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FILL: Voyeurism kink turning into threeway - Sidney Crosby/Marc-Andre Fleury/Matt Murray
A & B are spicing up their relationship. They ask C to watch them have sex and be an uninterested third party so a small public-sex kink gets tried out, and they both come like rockets so success!, right?

They invite C a few more times to play uninterested (they've tried disgusted as well, but that didn't really work) bystander, and it always finishes the same way - with A & B fucked out, and C leaving in silence.

Finally A & B catch a clue that C isn't as unflapped as he makes out to be, and so the next invitation is for a threesome.
Complete  Link_to_Fill  Rating:Explicit  Pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Marc-André_Fleury/Matt_Murray  Kink:Polyamory  Kink:Voyeurism  Kink:Public_sex  Kink:Exhibitionism  Kink:First_time  Kink:Relationship_Negotiation  Kink:Established_relationship  Kink:Getting_together 
november 2018 by sinbinmod
FILL: F. Andersen/C. McElhinney, Emotional parting ways sex
I just need some goalies lovingly banging. that’s it.

all i ask for is that they’re sweet for one another and they communicate during said banging.
Complete  Pairing:Frederik_Andersen/Curtis_McEllhinney  Kink:Body_worship  Kink:First_time  Kink:Oral_sex  Kink:Gentleness  Kink:Rimming  Link_to_Fill  Rating:Explicit 
november 2018 by sinbinmod
Re: FILL Ovi/Backy, post round 2
Based on these pictures (the 3rd and 4th ones):

I don't care if its fluff, smut, getting together, etc, I just want something based on these pictures with an emphasis on the great love these 2 have for each other.
Complete  Pairing:Nicklas_Backstrom/Alexander_Ovechkin  Character:Nicklas_Backstrom  Character:Alexander_Ovechkin  Kink:First_time  Rating:Explicit  Link_to_Fill 
june 2018 by sinbinmod
FILL: Auston Matthews/Freddie Anderson, bros that fuck
hey i'm just looking for a fix where big boi auston gets fucked by bigger boi freddie. i like sweet stuff but wouldn't mind it if it got a little rough. lots of kisses and auston being shy is preferred but not needed.
Complete  Pairing:Frederik_Andersen/Auston_Matthews  Character:Frederik_Andersen  Character:Auston_Matthews  Kink:First_time  Rating:Explicit  Link_to_Fill 
january 2018 by sinbinmod
FILL: Nolan Patrick/Claude Giroux; alpha Nolan lusting after his omega captain
Nolan would like it, sort of, if his teammates would lay off on the baby-alpha jokes already, but what he'd really like is to get his hands on his older omega captain. Claude's a prickly omega known for not giving in to alpha bullshit, and Nolans crush may have started out small, but these days all he wants is to get a handful of those orange curls and pull until claude's neck is bared to him. Its a problem.

can be angsty as hell of fluffy and funny, I just want hot shit young alpha Nolan lusting after his recalcitrant captain ::D

+100 if nolan seizes the opportunity to help during an unplanned heat
+10000 if you work in the fact that claude is a pretty small dude (in hockey terms, lol)
Complete  Pairing:Claude_Giroux/Nolan_Patrick  Character:Claude_Giroux  Character:Nolan_Patrick  Kink:A/B/O  Kink:Pregnancy_kink  Kink:Rimming  Kink:First_time  Rating:Explicit  Link_to_Fill 
january 2018 by sinbinmod
FILL: Any brothers, just the tip, dubcon
An older brother coerces a younger brother into sex, employs "just the tip" line. Up to author if it stays just the tip.

Would prefer no Benns but I'm game for any other brother pairing.
Complete  Pairing:Brayden_Schenn/Luke_Schenn  Character:Brayden_Schenn  Character:Luke_Schenn  Kink:Incest  Kink:First_time  Kink:Hand_jobs  Kink:Just_the_tip  Kink:Coercion  Kink:Dubcon  Rating:Explicit  Link_to_Fill 
december 2017 by sinbinmod
[Legacy Fill] It Had To Be You, 84/? NONCON/DUBCON
A totally isolated population is eventually going to die out. The youth of Vault 101 find themselves caught up in the Overseer's scheme to “fix” that problem.
character:female_lone_wanderer  character:butch  kink:pregnancy  kink:arranged_marriage  kink:first_time  warning:noncon  warning:dubcon  prompt:filled  fic:legacy  relationship:het  game:fo3 
june 2017 by nfkm
Fill: Giroux/Weal, captain's privilege
the captain of the team of your choice gets to bang the partner of a player of your choice as his captain's privilege. I am here for anywhere on the consent spectrum. slight preference for the captain being landeskog but i'll read anyone except the penguins.
Complete  Pairing:Claude_Giroux/Jordan_Weal  Character:Claude_Giroux  Character:Jordan_Weal  Kink:Captain's_privilege  Kink:First_time  Kink:Marking  Kink:Quiet_sex  Rating:Explicit  Link_to_Fill 
april 2017 by sinbinmod
FILL: Any/Any, Dating your rival's rookie
basically, team a and team b are big rivals, bad blood tough games, etc. so it's not really expected when one of the star players starts dating the young up and comer of their rival team is it?

examples: sidney crosby dating ghost or tk from the flyers, jeff carter starts sleeping with a shark. any team or pairing is good
Complete  Pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Shayne_Gostisbehere  Character:Sidney_Crosby  Character:Shayne_Gostisbehere  Character:Claude_Giroux  Character:Nathan_MacKinnon  Kink:First_time  Kink:Angst  Kink:Developing_relationship  Rating:Explicit  Link_to_Fill 
march 2017 by sinbinmod
Now and Then - MKK
The stardate is 48750.1, shortly after the first hints of the looming Federation conflict with the Dominion. Doctor Julian Bashir and his Cardassian friend, the former Obsidian Order agent Elim Garak, have moved beyond friendship to love and intimacy. The two are in the midst, in fact, of contemplating further steps toward building a life together. That is, until Bashir, during a routine mission to the Gamma Quadrant, is thrown back in time to stardate 46420.1, just a few days after his arrival on Deep Space Nine and his first tentative encounters with the mysterious Garak.

There's one little problem - he doesn't know at first that he time-traveled. Neither does the Garak he encounters. And neither does the Julian Bashir who, brand new to DS9, unknowingly finds himself catapulted three years into the future and to a Garak who is considerably more "friendly" than the Garak he thought he just met. Misunderstandings to be resolved all around - both now *and* then.
Fandom  Star_Trek  Era:DS9  Garak/Bashir  15K+  Nosm  Kink:First_Time  Kink:Humiliation  Kink:Pining_Garak  Kink:Insecurity  Deals.With:Time_Travel  Deals.With:Misunderstanding  It's:Well_Written  It's:Fun!  It's:Plotty  It's:Love  It's:Sweet  ***** 
march 2017 by The_Electriclady
Alistair/Cullen, "Roommates", 1/1
Sometimes during Templar training, Cullen's mind wanders to what he does behind closed doors with his roommate.

(Cullen's first time receiving penetrative anal.)

At AO3:
prompt:filled  fanfic:finished  dragon_age:origins  relationship:slash  character:cullen  character:alistair  pairing:alistair_cullen  kink:anal_sex  kink:first_time  kink:rimming  kink:quiet_sex  kink:fingering 
march 2017 by dragonage_kink
Strange and Distant Shores - gryvon
In 2398, reporter Felix Marian interviews Chairman Garak and Ambassador Bashir about the formation of the Cardassian Democratic Union and ends up learning more about Cardassia than he intended.
Fandom  Star_Trek  Era:DS9  Garak/Bashir  5K+  t!Garak  b!Bashir  Era:Post-Canon_Cardassia  Kink:In_Character  Kink:First_Time  Kink:Possessive_Garak  Kink:Domesticity  Deals.With:Culture  Kink:Pining_Bashir  Kink:Pining_Garak  Deals.With:Bonding/Mating  It's:Well_Written  It's:Realistic  It's:Plotty  It's:Romantic  It's:Love  ***** 
march 2017 by The_Electriclady
Delavian Chocolates - MxDavery
The day after saving Odo and Garak from the Gamma Quadrant, Julian finds himself wandering through the Promenade. He ends up outside Garak's destroyed shop and accompanies him on his walk to his private quarters, where the previous days events stir up emotions and lands them both in Garak's (too-small) bed.

Takes place at the end of "The Die Is Cast", picking up from when Odo speaks with Garak at his shop.
Fandom  Star_Trek  Era:DS9  Garak/Bashir  10K+  t!Garak  b!Bashir  Kink:First_Time  Kink:Virgin_Bashir  Kink:Pet_Names  Kink:Pining_Bashir  Kink:Begging  Kink:Spanking  Kink:Biting/Marking  Kink:Dirty_Talk  Kink:Frottage  Kink:Fingering  Kink:Insecurity  Deals.With:Alien_Physiology  It's:Well_Written  It's:Hot  It's:Sweet  It's:Love  **** 
march 2017 by The_Electriclady
Off to the Races - Eve_Louise
When DS9 intercepts a communication from the Orion Syndicate inviting a Cardassian Gul to an outlying moon, they ask their resident Cardassian to go undercover. With a Starfleet partner, of course, and who better than the intrepid Doctor Bashir?
Fandom  Star_Trek  Era:DS9  Garak/Bashir  15K+  t!Garak  b!Bashir  Kink:Pining_Bashir  Kink:Pining_Garak  Kink:First_Time  Kink:Insecurity  Kink:In_Character  Plot.Device:Bed/Heat-Sharing  Deals.With:Culture  Deals.With:Faking_It  Kink:Begging  It's:Well_Written  It's:Plotty  It's:Romantic  It's:Fun!  ***** 
march 2017 by The_Electriclady
Garak vs Julians holodeck fantasy - applepiesandblueties
Garak was tied to a large drill once again, his arms bent around the pole and his hands in cuffs. He had up until this moment attempt to apply logic to Julians holodeck fantasy but every thing seemed to go wrong.
Fandom  Star_Trek  Era:DS9  Garak/Bashir  1Shot  Nosm  Kink:First_Time  ST:DS9_Ep:4x10  It's:Well_Written  It's:Cute  It's:Fun!  **** 
february 2017 by The_Electriclady
Disobeying the Captain's Orders - applepiesandblueties
Based on season 6, episode 2. Rocks and shoals, after crashing on a desolate planet in a Jem'Hardar ship then fighting the Jem'Hardar, Sisko orders the crew to get a good night sleep. Julian and Garak disobey that order.
Fandom  Star_Trek  Era:DS9  Garak/Bashir  1Shot  Nosm  Kink:First_Time  Kink:Hair_Fetish  Kink:Strength  Kink:Possessive_Garak  Kink:Getting_Caught  Deals.With:Outing  ST:DS9_Ep:6x02  It's:Well_Written  It's:PWP  It's:Sweet  It's:Hot  **** 
february 2017 by The_Electriclady
Savage Creatures - MissIshikawa
After an archaic 'insurgency protocol' is activated on DS9 Julian has to travel to a Cardassian Space Station with Gul Dukat to help clear things up with Central Command. There's also an upcoming Ambassador's Ball to contend with and a cryptic and strangely protective Garak on top of it all!

*really trope-y but my god does it hit a fair number of points. mostly it's... idk it's 90s era fic fun i really enjoyed this*
Fandom  Star_Trek  Era:DS9  Garak/Bashir  20K+  t!Garak  b!Bashir  Char:Dukat  Kink:First_Time  Kink:Humiliation  Kink:Possessive_Garak  Kink:Strength  Kink:Voyeurism  Kink:Pining_Garak  Kink:Pining_Bashir  Deals.With:Culture  Deals.With:Misunderstanding  Kink:Jealousy  It's:Well_Written  It's:Ridiculous  It's:Hot  It's:Fun!  **** 
november 2016 by The_Electriclady

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