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Gladio forced to perform sexual favours to save Noct
Gladio is in some kind of situation where he has to get on his knees and suck cock if he wants Noct to not be harmed.

Bonus points for either a straight Gladio or a bi-curious Gladio that’s never sucked dick before. Make it humiliating.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:gladiolus  pairing:gladioxany  kink:sexual_favors  kink:favor  kink:help  kink:sex 
october 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Prompto/other + Prompto/Noctis, Pornstar lookalike AU
Prompto is a highschool dropout, trying to get by. When someone offers him fast cash for a night if he dyes his hair and pretends to be the Prince for the night, he accepts, needing rent and unaware that a camera was set up filming the entire incident. The video goes viral, much to Prompto’s shock and horror, and soon he has the prince breathing down his neck, who is a sadistic, narsasistic monster who will ‘forget his indiscretions against the crown’s image’’ in exchange for some favors. Which would be kinda okay for Prompto if he wasn’t getting blackmailed into it and the prince weren’t so into him dying his hair and wearing his clothes while they have sex. Talk about a narcissist.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:other  pairing:promptoxother  kink:pornstars  kink:alternate_universe  kink:revenge  kink:favor  kink:narcissist 
september 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Prompto/bros, Paying the rent
Prompto’s parents forget about leaving him money often, but they usually pay the bills! Prompto’s landlord approaches him and tells Prompto that he either find a way to get in contact with his parents to pay money, or he will contact child services. When Prompto begs him to reconsider, the man says he will take a favor instead. He gives Prompto a day to decide if his virginity is more important than ending up in the system and possibly very far from his only friends. He thinks he can go through with it, and doesn’t want to burden them or make it seem like he is asking for money, so he doesn’t tell Gladio or Noctis, but being driven home by Ignis, minutes away from being deflowered, he freaks out and it all comes tumbling out that he doesn’t mind getting raped so he can be with them, because they are so worth it, but he doesn’t want his first time to be with such a creep because he always thought it would be with one of them.

Cue Noctis, Ignis and Gladio going all out to silence the landlord, and keep Prompto happy. Because the universe is messed up if he is not happy.
!unfilled  character:prompto  character:noctis  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  pairing:promptoxother  pairing:gen  kink:virginity  kink:favor 
september 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Cor/Any chocobro, [any] gets off on pain & asks Cor for a favor, D/s, aftercare, (dub-con?)
Someone from the guys gets off on pain and submission. The idea of someone spanking him... unff. BUT he's also ashamed of this and hides it from other bros. So he goes to Cor. The man is someone equally close & distant enough AND actually someone he trusts to do this right, a.k.a not go too far.

Cor is not into it. The man might look all doom and gloom but he doesn't like hurting people, especially mr.whatever, but he's also willing to put his own discomfort aside for the lad... and because he's touched by the trust shown for him. However, he doesn't get aroused. (So I guess it's sort of dub-con because Cor is not into it sexually but he wants to do it for other reasons.)

After, there's a lot of sweet, sweet aftercare. Both need it because Cor feels like shit and mr.whatever is still ashamed (and sore) and might feel guilty for "making" Cor do this.

- Preference for Prompto or Ignis but the others are a fair game as well.
- To be honest, I'm more interested in the character dynamics and aftercare so the act itself doesn't have to be graphic. I don't mind if it is though.

DNW: dirty talk, scat
!unfilled  character:cor  character:any  character:chocobro  pairing:corxany  kink:spanking  kink:ds  kink:favor  kink:painplay 
september 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme

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!unfilled  character:any  character:chocobro  character:cor  character:gladiolus  character:ignis  character:noctis  character:other  character:prompto  kink:alternate_universe  kink:ds  kink:help  kink:narcissist  kink:painplay  kink:pornstars  kink:revenge  kink:sex  kink:sexual_favors  kink:spanking  kink:virginity  pairing:corxany  pairing:gen  pairing:gladioxany  pairing:promptoxother 

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