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FILL: F. Andersen/C. McElhinney, Emotional parting ways sex
I just need some goalies lovingly banging. that’s it.

all i ask for is that they’re sweet for one another and they communicate during said banging.
Complete  Pairing:Frederik_Andersen/Curtis_McEllhinney  Kink:Body_worship  Kink:First_time  Kink:Oral_sex  Kink:Gentleness  Kink:Rimming  Link_to_Fill  Rating:Explicit 
november 2018 by sinbinmod
"Until the Sun Comes Up" - Finn/Poe, 1/1

Until the Sun Comes Up, E, 4.4k (oral, fingering, anal, begging, biting, multiple orgasms)

When Finn realizes that what he actually wants is Poe, Poe is determined to make him feel better than he's ever felt. Multiple times.
prompt:filled  character:Finn  character:Poe_Dameron  relationship:Finn_Poe  kink:oral_sex  kink:fingering  kink:anal  kink:begging  kink:biting  kink:multiple_orgasms 
june 2018 by swkink
FILL: Re: Any/any, reverse power dynamics daddy kink
...whoa that's a weird subject line.

Smutty smut where 'Daddy' is the one begging, pleading, getting faintly humiliated by his baby boy. Doesn't really matter who's being penetrated. Just...Daddy is not the one in charge here.
Complete  Pairing:Sebastian_Aho/Cam_Ward  Character:Cam_Ward  Character:Sebastian_Aho  Kink:Daddy  Kink:Oral_sex  Kink:Anal_sex  Kink:Reverse_power_dynamics  Rating:Explicit  Link_to_Fill 
may 2018 by sinbinmod
FILL Re: Nolan Patrick/any, watersports
For some reason I feel like we've had a bunch of watersports prompts lately, but here's another anyway.

I don't really mind how it goes down, but I want someone to piss on his pretty red face.

I'd prefer no non con, bonus for Giroux as the 'any', BIG OL bonus if Nolan also like... wets himself.
Complete  Pairing:Claude_Giroux/Nolan_Patrick  Character:Nolan_Patrick  Character:Claude_Giroux  Kink:Watersports  Kink:Oral_sex  Kink:Desperation  Kink:Facials  Rating:Explicit  Link_to_Fill 
april 2018 by sinbinmod
feeling the cliche smut need: matts accidentally walks in on marns getting off, both are embarrassed, then, more embarrassed when matts accidentally sees marn's not watching porn, it's an auston matthews highlight compilation.

…embarrassed, but, totally down.
Complete  Pairing:Mitch_Marner/Auston_Matthews  Character:Mitch_Marner  Character:Auston_Matthews  Kink:Oral_sex  Kink:Dirty_talk  Kink:Hockey  Rating:Explicit  Link_to_Fill 
november 2017 by sinbinmod
UNFILLED: F!Hawke/Any, explicit oral sex
Any just cant get enough of Hawke's pussy and keeps licking her to orgasm after orgasm, even when she's oversensitive they just keep licking even when she tries to push them away.

+ for using the name Marian
+++++ for Marian/Mabari
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:hawke_female  pairing:any_character_f!hawke  relationship:het  relationship:f/f  kink:oral_sex 
september 2017 by dragonage_kink
FILL: Auston Matthews/Mitch Marner - Infidelity, Blow-jobs, Unrequited Feelings
Marner and Matthews discover their on-ice chemistry (as limited as it was in the preseason) is even stronger off the ice and in the bedroom. They basically can't keep their hands off each other and eventually it turns into more something more than sex for one of them. Who cracks first? Does Marner win Matthews over with his love for cuddling? Or is Matthews love for ripped jeans too much for Marner to handle? Basically I'd be happy with anything that starts with smoking hot sex that maybe they're even surprised with being so good but eventually the sex isn't enough and there are feels.

Inspired by this pic of Marner and Matthews cozying up at the Jays game:
Complete  Pairing:Mitch_Marner/Auston_Matthews  Character:Mitch_Marner  Character:Auston_Matthews  Kink:Infidelity  Kink:Oral_sex  Kink:Unrequited  Kink:Angst  Rating:Explicit 
october 2016 by sinbinmod
FILL: Conor Sheary/Mike Sullivan - facials (1/1)
Can't wipe this smile off my face! #StanleyCup

- Conor's postgame tweet

Cue me wanting fic where Sullivan gets something else all over his adorable face.
Complete  Pairing:Conor_Sheary/Mike_Sullivan  Character:Mike_Sullivan  Character:Conor_Sheary  Kink:Facials  Kink:Oral_sex  Kink:Throat_fucking  Rating:Explicit 
june 2016 by sinbinmod
Fill: Crosby/Sullivan - sweaty blowjobs
A Caps insider tweeted about a sweaty Sid doing weights on his knees and Sullivan complimenting him. Now I desperately want fic where a sweaty Sid blows Sully after the game and gets a nice reward for his amazing OT game-winner. Anything filthy or sweet, no dub-con please.
Complete  Pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Mike_Sullivan  Character:Sidney_Crosby  Character:Mike_Sullivan  Kink:Oral_sex  Kink:D/s  Rating:Explicit 
april 2016 by sinbinmod
FILL: Backstrom/Ovechkin, mutual hair appreciation
Both Backstrom and Ovechkin have pretty damn fantastic hair, so what about them liking each other's hair a lot. Maybe Alex likes to wash Nicky's hair, smell it, likes how sun makes his hair look golden or whatever. And Nicky loves to mess Alex' hair, tug at, loves how wild it makes him loos idk. Any fic with any rating, with lots of hair appreciation. Can be sexy, can be sweet, I don't mind either way.
Complete  Pairing:Nicklas_Backstrom/Alexander_Ovechkin  Character:Nicklas_Backstrom  Character:Alexander_Ovechkin  Kink:Hair  Kink:Oral_sex  Kink:Hand_jobs  Rating:Explicit 
april 2016 by sinbinmod
Fill: Re: Any/any - getting off on sucking cock
Player A can come from sucking someone's cock 90% of the time. He's vaguely embarrassed by that but player B thinks it's the hottest thing ever.
Complete  Pairing:Johnny_Gaudreau/Sean_Monahan  Character:Sean_Monahan  Character:Johnny_Gaudreau  Character:Calgary_Flames_Ensemble  Kink:Oral_sex  Kink:Car_sex  Kink:Teasing  Kink:Public_sex  Rating:Explicit 
april 2016 by sinbinmod
Re: fill: Crosby/Dumolin, implied Crosby/Malkin, taking care of his team fill
Every year at the start of the season, Sid reminds the returning players and lets everyone new to the team know that if they need anything at all, all they have to do is let him know. And he really does mean anything.
Complete  Pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Brian_Dumoulin  Pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Evgeni_Malkin  Character:Sidney_Crosby  Character:Brian_Dumoulin  Character:Evgeni_Malkin  Kink:Oral_sex  Rating:Unrated  Link_to_Fill 
february 2016 by sinbinmod
FILL: Mitch Marner/Dylan Strome, facials
I keep seeing tweet from the rookie showcase ( as Marner looking so ready for a facial. Since it's Strome's water bottle and they have a history I wouldn't mind seeing a little something with them at the showcase!

OR the other rookies at the showcase all take turns jerking one off onto's Marner's waiting face.

or a combination of both
Complete  Pairing:Mitch_Marner/Connor_McDavid/Dylan_Strome  Pairing:Mitch_Marner/Dylan_Strome  Character:Mitch_Marner  Character:Dylan_Strome  Kink:Oral_sex  Kink:Come_play  Rating:Explicit 
october 2015 by sinbinmod
FILL: Jamie/Tyler, boypussy (1/2)

Prompt: i.e. a character who IDs and is considered by all and sundry to be male, but possesses some form of female genitalia. generally i'm more comfortable with it if it's portrayed as fantastical in some way as opposed to being considered intersex (but if someone wanted to write intersex characters that too would be awesome!). the character with the boypussy can also have a dick, or not. i'm not picky who- i'd prefer no bruins or blackhawks, but if the spirit moves you i'm not opposed.

bonus points for squirting. and if you wanted to write the corollary--like futanari/dickgirl, that would also be great.
Complete  Pairing:Jamie_Benn/Tyler_Seguin  Character:Tyler_Seguin  Character:Jamie_Benn  Kink:Boypussy  Kink:Oral_sex  Kink:Bunch_mox  Rating:Explicit 
july 2015 by sinbinmod
Fill: Crosby/Giroux, breaking a curse, 1/1
Prompt: Sid finds out that the reason the Penguins haven't been able to beat the Flyers in so long is because they've been put under a curse. The curse can only be broken if Sid has sex with Claude Giroux (or becomes his friend, or gets him to fall in love with him, however you want to spin it). But Claude can't know why Sid is suddenly being so friendly -- if he did, he'd run away, not least because it would ruin his team's streak. Necessary deceptions -- and complicated affections -- ensue.
Complete  Pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Claude_Giroux  Character:Sidney_Crosby  Character:Claude_Giroux  Kink:Oral_sex  Rating:Explicit 
july 2015 by sinbinmod
FILL Sidney Crosby/Claude Giroux, hand and/or blowjobs 1/2

Prompt: Sidney Crosby broke Claude's wrists in the 2012 playoffs. And it's not easy to jerk off with broken wrists. So now that they're playing together at Worlds, Crosby is making up for all the "me time" G lost in 2012.
Complete  Pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Claude_Giroux  Character:Sidney_Crosby  Character:Claude_Giroux  Kink:Oral_sex  Kink:Frottage  Rating:Explicit 
july 2015 by sinbinmod

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