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GallicGalaxy: Fic: Unbelievable
The first thing Rick really heard him say was, “You're not even listening to me, are you?”
fic  TWD  negan/rick  slash  kink:size  kink:barebacking  kink:voice  kink:comeshot  kink:comeplay  kink:delayedgratification  kink:d/s    kink:af 
november 2017 by pkoceres
SummerFrost: Fic: Loose Lips Sink Ships
But Bitty still realizes, when his tears start dropping onto his laptop and he panics to soak them up with a tissue, that all the aching warmth you feel for someone doesn’t go away just because there’s a dark oozing there now too. He wonders how anyone lives through being in love more than once.
fic  CheckPlease!  kent/bitty  jack/bitty  slash  canonAU  omc/bitty  protective!kent  polyamory  kink:bondage  kink:voice  kink:humiliation  kink:overstimulation  breakup  angst  kink:af  kink:video  kink:biting  jealous!jack    kink:shy  relationship_discovery  bed_sharing  bitty/jack  kink:comeplay  kink:comeshot  kink:d/s  kink:praise  kink:delayedgratification  kink:crying  kent/omc  kent/ofc  kink:Voyeurism/Exhibitionism  bitty&swoops  kent/bitty/jack  kink:borrowed_clothing  kept_boy  kent&swoops 
november 2016 by pkoceres
Sparcck: Fic: GMF
“‘M’hot,” Eric whines and behind him a guy passing with two drinks says, “Yeah, you are,” before backing away from the combined nuclear heat of Jack and Kent’s glare.
fic  slash  CheckPlease!  jack/bitty  unrequited/pining  kent/bitty/jack  kent&bitty  kent/bitty  threesome  kink:voice  kink:d/s  kink:biting  kink:bondage  kink:Voyeurism/Exhibitionism  kink:rimming  kink:delayedgratification  bitty/jack  coming_out  closeted      kink:comeshot 
july 2016 by pkoceres
spinel: Fic: Cinch
And this year, well. Sid's pretty sure he can do without the Cup between his sheets. Geno's definitely enough to tide him over until he gets his hands back on it tomorrow.
fic  slash  Hockey  RPF  malkin/crosby  kink:toys  kink:delayedgratification  kink:comeshot  kink:overstimulation    kink:hair_pulling 
july 2016 by pkoceres

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