult romper suit with built in Velcro straps to keep their baby from hurting himself or from being ‘naughty’.

Dean is naughty a lot because he wants the hell out of here and away from these crazy people. He is determined not to be worn down, and fights when they feed him (often in the high chair) or bath or change him.

When they get really annoyed with him, he gets spanked or put in his cot (which has a lockable lid) or whatever other punishments you can come up with.

But one of the parents has a vicious streak and Dean hates being left alone with them. Sam and Cas arrive to rescue him just as that parent was about to really hurt him.

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fandom:supernatural  pairing:none  character:dean  character:sam  character:castiel  kink:kidnapping  kink:infantilism  kink:restraints  kink:force-feeding  kink:smothering  kink:rescue  kink:hurt/comfort 
8 weeks ago by spnkink_meme
A psychopath wants Cas, wants the angel for his own, and is convinced he can even claim Cas, own him, using sex as part of a ritual.

Sam and Dean arrive while Cas is tied down and gaged, shirt open and torso bare, screaming at the man to stop as he prepares to begin the ritual.

He’s rescued by the brothers, but very shaken.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:castiel/omc(s)  kink:kidnapping  kink:gags  kink:non-con(attempted)  kink:non-con  kink:rescue  kink:protective!dean  kink:protective!sam  kink:bed-sharing 
8 weeks ago by spnkink_meme
Unexpected Quarters

Ketch rescues Cas, circumstances up to you, and has to patch him up so he can get him back home to deliver to his hunter family.
fandom:supernatural  gen-fill  character:castiel  character:sam  character:dean  character:ketch  kink:hurt!castiel  kink:rescue  kink:hurt/comfort  kink:bamf!castiel 
12 weeks ago by spnkink_meme
Cas is captured by hunters who are looking for Sam and Dean and they want to question him. They've heard the rumors and they know pain, threats etc doesn't work on any Winchester since they've all been through much worse. Instead, they decide to try a new technique.

They chain Cas up in the basement and basically keep fingering him through one orgasm after another. Cas' angelic stamina ensures he keeps coming, but it starts to get exhausting and he's feeling very vulnerable and hurt. Eventually, he's exhausted, but he still refuses to say anything and his captors decide that maybe he needs a cock this time. Before they can do that, however, Sam and Dean break in to save their angel.

BONUS: At some point, Cas tries to close his legs as he's being fingered, but it just ends up trapping the other person's hand between his thighs and doesn't stop them.

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fandom:supernatural  pairing:castiel/omc(s)  kink:non-con  kink:fingering  kink:fisting  kink:forced-orgasm  kink:hurt!castiel  kink:angst  kink:rescue 
july 2019 by spnkink_meme
The Playground
Dean is kidnapped, tied to a bed and stripped and tortured. (This can be a canon character doing it, or an OC, but no Dark!Sam or Dark!Cas please)

His captor enjoys humiliating Dean and torturing him, playing with his nipples, clamping them until they're extremely painful, jabbing multiple objects into his belly button, maybe swelling his stomach by forcing him to drink a lot or using an enema and then pushing heavily on it or punching Dean there.

Dean's body may react to the treatment, but he doesn't enjoy it. I'd prefer this to stay non-con.

Bonus points for Sam and/or Cas rescuing him with a little aftercare. (just no wincest or destiel)

Preferred kinks: nipple play, pain play, belly/navel torture, lots of non con touching, and anything else the writer would like to add.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/omc(s)  kink:torture  kink:kidnapping  kink:groping  kink:strangulation  kink:nipple-clamps  kink:ice-play  kink:cbt  kink:suffocation  kink:pain  kink:rescue  kink:hurt!dean 
july 2019 by spnkink_meme
The Wrath Of The Broken Soul
J2 get kidnapped by group mysterious men, who wants they have sex with each other front of them. At the beginning Jensen and Jared tries refuses, but Jared goes into heat and they doesn't have choice. I'd like protective Jensen, who tries comfort and calm Jared during and after sex. Only bottom!Jared and happy ending please.

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fandom:spn-rps  pairing:jensen/jared  kink:kidnapping  kink:fuck-or-die  kink:alpha/beta/omega  kink:alpha!jensen  kink:omega!jared  kink:heat  kink:coercion  kink:whipping  kink:top!jensen  kink:bottom!jared  kink:knotting  kink:public-sex  kink:public-display  kink:fucking-machine  kink:hurt!jared  kink:protective!jensen  kink:rescue  kink:hurt/comfort 
july 2019 by spnkink_meme
Devil’s Bargain
Inspired by acquiring the Soul Stone in Avengers.

The boys need a weapon to kill God and find lore that tells them of something and they go to find it. The inscriptions near the pit says that they have to sacrifice someone they love to the pit to get the weapon and Sam offers to make the sacrifice. Dean refuses and declares he will do it instead. The boys fight to make the sacrifice and are willing to do whatever they can to see each other live. Then they stumble over the weapon.

They look around, but Cas is gone.

(I'd love it if it has a happy ending, like they find a way to bring Cas back or Jack brings Cas back once they win the fight.)

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fandom:supernatural  pairing:sam/dean/castiel  kink:character-death  kink:hurt!dean  kink:hurt!sam  kink:hurt!castiel  kink:guilt  kink:hurt/comfort  kink:rescue  kink:cuddling 
july 2019 by spnkink_meme
Someone ties Dean’s wrists and ankles and lies him in a box and plans to fill it with cement. They think Michael is still in Dean.

Dean yells for help and Sam and Cas get to him just as the cement starts pouring into the box.

Cas has to lift Dean out and carry him clear. Both he and Sam have to clean him up after. Can be gen or wincestiel or wincaswin.

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fandom:supernatural  character:dean  character:sam  character:castiel  kink:kidnapping  kink:restraints  kink:suffocation  kink:hurt!dean  kink:rescue  kink:hurt/comfort 
june 2019 by spnkink_meme

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