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kirk_mccoy: Art Request Post! 5/7 :P
Pairings: Uhura/T'Pring, McCoy/Kirk
Other Characters: Zephram Cochrane, Joanna
kilala10  StarTrek  fanart  kirk/mccoy  cute  protective!McCoy  T'Pring  from delicious
october 2011 by adafrog
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Where the harder Urban hit Pine with the Hypo, the Harder Pine would slap Urban with his Giant Swollen Hands between takes. :3 ...I thought it was funny anyway :P (and JJ Abrams chair says "Mr. Lens Flair" because I could.)
kilala10  StarTrek  ChrisPine  KarlUrban  comic  fanart  humor 
august 2009 by adafrog

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