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Treatment Plan
Dean takes a solo hunt while sick, even though he knows it's a bad idea. He finds that the person haunting the disused wing of an old hospital is the ghost of the evil abusive head nurse that used to work there decades ago, and had free rein in her treatment of the patients.

Unfortunately, Dean being so sick allows her to easily overpower him. Before he can do anything, he's tied down, gagged, and the nurse is examining him and declaring the best treatment - her favourite treatment - is an enema.

Dean's in agony, between the solution - made as uncomfortable as possible by the nurse - and the way she keeps pressing on his stomach, while the contents are held in by a plug.

Bonus for Sam coming to his rescue as the nurse threatens to overfill him or press too hard on his stomach. If this includes bathing after, even better. Just no wincest please.

fill on AO3
fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/ofc(s)  pairing:dean/monsters  kink:ghosts  kink:non-con  kink:enema  kink:hurt!dean  kink:sickness  kink:restraints  kink:groping  kink:buttplugs 
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Ghost Trick: Phantom Inspector [prompt from my tumblr, will only do this once, I promise]
Javert dies, but instead of his soul being obliterated, he finds himself regaining consciousness and possessing powers of the dead. But he can’t remember who he is. In fact, he can only see what’s happening from an abstract vantage point, so his corpse is hidden from him under the boat that covered it. He could be anybody. He could have died from any cause. Without a name or a purpose, he can’t bear to waste away as a formless flame of blue. He has to know who he is. To amuse himself, he spots the hat floating against the boat and decides to take its form. It was better than nothing. Hats were warm. Hats had no concern with anything: not life, not death, and certainly not consequence. The idea sounds irresistibly pleasant.

But then he hears a gunshot.

He goes to investigate, dutiful even in amnesia, and finds the corpse of a young grisette. The sight disturbs him, although he can’t articulate why. He examines the body as best he can, but this phantasmal inspection somehow brings him to her own unconscious soul, leading him to travel four minutes before her death. He sees the murder happen. He can stop it by manipulating the scene, distracting both victim and criminal until he can lead the latter to the punishment he deserves. He does. He saves her life.

He could prevent crime before it even happened. The thought sits extremely well with him.

- I'll leave it there for the prompt's sake, but I also have a VERY basic skeleton of a plot here if anyone's interested: http : // / post / 64555758167 / ghost-trick-phantom-inspector

Long story short? Go play Ghost Trick. I would fill this myself if it weren't for all the other writing I need to do (but Pokemon...XD). The skeleton plot has some valvert in it, but if you fill it, then no shipping required. It could be whatever you like.
status:unfilled  char:javert  kink:au-other  kink:crossover  kink:ghosts  kink:supernatural 
november 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
Valvert ghost sex
all of the ghost!javert fics we've had so far have been pretty angsty I think so

valjean is the only one who's able to see javert as a ghost, and somehow they strike up an unlikely friendship and fall in love. dumb ghost dates happen, but since javert just doesn't give a fuck anymore, he starts whispering dirty talk into valjean's ear and groping him in public, making for awkward and flustered (and aroused) valjean

up to filler exactly how sexy this gets but ffs I need this prompt like burning
status:unfilled  char:javert  char:valjean  pairing:javert/valjean  kink:dirty-talk  kink:exhibitionism  kink:ghosts 
october 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
e/R, perverted ghost!R and the dub-con associated
Enjolras' house/apartment/whatever is haunted by a ghost. This ghost is really, really, handsy, and then some, (even when company is over, which means that Enjolras has to struggle to maintain his composure).

Nothing too angsty (as in, it'd probably be better not to go down the route of him having known Grantaire before he died), just...Grantaire being a perverted ghost, and ghost sex.
status:unfilled  char:enjolras  char:grantaire  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  kink:dubcon  kink:ghosts  kink:supernatural 
october 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
Gen, Crack. Kinda AU; Giving the Thénardiers Their Just Desserts
Fantine, Javert, Eponine and Gavroche end up meeting as ghosts (you're welcome to give your own reason why Fantine hasn't crossed over yet) and after realizing that the Thénardiers were not punished at all for all the harm they did and keep doing, they decide they themselves will have to see to that...
status:unfilled  char:eponine  char:fantine  char:gavroche  char:javert  char:m.thenardier  char:mme.thenardier  kink:crack  kink:ghosts  kink:revenge 
september 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
Ghost Gavroche
He's the most rascally little poltergeist you ever did see! He plays tons of obnoxious pranks on the living (and never leaves Marius alone)

+ His ghostly spirit stops Javert from jumping.
status:unfilled  char:gavroche  kink:ghosts 
september 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
I'm Alive
After re-listening to Aaron Tveit singing Gabe in Next to Normal, I find myself getting ideas.

Even though the barricades fell and the he nearly died in the revolution, Marius continues to have a friendly relationship with Enjolras. Everywhere Marius goes, he can hear his friend speaking, and see him as plain as day.

Why do Cosette and his grandfather insist that Enjolras is dead?
status:unfilled  char:marius  char:enjolras  char:cosette  char:gillenormand  kink:crossover  kink:ghosts  kink:mental-illness 
september 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
Valjean/Javert - Post-Seine ghost fic, but with ghost!Valjean!
As you might know, the majority of ghost fics are about ghost!Javert. I love all of them, but I'd like to see a different angle of it here.

Valjean rescues Javert from the Seine, nurses him back to health and they slowly entwine their lives together until they are basically a couple in all but name...and then Valjean dies. Perhaps when Cosette marries like in the canon, or from an unrelated cause: A disease, old age, accident, heart attack, what have you.

But it turns out that he isn't quite ready to move forward, and instead chooses to come back as a ghost to haunt Javert, to keep him company and show that he's not alone now. Whether Javert can see him in turn is entirely up to A!A.

I will love you and give you cookies if Javert thinks himself mad and refuses to acknowledge that ghosts do exist, in the beginning.
status:filled  char:javert  char:valjean  pairing:javert/valjean  kink:au-canon-divergence  kink:ghosts  kink:supernatural 
september 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
The night before her wedding, Fantine comes to Cosette in a dream.
status:unfilled  char:cosette  char:fantine  kink:ghosts  kink:dream  kink:family 
july 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
During the empty chairs at empty tables scene when Marius is getting really emotional Enjolras' ghost comes back, positively outraged that there was still furniture int he room

"why werent these chairs and tables added to the barricade?!"

idk. it was meant to be funny
status:unfilled  char:marius  char:enjolras  kink:ghosts  kink:crack 
june 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
Instead of haunting Valjean, Javert lingers at Pont Au Change instead since it is the place of his death. Does he appear to other would-be jumpers and talk them out of it? Does Valjean hear the rumors that the bridge is haunted and try to communicate with him?

Anything goes, I just want something based on the premise that ghost!Javert is unable to leave the bridge and spends his time haunting it.
status:unfilled  char:javert  char:valjean  kink:ghosts  kink:afterlife 
june 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
(inspired by Aaron as Gabe, I'll admit)

Creepy!Enjolras is "haunting" les Amis after he died ; some of them just want to move on. Some just guiltily listen to him from times to times. Some (guess who?) start to convince themselves that Enjolras never died and that the hallucination/ghost/whatever is real.

Bonus point if Enjolras is super tender and protective when you listen to him but he becomes nasty when you do "try to move on" (using his super-powers of persuasion on the others to hurt them).

(also maybe Marius is new and they try to incorporate him in les amis because they genuinely like him but Marius knows that he's just a way for them to "forget" about enjolras and so he just hides with Cosette?)
status:unfilled  char:les-amis  char:enjolras  kink:ghosts 
june 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
Valjean seens Javert's ghost. But Javert is still alive, and in coma, and he doesn't know.
Happy ending is always loved <3
status:unfilled  pairing:javert/valjean  char:javert  char:valjean  kink:ghosts  kink:au-fix-it 
may 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
Valjean dies and Fantine isn't the only one there to bring him home when the story ends. It just took him longer to get there than it did for the other two, and Fantine already talked Javert's ghost out of the river. Valjean, hopefully, should be easier to convince. But just in case he proves to be stubborn, she brought back up.
status:unfilled  pairing:fantine/javert/valjean  char:fantine  char:javert  char:valjean  kink:death  kink:afterlife  kink:ghosts 
may 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
Canon fic: It turns out Marius isn't actually very good at sex. At all. Epically unskilled, actually. Cosette knows she should be happy that he came to marriage a virgin and knowing nothing about the arts of the bedroom, but she knows just enough about sex to know what she's missing out on.

But Marius talks about his dead friends every night, and the wild things they used to do, and he tells them so vividly that Cosette starts having dreams about them. Dreams about them doing things to her and with her that a good wife shouldn't dream about anyone but her husband.

(At least, she thinks they're just dreams. What else could they be? And anyway, her sex life with Marius has improved dramatically since her dream-friends have started teaching her what she should ask for.)
status:unfilled  pairing:les-amis/cosette  pairing:cosette/marius  kink:dream  kink:ghosts  char:les-amis  char:cosette 
may 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
Show Me Heaven
reprompting because I lost the original prompt. post seine: Javert's ghost hangs around Valjean and keeps him company in his old age. Javert only manifests in valjean's presence. In the day time they communicate via writing/moving objects and in the nighttime Javert appears in his dreams. They somehow manage to fall in love and make it work despite one of them being dead.

Or. You can skip the preamble and simply write me Valjean-has-sex-with-a-ghost, the PWP, and I'll be perfectly happy with that.
(pretty please)
status:filled  pairing:javert/valjean  char:javert  char:valjean  kink:ghosts  kink:afterlife  kink:supernatural 
may 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
In order to honor his dead friends, Marius names his sons Napoleon Enjolras Pontmercy, Napoleon Combeferre Pontmercy, Napoleon Courfeyrac Pontmercy, Napoleon Prouvaire Pontmercy, Napoleon Joly Pontmercy, Napoleon Legles Pontmercy, Napoleon Feuilly Pontmercy, Napoleon Bahorel Pontmercy, and Grantaire Pontmercy.

As a result, they come back as ghosts and haunt the living hell out of him.
status:filled  char:marius  char:les-amis  kink:crack  kink:ghosts 
may 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
After Valjean dies, Cosette and Marius are quite surprised when he comes back as a ghost (he can be a solid-looking ghost if necessary). He doesn't seem to realize that he's dead and they can't bear to tell him so they just humor him.
status:unfilled  char:valjean  char:cosette  char:marius  kink:afterlife  kink:ghosts 
april 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
Shortly after her death, Fantine starts haunting Javert. The how and why is up to you, I'd just like Javert stuck with this woman only he can see and hear following him around, eventually forming some odd kind of friendship (maybe she helps with cases, maybe he starts being more open to shades of grey at her insistance). All the bonus points if you can somehow make Javert/Fantine or Javert/Fantine/Valjean work in this situation.
status:unfilled  char:fantine  char:javert  kink:afterlife  kink:ghosts  pairing:fantine/javert  pairing:fantine/javert/valjean 
april 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
The gap widens between Cosette and Marius when Cosette settles down for a cosy (hum) bourgeois life as Madame la Baronne, a life Marius fails to identify with. He tries to play the part, but finds himself missing his friends, his ideals, even his poverty. And the more he is haunted by the past, the more he is possessed by his memories of Eponine - the poor, wild, free, desperate girl who loved him so violently. In the end, he sort of falls in love with her ghost...

...symbolically, by visiting her grave (probably the common burial ground since I doubt Thénardier paid for a funeral), remembering her, writing her letters, etc.

...literally, when her ghost appears to him, because she too is haunted by him, even beyond death.

No crack, please.
status:unfilled  pairing:eponine/marius  char:eponine  char:marius  char:cosette  kink:infidelity  kink:ghosts 
april 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme

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