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Back-to-back Mexico quakes offer clues about the Northwest | KING 5
The scenario of back to back large earthquakes is not out of the question in the state of Washington. Bill Steele of the UW-based Pacific Northwest Seismic Network is quoted.
Steele.Bill  !UWitM  2018  PNSN  earthquakes  KING  regl 
yesterday by uwnews
Another Earth? UW scientists are intrigued | KING 5
Scientists at the University of Washington say two planets just 40 light years away could be just like Earth. Eric Agol, assistant professor of astronomy at the UW, is interviewed.
Agol.Eric  !UWitM  2018  KING  regl  Department:Astronomy  College:Arts&Sciences  exoplanets 
8 days ago by uwnews
Stay on task with a plan for productivity | KING 5
Stay on task and plan for productivity with a "ready-to-resume" plan, a concept researched by Sophie Leroy, assistant professor in the UW Bothell School of Business.
KING  !UWitM  2018  regl  Leroy.Sophie  UW:Bothell 
8 days ago by uwnews
Olympic health: most dangerous sports and injury risk | KING 5
KING 5 interviewed orthopedic surgeon Dr. Chris Kweon from UW Medicine to give insight on the injuries Olympic athletes face.
KING  !UWitM  2018  regl  UW:Medicine  Kweon.Chris 
9 days ago by uwnews
'Broken Heart Syndrome' is a real thing, say UW researchers | KING 5
Can you actually suffer from a broken heart? Researchers at the University of Washington say yes. UW Medicine cardiologist Dr. Zachary Goldberger is quoted.
Goldberger.Zachary  UW:Medicine  !UWitM  2018  regl  KING 
9 days ago by uwnews
Risk for gold: Threat of injury always a concern for Olympians | KING 5
For Olympians, the threat of injury is always hanging overhead. Dr. Brian Krabak from UW Medicine's Sports Medicine sat down with KING 5 to share his first-hand experience about the risks these athletes take and what amateurs can do to protect themselves from injury.
KING  UW:Medicine  !UWitM  2018  regl  Krabak.Brian 
14 days ago by uwnews
UW to catalog every fish species in world | KING 5
The University of Washington’s Friday Harbor laboratory is considered one of the top marine labs in the world, and one of its biggest projects is CT scanning and cataloging every fish species in the world – some 66,000.
KING  !UWitM  2018  regl  Friday.Harbor.Labs  College:Environment 
15 days ago by uwnews
Researchers excavate T. rex skull at UW's Burke Museum | KING 5
The Tyrannosaurus Rex skull arrived at the University of Washington’s Burke Museum in August 2016 in a plaster Jacket. It was found in the Hell Creek area of eastern Montana by two amateur fossil hunters who are UW alums. Fossil preparators are uncovering the skull bit by bit.
KING  !UWitM  2018  regl  Burke.Museum 
16 days ago by uwnews
UW research ship 'smarter than the human brain' | KING 5
The UW's R/V Thomas G. Thompson just got a $34 million upgrade that will double its lifespan. Doug Russell, who manages all of the ships at the UW, is interviewed.
School:Oceanography  College:Environment  !UWitM  2018  regl  KING  Russell.Doug 
19 days ago by uwnews
Labor council wants UW to address issues related to campus expansion | KING 5
The King County Labor Council delivered petitions to the Seattle City Council, wanting the UW to address housing, traffic and other issues as it expands its campus.
KING  !UWitM  2018  video  Campus.Master.Plan  regl 
21 days ago by uwnews
Beetle discovery sends beekeepers buzzing | KING 5
Puget Sound beekeepers are on alert because of a beetle that's been recently found in the area. Evan Sugden, a UW biology lecturer, is quoted.
Sugden.Evan  KING  !UWitM  2018  regl  Department:Biology  College:Arts&Sciences 
29 days ago by uwnews
New book on presidential power | KING 5
Kathryn Watts, UW professor of law, is interviewed on KING 5's "New Day Northwest" about a new book she has co-authored with UW law professor Lisa Manheim titled, "The Limits of Presidential Power."
KING  Watts.Kathryn  School:Law  !UWitM  2018  regl  video 
4 weeks ago by uwnews
UW announces scholarships for DACA students | KING 5
The University of Washington and TheDream.US will partner to provide scholarships to undocumented immigrants who plan to transfer from a two year college to UW.
Cauce.Ana.Mari  !UWitM  2018  regl  KING  students 
4 weeks ago by uwnews
Subtle warning signs of depression | KING 5
The WSU campus is in mourning over the death of a student. Marny Lombard, who works with the UW's Forefront Suicide Prevention, is interviewed.
Lombard.Marny  KING  !UWitM  2018  regl  video  Forefront 
4 weeks ago by uwnews
How to handle grief | KING 5
KING 5 interviews Jennifer Barron, a grief specialist with the UW's Forefront Suicide Prevention, about handling grief after a devastating event.
Barron.Jennifer  Forefront  suicide  !UWitM  2018  regl  video  KING 
4 weeks ago by uwnews

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