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Prompto/Ignis, Post WoR, Ignis regains his sight and hates Prompto's rat beard
Ignis recovers his sight and discovers that, to his dismay, the beard Prompto assured him looked great is anything but.

Would prefer established relationship, but if you can somehow make Ignis hating Prompto's beard into some sort of relationship starter, more power to ya.
!unfilled  character:prompto  character:ignis  pairing:ignisxprompto  kink:WOR  kink:postwor  kink:blind  kink:facial-hair 
january 2019 by ffxvkinkmeme
Gen, Ignis engaging with blind culture
You know how Deaf culture is a thing? Like that, but with blindness.

Possible scenarios:
+ Ignis hesitantly enters into the community and gets to know other blind people
+ there's a blind kid and Ignis feels compelled to mentor them
+ coming up with practical (and legislative) solutions for accessibility issues
+ he's seen as a disabled role model and hates it until he meets others in the community

No extreme self-pity, please. Incidental ships or OT4 is all right, but I'd really like the focus to be on Ignis, and for his approach to his disability to be more like acceptance (potentially even pride?) than negativity and "no one could ever love someone like me" self-hatred.
!unfilled  character:ignis  pairing:gen  kink:culture  kink:disability  kink:blind 
september 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/bros, losing sight.
Ignis didn’t use to need glasses. He needs them because he has some stigmatism that makes him go blind. It starts slow, but quickly declines. He doesn’t want to admit to it, and refuses to tell anyone, even his uncle, and works harder to force himself not to think about it. Ignis is a control freak, and if he can’t control his going blind, then he can at least control who finds out. The fear that he may lose his job because of it also leads to him keeping the information to himself. The bros find out and they are not happy.

From: (Anonymous)
.... Astigmatism doesn't cause blindness ;-)

Hahahaha! You are right! I couldn’t remember what the phrase was that I was looking for, but remembered it this morning. Retinitis pigmentosa, or something similar.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  pairing:gen  kink:blind  kink:disability 
september 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Gladnis AU "Bonding and over coming disabilities together"
AU where neither are involved in royal business. Ignis was blinded in an accident as a child and either attends a school or is sent away to a facility that deals with special needs children. While there he happens upon another young boy who he believes doesn't like him since he won't talk whenever they're put together, only to discover the boy is deaf. The two then work together to get through their day to day lives and all other obstacles while growing ever closer as the years go by. Can be cute, fluffy, angsty, all three.

+They come up with their own way of communicating with each other
+If smut is involved later, they involve sensory stimulations
+They adopt children with special needs
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  pairing:gladioxignis  kink:alternate_universe  kink:blind  kink:deaf  kink:bonding  kink:fluff  kink:angst  kink:adoption 
may 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Sex with blind!ignis in the room
Any pairing: Spontaneous intercourse is interrupted by Iggy getting into the room in question. However, since he can't see them, one (or both) party decides that it's a challenge of keeping everything discreet.

+ Ignis knows the whole time and just doesn't mention anything
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:any  pairing:anyxany  kink:sex  kink:blind 
may 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Gen or Promnis, Prompto describing his pictures to Ignis
When you rest in the haven in the dungeon at Cartanica, Prompto offers to show his pictures to Noct and gets pretty succinctly turned down.

I want to see a scene after that where Ignis, wanting to repay Prompto for all his assistance and also recognizing that the two of them are stuck in the middle together while Gladio and Noctis work out this thing between them, tells Prompto he can "show" the pictures to him - by describing them in great detail, obviously.

Basically just some fluff with the two of them leaning (metaphorically or literally) on each other during this tense situation. I would prefer no established relationship but if this turns romantic I'm not opposed.

++ if they delve a little deeper into their own insecurities (Prompto is obviously scared of his closest friends all falling apart and Ignis is secretly terrified he's about to be kicked out of the group)
++++ some acknowledgement that Gladio and Noct are treating Iggy like he's made of glass and meanwhile the guy literally keeping him from falling on his face is also the one treating him the most normally
!unfilled  character:prompto  character:ignis  kink:blind 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Post-Altissia, revisited.
(Are we still warning for Episode Ignis Spoilers? lol)

Now that we know what Ignis knew, and that he tried to talk Noct into quitting his journey. And that Gladio - and maybe even Prompto - knows exactly how Ignis lost the use of his eyes... I'd like to revisit that train scene. And Cartanica. And all of that angst.

Ignis, sitting there listening to Gladio berating Noct for not wearing the ring and trying to push him toward destiny, while Ignis desperately wants Noct NOT to move toward what he knows will be his death too quickly.

Gladio, keeping silent about hwo Ignis REALLY lost his sight only because Ignis made him swear not to. And feeling so damn disgusted that the one person who is meant to wield it won't even put it on.

Noct, feeling confused af because on one hand he had Ignis suggesting that he should stop, and on the other hand there's Gladio telling him he's not trying hard enough.

Prompto, feeling caught in the middle of it all and not at all sure how or even if he can help. Perhaps silently worrying about whether the ring will hurt Noct too. Wondering if HE could have been brave enough to put the ring on like Iggy did.
!unfilled  character:ignis  kink:blind 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/any chocobro or gen – vulnerable in blindness
Ignis learnt how to deal with his blindness to fight and get around, but I'd love to see something where he was vulnerable because he couldn't see, and someone took advantage of that. No super sharp other senses detecting it – Ignis straight up gets screwed over.

eg. someone stole something of his from right in front of his face, or blatantly lied about something he'd be able to tell instantly if he was sighted. Doesn't have to be a big thing, and would prefer it if the person doesn't get caught, with the focus being on Ignis' vulnerability and loss rather than a justice boner feel-good scenario.
!unfilled  character:ignis  kink:blind 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis tells Gladio & Prompto how he lost his sight


Okay, take this with a grain of salt, because apparently there's gonna be multiple endings and I suspect how he loses his sight is gonna be a part of that.

BUT. For the sake of the prompt, let's assume he really did lose his sight the way he seems to have in the trailer. I'd love to read something where Ignis admits to his two remaining friends that's how it happened.
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  character:prompto  kink:blind 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/Noctis blind!Noct first time alone after blinding
What if it was Noct who was blinded in Altissia? I just want a sweet and angsty moment alone between Iggy and Noct where Iggy reaffirms how much he loves Noct and will always be there for him, despite what happened.
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:noctis  pairing:ignisxnoctis  kink:blind 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Any/Ignis or Gen - Ignis blindness caused by trauma
I just always thought how different it would be if ignis's blindness was from mental trauma instead of an injury.
!unfilled  character:ignis  kink:blind 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Gladio/Ignis + Finding Ignis's Canes Around The Citadel
AU where Ignis is already blind and is fine working as Noct's advisor (before the events of the game). For some reason, Ignis keeps misplacing his canes, thus making it difficult to get around the Citadel and often late to meetings (Regis doesnt mind, he knows it's difficult for Ignis so he gives him time to get there.)

Sometimes, Gladio walks with Ignis to make sure he gets to his destination safely. Regis totally won't admit it's quite adorable.

Gladio sometimes knows the trainees for Crowmsguard are assholes. And for some reason he always finds canes lying around or hidden around the Citadel, and those assholes are always laughing about them. So Gladio collects the canes and brings them to Regis like "Are these yours?"

Turns out they're Ignis's canes and the trainees have been taking them from Ignis as a joke to see him bumble around the Citadel
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  kink:blind 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Gladnis; They are a couple when Gladio wants to leave Ignis behind
Can I have established Gladnis dealing with the fallout of Gladio declaring Ignis should be left behind.

Gladio knows he needs to put his head over his heart; helping Noct to fulfil his destiny has to be his priority. It's his duty.

Ignis is already struggling with the loss of his sight, but hearing his boyfriend demand he be left behind because he's now a hindrance shatters his self esteem.

Maybe the work it out, or maybe their relationship is damaged beyond repair.

Bonus points for Prompto having Ignis's back; he was so supportive and helpful in the game.
!unfilled  character:gladiolus  character:ignis  kink:blind  pairing:gladioxignis 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
De-aged Ignis - after Altissia
I've seen some wonderful prompts and fills about Chocobros getting de-aged. So much of delicious fluff and sometimes hurt/comfort.

I'm asking about getting this trope into more serious situation, where Bros don't just need to take care of child, but blind one, confused and scared about his inability to see. Possibly in dangerous terrain and without much kid-friendly supplies.

+ Sneaking some fluff, because i'm sure Bros would do everything to make little Iggy smile

++++++++++++++ Set during WoR
!unfilled  character:ignis  kink:deaging  kink:blind 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Gladio/Ignis - established relationship: angst, angst, angst
After Altissa, Gladio steps back a bit on the demonstrable affection and touching, trying to let Ignis adjust and give him a bit of space and time to heal. He feels like it would be selfish to be asking for kisses when his boyfriend has just been blinded.

Unfortunately, he negates to actually explain that to Ignis, who's convinced Gladio is dumping him because he's 'ugly' now.
!unfilled  character:gladiolus  character:ignis  kink:established_relationship  kink:blind  kink:angst  pairing:gladioxignis 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis, gen or shippy - Iggy has been blind from the start
Ignis is blind, and it didn't happen in Altissia. Maybe he's been born blind, maybe he lost his sight when he was a child.

Given that his role as Noct's advisor doesn't change (and that he's still a huge mom) - what does?

I'll take any scene or snippet that fits the prompt, but if anyone feels the calling for longfic here... I will NOT complain.

+ OT4
+ Ignis is still a great cook
++ Ignis is still a badass fighter
!unfilled  character:ignis  kink:blind  pairing:ot4  pairing:gen 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/Any Bro, Dreaming of his lover
After Ignis was blinded the only time he can ever see his lover is in his dreams. They are always as he last saw them. Young and beautiful. He can't imagine them any differently.

When he wakes up he always cuddles closer, takes them in his arms and kisses them sweetly. He tells them just how beautiful they are. I just want to see this written as a bitter-sweet moment between them.
!unfilled  character:gladiolus  character:ignis  character:prompto  character:noctis  kink:dreams  kink:kissing  kink:cuddling  kink:blind  pairing:ignisxany 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
au - Ignis' career as a sous-chef derailed by workplace accident
(Because I am forever haunted by that workplace safety commercial about the chef that slips while carrying a pot of boiling water and spills it all over herself)

Ignis is a sous-chef at a really fancy restaurant, and he's well on his way to becoming executive chef.

But then a workplace accident happens and he's blinded. He thinks his career is over.

But then a position at the Citadel opens for an executive chef that's meant to cater exclusively to the culinary needs of the royal family (specifically the prince, who is notoriously picky with food after that fiasco a few years ago where he was caught makng yuck faces at some big-shot chef's "masterpiece"), and it's basically his Dream Job™. Only the best of the best get to work there.

The audition food is some kind of tart from Tenebrae, and Ignis is confident he can make it. Knows those kinds of desserts like the back of his hand. Could do it blindfolded (too soon?).

So he tries. And it looks atrocious (which people very kindly do not point out after meeting him in person), but the taste is fantastic. Not quite right, but the closest anyone has gotten.
!unfilled  character:ignis  kink:alternate_universe  kink:blind 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Gladio/Ignis + Some Jerk Steals Ignis's Cane On A Dare
With Ignis being newly blind, he's relying heavily on Gladio to help him get around the castle. The two can usually be seen with Ignis holding Gladio's arm as Gladio helped him get where he needed to go.

Once Noctis became king, he gave Ignis a cane to make it easier to get around when Gladio wasn't there to help him

+Someone decides it would be funny to steal the advisor's cane and see what happens

++Ignis ends up falling down the stairs and hurting himself

+++Prompto finds Ignis at the bottom of the stairs and calls Gladio for help

++++Noctis and co. find the cane stashed in someone's room like some sort of prize
!unfilled  character:gladiolus  character:ignis  kink:blind  pairing:gladioxignis 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Noct/Any - Blind!Noct
Ardyn is a cruel bastard, so he couldn't be happy with killing Luna. After he stabs her, he damages Noct's eyes and she uses the last of her energy to heal him before he can die too. When the bros find him, they each feel as though they have failed.

I just love the idea of Blind!Noct trying to get around and all. Prompto and Iggy would definitely be his biggest helpers.
!unfilled  character:ardyn  character:ignis  character:prompto  character:noctis  kink:blind  pairing:noctisxany 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme

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