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Unleash Your Kindle Highlights with Evernote – Kevin McLaughlin – Medium
Copying your notes from Amazon to Evernote by hand is onerous. That’s why we built Owl & Scroll’s Evernote export feature. With just a few clicks, you can easily get your Kindle highlights into Evernote in a searchable, reviewable, and shareable format.

Owl & Scroll exports your highlights so that each book is its own Evernote notebook, and each highlight is its own Evernote note, like so:
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7 days ago by andyhuey Owning the Future: Short Stories eBook: Neal Asher: Kindle Store
"I have a varied collection of short stories in my files and, of course, the temptation is there to dump them on Kindle, take the money and run. However, though I think some of them are great, some aren’t, and some are profoundly dated. I am aware that there are those out there, who will just buy these without a second thought, so I have to edit, be selective, and I damned well have to show some respect for my readers. Kindle in this respect can be a danger for a known writer, because you can publish any old twaddle and someone will buy it. Time and again, I’ve had fans, upon hearing that I have this and that unpublished in my files, demanding that I publish it at once because surely they’ll love it. No they won’t. A reputation like trust: difficult to build and easy to destroy."
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8 days ago by danhon

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