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Gen/any, Gladio writes erotic fiction
Gladio reads the Insomnian version of Fifty Shades to see just how terrible it is and declares he can absolutely do better. Someone challenges him to try, and this is how Gladio ends up writing his own erotic BDSM adventure.

+ doing first-hand research
+ his novel has a lady dom
+ getting one of the guys to beta-read
++++ publishing it under a pseudonym
!unfilled  character:gladiolus  character:any  pairing:gladioxany  kink:humor  kink:meta 
june 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
serious meta reincarnation shit
okay so we all know vhugs was there when shit went down in 1832
well it is my headcanon (and i have seen some posts going aavout speculating this) that he based his characters on real people
there have also been a number of hilarious meta fics where the amis muse over the fact that they share names with the characters of this "kinkmeme"
now blame the halloween candy but i am prompting them together

the amis realise they're reincarnated, as per your standard au, but then someone (grantaire? fancy the classics?) point out the freaky thing that is they're 100% accurately depicted in one of the most classic novels of all time what the fuck
which then, of course, forces them all to read the brick to find out what happened to them all
(disclaimer: i know that vhugs probably didn't know them personally and that a lot/all of it was probably made up but come on this is fanfiction please bear with me)

what i want is a fic with them dealing with it.
how does jehan react, finding out for the first time how his friends died? do they, in fact, care about marius' lonely soul once they found out about his love story in greater detail? what do they think about eponine and javert and grantaire (everyone really) now that they know it all? do you permit it?

if you want to take the slightly crackier route here, feel free to do that. whatever rises your barricade.
status:unfilled  char:les-amis  kink:meta  kink:reincarnation 
december 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
Art, Rarely-Depicted Valvert Actors
How about some Valvert art featuring actors we never really see? Fraser!Vert, JOJ!Jean, Boe!Jean, Lewis!Vert, or any others you can think of!
status:unfilled  char:javert  char:valjean  pairing:javert/valjean  kink:meta  artfill 
november 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
Brick/movie/fanon Amis meeting
Brick!amis meets movie!amis meets modern AU fanon!amis. This is all I want in life...
Do brickjolras and moviejolras even recognize piningjolras as one of them?
Are the Eponines confused as to why one of them is all of the sudden dating that smart revolutionary guy with glasses instead of pining for Marius?
Does bookgrantaire feel threatened by the appearance of two attractive Grantaire's rivaling him for The Enjolrases' attention.
Is there enough alcohaul for the Grantaires when they are in the same universe?
Is movie Marius shocked and slightly horrified by the uselessness of his counterparts?
How do brick and movie amis react to cell phones?
Will this end in a very large orogy?
All questions that must be answered!
status:unfilled  char:les-amis  kink:meta 
october 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
real!les Amis, Musical cast, the real les Amis watching the cast of movie
wasn't sure how to phrase header but there it is...

This has probably been prompted before, but it's book canon that Grantaire is actually pretty ugly. My prompt is about the all the boys (and girls) up in heaven watching the musical!movie being filmed and having a discussion on who's been cast as whom and stuff like that.

What would their thoughts be on George Blagden, who's good-looking (in my own opinion ^_^) getting cast as Grantaire, and maybe how does it affect Enjolras's view of it all? Can be pre-relationships or current e/R and pre or current Aaron/George if OP wants. Also doesn't need any RPS as well.
status:unfilled  char:grantaire  char:les-amis  kink:meta 
october 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
Everyone's first name is Jean.

Yes, even Marius. And Fantine. And Cosette.
status:unfilled  kink:crack  kink:meta 
august 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
Javert discovers the kink meme and notices how many "My firstborn child for this fill" comments there are. S he decides to enforce it. Cue Javert going gallivanting across the globe, stealing firstborn children and giving them to people who don't actually want them.
status:unfilled  char:javert  kink:meta 
july 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
so i'd like a fic where the author writes enjolras like the fandumb writes marius (excited about everything, not intelligent, clumsy, totally focused on his all-consuming love for cosette*) and then writes marius like everyone writes enjolras ("i'm too focused on this cause to actually act like a human being even a little bit"), to prove a point!

it'd be cool if any potential author could manage to keep enjolras as the leader of les amis despite the ooc-ness, just for kicks.

(* cosette can be replaced with another ami or something else entirely (NOT patria please) if the author would like)
status:unfilled  char:enjolras  char:marius  kink:meta 
july 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
"Les Amis" are actually a modern college coffee shop/bar/restaurant AU of the French Revolution being written by one of the other characters (Cossette? Valjean? Javert? Montparnasse? Gavroche and/or Eponine self-inserting?)
status:unfilled  kink:literary  kink:meta 
june 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
Inspired by a prompt on the previous page.
Canon-era Amis de l'ABC being fanboys about the actors of the French Revolution, and I mean lots of squee, not just objective appreciation of why they were right.
Bonus if everyone ships (canon ships, period gossip ships, slash ships, crack ships, whatever) except Enjolras who thinks it's completely missing the point.
status:unfilled  char:les-amis  kink:meta  kink:patriotism 
june 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
The Les Mis characters are all fen in the French Revolution RPF fandom.
status:unfilled  kink:meta 
june 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
Valjean and Javert mourn the death of the kinkmeme. Sexily.
status:unfilled  pairing:javert/valjean  char:javert  char:valjean  kink:meta 
june 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
Every musical needs that one character who has no idea why everyone is singing. I want to see a fic where one Les Mis character is just so confused by all the singing going on around them.
status:unfilled  kink:meta  kink:singing 
june 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
Les Amis find pontmercying to be an excellent deflection/diversion technique when the wrong people get too interested what they're doing.
status:unfilled  char:les-amis  char:marius  kink:crack  kink:meta 
june 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
Let's just make the thing happy and do something about football and/or jerseys, because by this point I'm convinced it's trying to prompt.
status:filled  kink:meta  char:bahorel 
june 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
fans hijack a time machine/hand wavey whatever and go back to demand hugo answer for himself.
YOU TROLL US FROM THE GRAVE! WHAT IS SO AND SO'S FIRST NAME? and other such pressing questions.
status:unfilled  char:victor-hugo  kink:meta  kink:time-travel 
may 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
Prompted because I just fell of my chair laughing at Quast's antics.

Valjean always accepted that Javert was stern, only the barest flicker of fun and humour. Then Cosette, Marius and their children end up going to australia for a while, and who do they see on a children's program.

Valjean in hysterics of laughter please, and Javert having to explain, or fail too.
status:filled  pairing:javert/valjean  char:javert  char:valjean  char:cosette  char:marius  kink:au-modern  kink:humor  kink:meta 
may 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
Fantine didn't die. Instead, she was sent forwards in time. Les Miserables is not just a book, it's also a letter to Fantine to tell her how her daughter's life went and let her know that Cosette was happy and married well.
status:unfilled  char:fantine  kink:time-travel  kink:meta 
may 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme

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