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mandarou: Fic: Tripwires
Bucky reached carefully for him, sliding his fingers over Steve’s thigh, then squeezing it as he wrapped his big hand around the inside of it. He didn’t let Steve go. “You really think you being a dumb shit can drive me away permanent?”
fic  slash  marvel  Avengers  bucky/steve  steve/bucky  bucky/tony  bucky/clint  steve/tony  angst  polyamory  clint/laura/bucky  Ironman  captainamerica  hawkeye  wintersoldier  Antman  Falcon  Black_Widow  psychological_issues  ptsd  paparazzi  coming_out  suicide  steve/tony/bucky  sexualidentity_issues  kink:a  kink:rough  kink:rimming  breakup  civil_war  rarepairing  lba  kink:Voyeurism/Exhibitionism 
april 2018 by pkoceres
alpha_exodus: Fic: Stuck Inside the Silence
“I mean—I’m getting ready to fuck your boyfriend,” Kent points out, rolling the condom on and climbing over top of Bitty.
fic  CheckPlease!  kent/bitty/jack  polyamory  threesome  jack/bitty  kink:dp  kink:toys  kink:Voyeurism/Exhibitionism    unrequited/pining  kink:voice  kink:a  caught_in_the_act  figure_skating!bitty  kent/bitty  holiday:july_4th 
october 2016 by pkoceres
vicewithavice: Fic: Above Rule or Art
He'd never seen the appeal of Las Vegas, all fake pomp, tacky as a knockoff handbag. He counts the days until he's back.
fic  slash  CheckPlease!  postseries  canonAU  kent/bitty  kink:af  kink:a  kink:fwf  kink:comeshot    dancing  kink:d/s  kink:scent 
october 2016 by pkoceres
twentysomething: Fic: That's a Wrap
“Good plan,” Sid eventually mumbles.

He feels Geno huff out a laugh more than he hears it. “Stick to the plan,” he says.
  fic  slash  Hockey  RPF  malkin/crosby  kink:size  kink:voice  kink:a  kink:af  kink:overstimulation 
august 2016 by pkoceres

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