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What the World Needs Now
Scott and Malia’s engagement announcement throws Stiles into a quarter-life crisis. Derek is there to help him through.

Alternate title for this fic: Everyone is bisexual and nothing hurts so fuck you, Jeff.
author:jmeelee  fandom:teenwolf  length:10.000-30.000  rating:nc-17  kink:first-time  kink:blow-job  kink:hand-job  kink:fingering  kink:bottom!derek  kink:bottom!stiles  character:stiles  character:scott-mccall  character:derek-hale  character:jackson  character:lydia  character:malia  character:mason  character:corey  character:sheriff-stilinski  archiveofourown  pr0n  pairing:derek/stiles 
september 2018 by kdjslvgds
Never Trust A Skinny Baker
Stiles just wanted to come home and run his bakery with Scott, but of course normalcy isn't something he'll ever find in Beacon Hills. The FBI thrust him into an undercover investigation of what they think is a serial killer, and Stiles already knows it's something different. Worst of all, there's a model that keeps coming in for cupcakes between shoots. He's angry and beautiful and an alpha werewolf that happens to be Stiles's best customer. What could go wrong? Oh yeah, he's a main suspect in the fucking case. All Stiles has to do is not get murdered by whatever creature is out there, all the while trying desperately to not fall for ominous Derek Hale. Let's just hope he doesn't get compromised.
author:dylanssourwolf  fandom:teenwolf  length:30.000-60.000  rating:nc-17  pr0n  au  au-cops  baking  kink:bottom!derek  werewolves  genre:mystery  genre:drama  pairing:derek/stiles  character:derek-hale  character:stiles  character:scott-mccall  character:sheriff-stilinski  character:liam  character:theo  character:lydia  character:allison-argent  character:chris-argent  character:parrish  archiveofourown  character:deaton 
september 2018 by kdjslvgds
All's Fair in Orgasms and War
"We haven't seen much of our favorite rock hard stud from Hale House ever since that indie twink dethroned him as champion in Orgasm Wars, but it's just been confirmed that Diamond will no longer be working for the legendary studio famous for producing some of our favorite werewolf-on-human works. Don't fret, Diamond fans, it looks like he's been spotted cozying up to True Alpha Studios! Apparently he couldn't get enough of that one human and then followed him home. Could it be true love? Keep your eye on this studio-- us at AVN think we're about to get a lot more of Diamond in a very new way!"
The one in which (almost) everyone is a porn star, and Derek just wants to curl up with his fluffy blanket and watch the Hallmark channel, but work and falling in love gets in the way.
fandom:teenwolf  length:60.000-100.000  rating:nc-17  pr0n  pairing:derek/stiles  kink:porn-star  kink:bottom!derek  kink:bottom!stiles  kink:blow-job  kink:makeouts  kink:public-sex  kink:porn  genre:romance  au  archiveofourown  author:bleep0bleep  character:stiles  character:derek-hale  character:cora-hale  character:scott-mccall  character:allison-argent  character:lydia  character:isaac  character:jackson  character:danny  character:erica  character:boyd  character:malia  character:kira 
july 2018 by kdjslvgds
There's Monsters at Home
“How did you get past the wards?” Derek had put them up, with Peter’s grudging assistance, after the Alpha pack had made themselves at home a few times too many.

The guy pulled a face. “You mean the wards a five-year-old girl with the mental ability of a goldfish could deconstruct?” He blinked wide eyes at Derek. “Gee, I don’t know. It’s bound to go down as one of life’s great mysteries.”

Derek despised him.
author:calrissian18  rating:nc-17  au  canon-divergence  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  length:60.000-100.000  character:derek-hale  character:stiles  character:scott-mccall  character:peter-hale  character:cora-hale  character:erica  character:boyd  character:isaac  character:lydia  character:jackson  character:deaton  character:sheriff-stilinski  au-magical  character:alpha-pack  kink:bottom!derek  kink:bottom!stiles  kink:ust  kink:makeouts  genre:drama  genre:romance  genre:hurt/comfort  dub-con  monsters  archiveofourown 
march 2018 by kdjslvgds
Rare Books and Special Collections
Derek Hale hates libraries.

Unfortunately, not all books can be ordered on Amazon.

(Or: in which Derek is a grumpy omega writer, and Stiles is an annoyingly attractive alpha special collections librarian.)
author:kurikuri  fandom:teenwolf  length:10.000-30.000  rating:nc-17  pairing:derek/stiles  archiveofourown  au  au-alpha  kink:knotting  kink:bottom!derek  character:derek-hale  character:stiles  character:scott-mccall  character:lydia  character:kira  character:malia  character:erica  character:boyd  books 
march 2018 by kdjslvgds
my heart's been offline
31/M/New York. Rich, lays in bed all day, likes to read (aka Derek Hale, son of an Oscar winning actress, brother of one obnoxious reality star and one rebellious fashion designer, hates the paparazzi so much he's a recluse)

26/M/California. Boring office job, likes to read (aka Stiles Stilinski, co-owner of a 100 acre organic farm with his dad and two best friends, writer of obits for a newspaper, has absolutely no life)

Or, where Derek and Stiles meet online, and Stiles has no clue Derek's part of a famous family.
author:thepsychicclam  fandom:teenwolf  length:30.000-60.000  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  pairing:derek/stiles  character:derek-hale  character:stiles  character:sheriff-stilinski  character:scott-mccall  character:isaac  character:erica  character:danny  character:lydia  character:allison-argent  character:jackson  character:cora-hale  character:laura-hale  character:talia-hale  au  au-human  archiveofourown  ★5  kink:bottom!derek  kink:bottom!stiles  kink:blow-job  kink:hand-job  kink:makeouts 
february 2018 by kdjslvgds
The Start of Our Forever
Stiles is ready to get out of Beacon Hills and start his new life, free of the supernatural. A random discovery in an antique store in Denver proves you can never leave it all behind... and encourages him to find it again. What ensues is four and a half years of pining, self-discovery, personal growth, a whole hell of a lot of love, and a realization that nightmares can still become fairy tales (happily-ever-afters included).
author:cobrilee  fandom:teenwolf  length:10.000-30.000  rating:nc-17  pr0n  genre:romance  pairing:derek/stiles  character:derek-hale  character:stiles  character:lydia  character:sheriff-stilinski  character:ofc  character:omc  archiveofourown  kink:bottom!derek  kink:bottom!stiles  kink:makeouts 
january 2018 by kdjslvgds
Be Simple Again
Derek’s not sure if there’s a way to explain that he left because Beacon Hills didn’t need him, not when it had Scott and his pack; and that they were better off without him- an omega whose anchor was slipping.

Mostly he wonders if any of them really even noticed he was gone.
author:prettylittlementirosa  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  kid-fic  kids  future-fic  character:derek-hale  character:stiles  character:cora-hale  character:scott-mccall  character:allison-argent  character:isaac  character:lydia  character:malia  character:kira  character:ofc  archiveofourown  rating:nc-17  kink:bottom!derek  kink:bottom!stiles  genre:angst  genre:romance 
november 2017 by kdjslvgds
your soul fits where mine feels empty
He pulls open the door without knocking and gets half a step inside the loft before he notices. Derek—lying on his bed—face down—naked.


Stiles gets an eyeful. Things go downhill from there.
author:wishingonalightningbolt  archiveofourown  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  length:10.000-30.000  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  pr0n  kink:bottom!derek  kink:first-time  kink:makeouts  kink:frottage  kink:blow-job  kink:rimming  character:stiles  character:derek-hale  character:sheriff-stilinski  character:scott-mccall  ★5 
august 2017 by kdjslvgds
For Your Eyes Only
Derek accidentally discovers Stiles' past time includes uploading his sexual exploits to the internet

spoilers alert: it ends with sex
fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:nc-17  pr0n  length:5.000-10.000  archiveofourown  kink:porn  kink:voyeurism  kink:bottom!stiles  kink:bottom!derek  kink:blow-job  character:derek-hale  character:stiles  character:scott-mccall  author:captain_loki 
march 2017 by kdjslvgds
Double Negatives
Derek is a high powered lawyer, and a born and bred Upper East Sider. Stiles is a broke actor who’s grateful to land a full time job as Derek’s newest assistant. Their working relationship is one hundred percent professional...except for when it's not.
au  au-human  au-lawyers  au-actors  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  length:30.000-60.000  rating:nc-17  author:i_am_girlfriday  archiveofourown  kink:bottom!derek  pining  genre:romance  genre:angst  character:stiles  character:derek-hale  character:laura-hale  character:talia-hale  character:hale-family  character:cora-hale  character:scott-mccall  character:allison-argent  character:kira  character:erica  character:boyd 
august 2015 by kdjslvgds
But Then What
Senior year is almost over, and all Stiles needs to do is keep his head down to survive. A teacher calls in a favor, leaving him stuck tutoring Derek Hale, one of the most popular jocks in school and a member of a group of douchecanoes who have bullied Stiles for years. He's someone Stiles totally hates. Totally. Like, doesn't like him even a little bit. DEFINITELY isn't attracted to him.

Except that is a total lie. Fuck his life, seriously.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:AU  hs!AU  rating:nc-17  kink:first.time  kink:bottom!derek  author:stoney  words:20k 
november 2014 by dizzzylu
No Homo
Stiles' sophomore year starts something like this:
3 FourLokos
+ 1 peer-pressuring cat
- 1 best bro to end all best bros
= 1 Craigslist ad headline that reads "str8 dude - m4m - strictly platonic".
Derek is the fool who replies.
author:remainnameless  fandom:teenwolf  rating:nc-17  pr0n  genre:angst  genre:romance  kink:bottom!derek  kink:masturbation  kink:frottage  kink:fingering  kink:blow-job  kink:first-time  character:stiles  character:scott-mccall  character:derek-hale  character:lydia  character:cora-hale  character:allison-argent  character:danny  character:jackson  character:erica  length:60.000-100.000  archiveofourown  au  au-human  au-college 
april 2014 by kdjslvgds
Stiles already had a history with skin magazines for werewolves. It wasn't like he was new at this, even if his modeling portfolio was completely pathetic. He was cool and collected. He was a jaded professional. He was not at all prepared for working with Derek Hale.
author:otter  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  length:30.000-60.000  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  kink:porn  kink:bottom!derek  kink:frottage  kink:blow-job  kink:makeouts  genre:hurt/comfort  character:stiles  character:derek-hale  character:lydia  character:jackson  character:erica  character:scott-mccall  character:allison-argent  character:omc  character:ofc  character:laura-hale 
march 2014 by kdjslvgds
When Stiles starts getting sick, he assumes his appetite loss and lethargy stem from the darkness the Nemeton left in his heart. But soon enough, even he can’t deny that he’s showing the same symptoms his mom had. When he's forced to face the truth about his illness, Stiles finds himself making a choice he never thought he’d make.
author:piscaria  length:30.000-60.000  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  mates  future-fic  cancer  magic  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:angst  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  character:stiles  character:scott-mccall  character:derek-hale  character:sheriff-stilinski  character:lydia  character:deaton  character:aiden  character:ethan  character:isaac  character:melissa-mccall  kink:bottom!stiles  kink:bottom!derek  kink:first-time  kink:rimming  kink:knotting  werewolves  monsters  archiveofourown 
december 2013 by kdjslvgds
Service Weapon
It is 100% against Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Office policy to allow two officers engaged in a romantic relationship to be partners. It is also 100% accurate that no one else on the force can last more than three days in a car with Stiles without begging for either a ball gag or the sweet release of death.
fandom:teenwolf  au  alternate-reality  canon-divergence  au-cops  character:stiles  character:derek-hale  character:kate-argent  character:laura-hale  character:mama-stilinski  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  genre:hurt/comfort  pairing:derek/stiles  author:the_deep_magic  length:10.000-30.000  werewolves  kink:bottom!stiles  kink:bottom!derek  kink:rimming  archiveofourown 
december 2013 by kdjslvgds
Two Bros in the Know
According to their fansite, Two Bros in the Know (or TBK, as they were referred to by those in the know) grew out of an idea Scott had their senior year of high school.

The truth was much less cinematic: Stiles wanted to impress Lydia Martin, and thought being a famous ghost hunter would do the trick. But it wasn't until the summer before their senior year in college, during an epic tour of farmhouses in the Dakotas, that TBK's popularity went through the roof. Thanks, in large part, to their "rivalry" with Natural, the show featuring real-life siblings Derek and Cora Hale, and their mission to debunk all the same kinds of places TBK said were haunted.

This is the story of how the TBK crew met the Hale crew, featuring a golden bromance, pranks, stress baking, pillow forts, an internet meme, homemade moonshine, ghostly apparitions, dramatic rescues, the plot of a Muppet Show special, and of course, true love.
au  au-human  ghosts  author:blue_fjords  archiveofourown  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:nc-17  kink:bottom!stiles  kink:bottom!derek  character:stiles  character:scott-mccall  character:lydia  character:danny  character:allison-argent  character:derek-hale  character:laura-hale  character:cora-hale  character:boyd  character:erica  character:isaac  character:sheriff-stilinski  character:deucalion  character:kali  character:ethan  genre:humour  genre:romance  ★5  length:10.000-30.000 
december 2013 by kdjslvgds

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