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UNFILLED: M!Hawke/Cullen - abduction, gaslighting, sex slave, dark
Dark-Evil!Hawke finds out about Cullen's past and decides to use it against him. He abducts Cullen and imprisons him in a hidden cell and uses magic/blood magic/the inevitable lyrium withrdrawals/Cullen's own lingering trauma to convince Cullen that he never escaped his nightmare or has somehow been trapped there again.

After breaking Cullen's will and lingering resistance, Hawke appears to him as a 'demon' to make a deal: if Cullen will be his personal sex slave then he'll take him away from this 'prison' and protect him from other 'demons'.

+ cullen's grasp on reality gets Very Tenuous by the time hawke is offering him the deal
+ hawke enjoys breaking cullen just as much as broken cullen
+ when cullen says 'yes' all hawke does is make his prison a gilded cage, where cullen languishes in silk instead of chains

++ at one point someone actually discovers cullen's prison and tries to free him, but hawke has warped his understanding of reality to the point that cullen beats them to death with his bare hands out of terror of another 'demon' taking him away from his 'master' to torture him again...hawke hides the body and lavishes cullen with praise for being so devoted to him

TL;DR evil hawke sees pretty troubled templar, decides to subject him to literal hell in order to cause him to lose his grip on reality and accept hawke as his literal god and arbiter of his existence.
dragon_age:2  prompt:unfilled  character:cullen  character:hawke_male  pairing:cullen_m!hawke  kink:dark  kink:kidnapped  kink:gaslighting  relationship:slash 
december 2018 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Kidnapped!Cullen
Somehow, Cullen gets kidnapped, either from Skyhold itself or while out on the road. He's confined somewhere (which can't be great for his memories of Kinloch) and is certain no one will come rescue him. After all, how many chances can he ask of the Maker?

Prefer a happy ending, though not before our dear Commander is beaten around a bit (mentally or physically).

+ if it's Cassandra who comes riding in to save him
++ showing comfort and recovery after
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:cullen  character:cassandra  kink:hurt_comfort  kink:kidnapped 
december 2017 by dragonage_kink
M!OC, F!Mahariel, Leliana, Morrigan, "Caged Minds", 19/?
A rumor of darkspawn turns out to have been a trap designed especially for Mahariel. Now, the dangers that she, Leliana, and Morrigan face are not those that can be defeated with bow, blade, or magic.
prompt:filled  fanfic:unfinished  dragon_age:origins  character:mahariel  character:morrigan  character:leliana  character:original_character(s)  character:misc_mage(s)  relationship:het  relationship:f/f  relationship:poly  kink:mind_control  kink:dub_con  kink:kidnapped  kink:brainwashing 
february 2017 by dragonage_kink
Anders/F!Hawke, "Magic Exists to Serve Man, and Never to Rule Over Him", 1/?
The Circle is actually a fate of sexual slavery for the mages who are held prisoner there.

Anders had never told Hawke about the horrors and trauma he had suffered during his imprisonment. But one day, when they are both captured and brought to the Gallows, Hawke finds out the awful truth.

prompt:filled  fanfic:unfinished  dragon_age:2  character:anders  character:hawke_female  character:misc_templar(s)  character:meredith  pairing:anders_f!hawke  relationship:het  relationship:slash  kink:non_con  kink:slave  kink:torture  kink:humiliation  kink:angst  kink:mage  kink:kidnapped  kink:blackmail  kink:abuse  kink:imprisonment 
december 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Repost: Fenris/Anders - memory wipe, templars and blood magic.
Anders always thought there was nothing the templars could do that was worse than tranquility. It kills the spirit, without killing the body. And What remains is more a puppet, who does anything the templars ask of it. But it seems the Kirkwall's templars are a bit more creative than that. He is a spirit healer after all, something Kirkwall's Circle rarely ever sees. And it seems like such a pity to get rid of something useful.

So the actual prompt is somehow after years of eluding the templars, they finally catch Anders and drag him to the Gallows. Perhaps it was betrayal that lead to his capture (the underground is killed of by the templars in act 3 so maybe they were betrayed) or simply carelessness on his part.

One of the templars (Karras or Alirk or whoever) decides against the brand and suggests making use of the docile blood mages in their care. (They were already using blood magic to track down mages after all.) They have one of the mages rid Anders of memories. Then remake him as they want with false memories of servitude.

Couple days/month/etc later, Varric finds out or if the gang just spots him in the Gallows all meek and subservient or maybe Karen feels a guilty as Anders was the one who ensured him he wasn't possessed.

When they finally attempt their rescue, it is Anders and not the templars that hinder them the most. He flat out refuses to leave, spouting things that Keili would be proud off. But somehow they manage to spirit him away and hide him from the templars, who seeks him.

But that is but the beginning of a long path to recovery. I leave the following to a!a, if Anders ever gets his memories back or not.

TL;DR: Templars catch Anders and have his memories erased then implant false memories to turn him into their ideal mage. Dutiful, meek, and blindly loyal to them. He is rescued, but he ain't the same rebellious Anders they remember. Hell he doesn't even remember them at all.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:anders  character:fenris  pairing:anders_fenris  relationship:slash  kink:amnesia  kink:kidnapped  kink:blood_magic  character:misc_templar(s) 
december 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Solas/F!trevelyan or lavellan, repost
ancient elven courting involves person A kidnapping person B and proving they can provide/support them by taking care of them while also not letting them escape(to show strength? idk). could be post game, could be an AU(maybe something where the elven empire never fell)

*trevelyan who is very confused and not taking this shit why wont these windows open, she has jumped from higher dammit.
**part of the reason solas gives in and kidnaps her is because she got hurt fighting a dragon/being stupidly reckless and needs to heal now. basically got fed up with her risking her life foolishly.
***smut- make me blush

alternatively, dalish courting, lavellan kidnapping solas, either he is humoring her or she pulled a fast one on the trickster himself

this is a repost from long ago, but what can I say, I'm still interested in it.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:gen_female_inquisitor  character:trevelyan  character:lavellan  character:solas  pairing:f!inquisitor_solas  pairing:f!trevelyan_solas  pairing:f!lavellan_solas  relationship:het  kink:kidnapped  kink:courting 
november 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Hawke/LI, Templars act like crazy blood mages
We saw lots of crazy, power hungry Blood Mages in Kirkwall (with the exception of Merrill) and only reinforced Fenris, Sebastian and others distrust of mages. So can we have a 'flipside' fic, where it's a group of power-hungry, crazy templars who kidnap and abuse female mage!Hawke for no reason other than a desire for power and greed.

I'd really like a sort of parallel to the insane blood mages where the templars are just as bad and dangerous, I want Fenris, Sebastian, maybe Aveline, basically anyone who's mage-wary rescuing and helping Hawke and being horrified at this group of Templars
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:hawke_female  relationship:het  relationship:f/f  kink:kidnapped  kink:abuse  kink:mage  character:misc_templar(s)  kink:rescue 
november 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: reprompt: M!OC/Carver, OC/Hawke TW:non-con, kidnapping, possible feminization
M!OC couldn't get Hawke (any gender), so he settles for Hawke's little brother - kidnaps and imprisons Carver, and makes him look and act like Hawke (forced feminization if Fem!Hawke).
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:hawke_female  character:hawke_male  character:carver  relationship:het  relationship:slash  kink:non_con  kink:kidnapped  kink:feminization  character:original_character(s) 
october 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: fem!Hawke/LI Hawke kidnapped by obsessed mage
Can someone do a fic sort of based on All That Remains but with a twist. Instead of Leandra being the target, fem!Hawke is.

A powerful mage has been stalking Hawke since she saved him. He has become infatuated with her, sending presents, flowers etc, despite Hawke being in a happy, committed relationship with her LI (Anders, Fenris or Sebastian prefered). Her LI isn't happy (and is quite jealous) but Varric and Isabela think it's hilarous and won't shut up.

Unfortunately they underestimated the mage. He's obsessed with Hawke and willing to use the most dangerous and forbidden magics to 'win her'. Hawke however seems immune so he ends up kidnapping her and is convinced he'll 'convince' her to love him by any means.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:hawke_female  relationship:het  relationship:f/f  kink:kidnapped  kink:rescue 
september 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: any/many - gangbang w/ forced orgasms
So I have this kink...... a character being captured, tied up/immobilized, generally having no say in what happens to them, but instead of pain and torture, their captors are interested in giving them orgasms.

I would especially love this with Fenris or Carver, but any character will be great! ...maybe except Merrill or Varric. I just... can't see them in kinky scenarios :|

Anything goes, other than bathroom stuff and anything that involves pain. The kinkier the better!

Also, would prefer no combinations like Fenris/magisters, Anders/templars, Isabela/qunari, etc., characters being gangbanged by groups that are their enemies. Maybe instead something like, Anders/overly grateful patients, Fenris/slaves he helped free who just happen to be pleasure slaves who can't think of another way to thank him, Carver/fellow Ostagar soldiers who want to have fun before the big battle, single!Aveline/guards who want to help her unwind, and so on.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:any_male  character:any_female  relationship:poly  kink:bondage  kink:kidnapped  kink:forced_orgasm  kink:dub_con  kink:non_con  kink:gangbang 
june 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Cullen/Trevelyan - Samson's vendetta
Samson has a personal vendetta against Cullen, that stupidly noble commander, he is everything Samson could...should have been He overcame Lyrium, and even his hatred of mages - Trevelyan is a mage herself. It isn't fair Cullen beats his demons, while Samson is prey to his. He wants to see Cullen utterly destroyed, and the best way to do that, is also the most fun: by breaking Cullen's beloved, pretty Trevelyan. Samson sets a trap, allowing Cullen to think he can capture him. But Samson is ready and captures Trevelyan, Cullen and her companions. Even if he fails, he will still have this. He will break Cullen, using Trevelyan and enjoy every second of it.

Non-con/rape allowed. Up to author if Samson is defeated/Trevelyan & co rescued.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:cullen  character:gen_female_inquisitor  character:trevelyan  character:samson  pairing:cullen_f!inquisitor  pairing:cullen_f!trevelyan  relationship:het  kink:kidnapped  kink:torture  kink:non_con 
june 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Solas/Inquisitior (non-con), Inky/other male. Solas thinks Inky is soulmate (he's wrong)
Solas is convinced the Inquisitor is his soul mate/reincarnated long-lost love, and is determined to have her. Problem is, she is in a happy, committed relationship with another companion (Cullen, Blackwall or Bull) and has no interest in Solas, and doesn't even spend much time with him. Solas is convinced he just needs to prove he's right for her, and that means spending time with her. Alone. No companions, no rifts, no other 'lover'. He kidnaps her and takes her to a remote, but luxerious place where he sets about trying to convince her that she's his soulmate/lover etc - that he is *right* for her. For a while, he is uber patient and unflappable, not bothered, even a bit amused but her anger and resentment. He insists once she starts 'remembering' she'll fall in love with him. A part of him is annoyed however that a) she's resisting/fighting him and b) she had a shem lover who was never worthy of her and she was 'sullied' by them (but he doesn't really blame her, since they seduced/tricked her). Inquisitor is furious and scared. She has no interest in Solas, is not remotely attracted to him, and wants to be back in her lover's arms and with her friends. Solas treats her like a sweet, naive little child/pet that he needs to protect. He will try to spoil her with gifts, but refuses her any freedom. He babies her - brushing her hair, feeding her, carrying her in his arms, and treating her like a china doll. he's convinced he knows best and she hates it, hates him. But as she carries on fighting him, resisting him physically and mentally, slowly the calm begins to crack. She sees flashes of anger, raw, terrying anger that seem so out of place and terrify her in a way she never thought possible. Solas is patient, but he will also brook no arguemnt. She. Is. His, and needs to accept it. Quickly. Meanwhile the Inquisition are desperately searching for her, and Solas. Their contacts have revealed some frightening information on Solas, and they need to get their inquisitor back ASAP. Her lover is struggling without her and is determined to make Solas pay. I'd prefer F!Trevelyan or F!Lavellen please. Happy ending would be prefable, but NOT her falling for Solas. She's very non-willing the entire time, and will never love or want him no matter what he tries/gives her/tells her etc
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:gen_female_inquisitor  character:solas  pairing:f!inquisitor_solas  relationship:het  kink:non_con  kink:kidnapped 
june 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: judge!Trevelyan pays for her mercy
Inquisitor Trevelyan is well known for being merciful to her prisoners, she isn't naive or foolish, but she genuinely believes in redemption where possible and that mercy is as powerful as vengence. Her lover (Cullen, Blackwall or Bull) understands and loves her compassion but at times worries and gets frustrated with her compassion, and tries to reason with her. Until one day it all goes wrong. Trevelyan passes her judgement against an unrepentant Evil Person - and against her advisors and companions advice she gives a merciful sentence, but her mercy almost destroys her life when the prisoner manages to escape, with Trevelyan in tow, already relishing how he's going to make it very, very clear to the precious Trevelyan how no good deed goes unpunished...
Lots of angst please. Non-con and torture of Trev are OK, but I would prefer a happy(ish) ending. I love hurt/comfort too, with lots of comfort from inquisition and her lover
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:gen_female_inquisitor  character:trevelyan  relationship:het  kink:non_con  kink:torture  kink:kidnapped  kink:angst  kink:hurt_comfort 
june 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Best Served Cold
So this time around to my surprise, Aveline was taken hostage by the rogue mages and templars. It kind of posed a funny thought to me, because its Aveline -- its hard to picture anyone getting the jump on her, let alone in the middle of the keep. With Anders or the others, its not to hard to imagine that people fighting off templars and getting dragged away, or some power crazed mage takes someone on in a fight. Average people are probably used to this thing.

But in a keep full of guards likely including her husband?

There had to be more to this.

So with Aveline, or Sebastian or a Warden sibling -- somewhere where the companion is surrounded... how does this group manage to capture the companion? It can be as funny (Mages magicing themselves to look like Donnic/Hawke and asking for a favor and then awkwardly pretending to be them as they lure them out to an ambush) or serious as you'd like.

Then once they have them, how do they get them to the wounded coast?

Hurt/comfort aftermath is okay, no character death or non-con.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:aveline  kink:kidnapped 
may 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Anders Kidnap's fenhawke child
Between leaving Kirkwall and dying in the Fade during Inquisition, F!Hawke gave birth to twins. Fenris is of course left alone to raise them. It works out until one of the twins starts manifesting magic. Fenris is at a loss on how to handle this and gives serious consideration to sending the child to the circle (you can assume in this verse the Inquisition helped bring the circles back). Anders catches wind of this and kidnaps the mage child. Fenris is of course not happy, especially since he had ultimately decided against the circle and was in the process of writing a letter to Anders to come help him with his mage child.

I am not fond of Fenders but if A!A can take the above scenario to a Fenders conclusion without forcing it, I would have no objections.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:anders  character:hawke_female  pairing:fenris_f!hawke  relationship:het  kink:kidnapped  kink:kid_fic  kink:mage  character:fenris 
may 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: F!Cousland/Cailan, Cousland/Alistair, unwilling mistress
In an AU where Cailan didn't die, King Cailan and Queen Anora hold a huge ball in honour of the grey wardens for saving the world. Cousland and the companions are guests of honour. But as soon as Cailan sees Cousland, he wants her. She is everything he desires in a partner, and while he's had other mistresses, none have ever captured him like Cousland. Unfortunately Cousland is in love with his hero half brother Alistair and the pair are planning to marry soon. Cailan can't have that. Against her will, Cousland is forced into becoming his mistress. Cailan isn't taking any chances and even locks her into his private suite of rooms. Every time she tries to escape she has more locks and more guards. Cailan insists she'll grow to love him but Cousland only hates him more. She hates Cailan, hates Anora, hates her prison. But neither she or Alistair are prepared to give up, and may have to call on old allies to help.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:origins  character:cousland  character:cailan  character:alistair  relationship:het  pairing:cailan_f!cousland  pairing:alistair_f!cousland  fanfic:au  kink:kidnapped 
may 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Solas had creppy feels for the Inquisitor, kidnaps them either post-inquisition or post-trespasser
non-con stuff

Throughout the main game, Solas had feelings for the Inquisitor even he didn't quite understand, then something happens, and he realizes his feelings for what they are, but he and the inquisitor aren't on the best of terms, and they seem to be interested in someone else. Nevertheless, his feelings grow, and it eventually becomes more than a simple crush, but full-fledged obsession.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  dragon_age:trespasser  character:gen_neutral_inquisitor  character:solas  pairing:f!inquisitor_solas  pairing:m!inquisitor_solas  relationship:het  relationship:slash  kink:non_con  kink:obsession  kink:kidnapped  kink:unrequited_love 
may 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: M!OC/Carver, OC/Hawke TW:non-con, kidnapping, possible feminization
M!OC couldn't get Hawke (any gender), so he settles for Hawke's little brother - kidnaps and imprisons Carver, and makes him look and act like Hawke (forced feminization if Fem!Hawke).
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:any_male  character:hawke_female  character:hawke_male  character:carver  pairing:any_male_carver  kink:kidnapped  kink:imprisonment  kink:feminization  kink:non_con 
april 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Fenris/Hawke, bride kidnapping
Avvar!Hawke kidnaps Fenris to be his 'bride'. Fenris is on the run from Danarius, and thinks slavers got him, but instead there's a huge bearded barbarian grinning at him and telling him how wonderful their wedding (and wedding night) will be.

+ Hawke realizes he must court Fenris first, the courtship is ridiculous but endearing (though Fenris wouldn't be caught dead admitting that)
++ Avvar!Hawke vs Danarius
++++++ very happy ending

Totally optional but worth +500 friendship points: Avvar!Nathaniel bride-napped Anders (or the other way around), they're the gross happy couple that makes out in public and shares too many details of their sex life

Please no non-con or dub-con, everything that happens after the kidnapping should be with Fenris's full consent.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:fenris  character:hawke_male  relationship:slash  pairing:fenris_m!hawke  kink:kidnapped  kink:courting  kink:marriage 
march 2016 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Hawke kidnapped by a deranged noble
Hawke is kidnapped by a deranged Kirkwall noble, maybe it's someone who Leandra introduced as a suitable husband, but Hawke turned him down in favor of a LI, or just because she thought the guy was a creep. Turns out he liked Hawke a bit too much, and decided that she will be the perfect mother for his children, and would stop at nothing to have her.
So he has her kidnapped and brought to a secret wing of his mansion, where he uses some potion/artifact/blood magic to immobilize her (or simply ties her up so well that she has no chance of escaping), and then proceeds to rape her regularly, until she becomes pregnant.
Whether Hawke is rescued and when, what happens with the pregnancy, etc, I leave up to the A!A. Just no Stockholm Syndrome, no Hawke falling for the rapist or escaping right after the kidnapping.
Please no scat or watersports, but other than that, every messed up kink is welcome.
Would especially love: water/magical inflation before the impregnation, to see what Hawke would look like, decorating Hawke by piercing her nipples/genitals, making her wear plugs/gags, inviting some others to admire/enjoy his masterpiece.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:hawke_female  character:hawke_male  character:misc_noble(s)  kink:kidnapped  kink:non_con  kink:impregnation  kink:inflation  kink:piercing  kink:toys 
march 2016 by dragonage_kink

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