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Red, Blue and Gold - K_dAzrael - Thor (2011), Thor (Comics), Marvel [Archive of Our Own]
“Oh, don’t fret – I’ve lain with Aesir before.” Loki covered his mouth with his hand, eyebrows raising in an exaggerated show of dismay. “Oh dear, I wasn’t supposed to say that, was I?"
theme-royalty!  theme-first-time  theme-arrangedmarriage  theme-jotun!loki  storytype-pwp  storytype-kink  storytype-romance  storytype-slash  storytype-au  fandom-thor  thor/loki  kink-tattoo/piercing  from delicious
april 2012 by fearlesssisters
hurtcomfortfarm | Tramp Stamp
Inspired by this prompt: Jensen has lived in this biker-gang-run town her whole life. So she knew that there were essentially two paths for townie women, be "unattractive" and beneath the notice of anyone in the gang or be noticeably attractive and be invited to join the gang as someone's girl. And it's not like it was hard to tell the women who were gang "property" either - they all had multiple tattoos (the tramp stamp of the gang's crest that every woman is given, a tat for each gang member they've been with/one for their main "boyfriend") and nipple rings.<br />
<br />
Jensen and her mother worked hard to keep Jensen away from the notice of the gang members. Better still, she had never been on the gang's radar, then Jared caught/saw her swimming in the local lake. He didn't even give her a chance to run home; Jared dragged Jensen back to the gang's compound, initiating her in to the gang right then, making sure that she got her tramp stamp and his tattoo put on her.
fandom-supernatural  fanfic  fic  storytype-angst  storytype-au  storytype-kink  storytype-pwp  storytype-romance  storytype-rps  theme-first-time  theme-kissing  theme-exiled  theme-possessive!/jealous!  theme-protective!  kink-biting/marking  kink-claiming  kink-clothing  kink-manhandling  kink-outdoorsex  kink-roughsex  kink-size-differential  kink-slutty!  theme-genderfuck  storytype-het  j2  jared/jensen  kink-bottom!jensen  theme-girl!jensen  kink-tattoo/piercing  from delicious
august 2011 by fearlesssisters
funkyinfishnet: Fic: Blast of the Horn (SPN, Gabriel/Sam, PG)
Gabriel saves Sam's life again - he's keeping count - and Sam finds out that Gabriel has claimed him. Naturally, there is unexpected body art and satisfaction for both of them.
fic  slash  supernatural  sam/gabriel  fanfic  kissing  storytype-au  storytype-h/c  storytype-romance  theme-angels  possessive!/jealous!  protective!  kink-claiming  kink-biting/marking  kink-tattoo/piercing  from delicious
may 2011 by fearlesssisters
Headquarters of a Bird Fanatic - FIC: Jewels of the Flesh (gift for kamiyo)
Spock is captured during an away mission. After recovering him, Kirk discovers that his mate's ears have been pierced. Inevitable sexytimes ensue.
fic  fanfic  slash  kirk/spock  first-time  pwp  kink-tattoo/piercing  romance  startrek  st:xi 
january 2011 by fearlesssisters
Yzma, put your hands in the air! - Fic: Ink Stains
On shore leave Jim gets very drunk and makes a number of mistakes, one of them being a tattoo of Spock’s name on his ass. Spock doesn’t exactly mind.
fic  pwp  startrek  kirk/spock  st:xi  fanfic  slash  romance  first-time  humour  possessive!/jealous!  kink  kissing  kink-biting/marking  kink-rimming  kink-tattoo/piercing  kink-spanking  kink-claiming 
october 2010 by fearlesssisters
eames_arthur: title: fire favoured
arthur's always burned hot. he's just never lost control so much until a shapeshifter with bad habits came along. mutant!au
fanfic  mutant!au  arthur/eames  au  inception  fic  slash  romance  first-time  pwp  kink  possessive!/jealous!  kissing  kink-tattoo/piercing 
august 2010 by fearlesssisters
OnceUponaLegend - The Power of Madonna, or How Everyone Found Out That Kurt Can Hit That High F
Puck is incredibly turned on by Kurt in the uniform, so when Kurt goes to the bathroom when the game resumes, Puck follows and they have loud, rough (and completely consensual) sex in the bathroom. Kurt's microphone is still on."
pwp  glee  kurt/puck  fanfic  fic  slash  first-time  kink  kurt  puck  kink-biting/marking  kink-manhandling  kink-tattoo/piercing  kink-voyeurism  kink-size-differential  kink-clothing 
august 2010 by fearlesssisters
Mark of the Soul - FunkyinFishnet - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Sam suddenly realises that it's not just fantastic apocalypse-stopping sex, he's in love with Gabriel. Gabriel hits him with a clue by four and has a permenant marker in mind for Sam's body. Sam really doesn't complain.
sam/gabriel  supernatural  fanfic  fic  slash  romance  established-relationship  au  pwp  angst  possessive!/jealous!  protective!  kink  bond  kissing  angels  kink-biting/marking  kink-tattoo/piercing  kink-claiming 
august 2010 by fearlesssisters
veronamay: fic: For The Taking (Jared/Jensen, NC-17)
Jared/Jensen - consensual D/s, Dom!Jensen, bondage, toys, leather. Night after night he kneels waiting as patiently as he can for some recognition, some touch, from the man he desires so keenly. He'd been haunting the local scene clubs for weeks, months really, searching for a Dom, his Dom, and he had just about given up hope. Then he saw him. That the Dom was beautiful to look at, with a body made for all manner of sin wasn't what made him catch his breath. It was the raw sexual power and magnetism of the man that made him want to fall to his knees at this man's feet. He wasn't a showy Dom ~ all flash, chains, and leather. Everything he wore spoke of power, and care, and a discerning eye. He wanted, needed, to be good enough to catch the Dom's eye. So he approached, kept a respectful distance (close but not intruding), and sank to his knees. And there he'll stay every night, hoping for some acknowledgment.
fic  slash  au  pwp  kink  rps  j2  jared/jensen  fanfic  supernatural  romance  first-time  possessive!/jealous!  cuddle  kink-biting/marking  kink-d/s  kink-dirtytalk  kink-tattoo/piercing  kink-sextoys  kink-bondage  kink-bdsm  bottom!jared 
july 2010 by fearlesssisters
kradam_kiss: [Fic] Hot and Cold (NC-17)
Adam didn’t tell Kris about his piercings. Kris has some payback in the form of ice and kisses.
americanidol  adam/kris  fanfic  fic  slash  established-relationship  pwp  kink  kink-tattoo/piercing 
july 2010 by fearlesssisters
see the slasher in her natural habitat - Adam/Kris Fic, NC-17, Body Piercing
Somehow, for Adam, what Kris is doing now is almost hotter than the silver ring he’d slid down his finger two months before.
fic  americanidol  adam/kris  fanfic  slash  romance  established-relationship  pwp  kink  possessive!/jealous!  kink-tattoo/piercing 
june 2010 by fearlesssisters
lolitaray: Means to an End
Adam getting a tongue ring and showing Kris some good times with it
fanfic  fic  slash  rps  futurefic  americanidol  adam/kris  first-time  pwp  kink  kissing  kink-tattoo/piercing 
june 2010 by fearlesssisters
funkyinfishnet: Fic: If I Whisper, You Won't Hear Me (SPN, Gabriel/Sam, PG)
Because sherbert is never just sherbert when Gabriel's around. Sam finally lets go, finds his self-worth issues assaulted, and is claimed in an unusual way.
sam/gabriel  supernatural  slash  romance  first-time  pwp  possessive!/jealous!  au  protective!  kink  cuddle  bond  kink-biting/marking  kink-tattoo/piercing  kink-claiming 
may 2010 by fearlesssisters

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