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A Child Avenged
"Harry is a good guy, but some lines are never meant to be crossed, and Nick Fury has taken one step too far." (3263 words)
bruce_banner  harry_potter  nick_fury  teddy_lupin  gen  bamf!harry  masterofdeath!harry  protective!harry  pov:bruce  kidnapping  escape/rescue  crossover  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:marvel  author:pandaswearglasses 
4 days ago by elwarre
tenneiah - Wolf's Bane
It's a world ruled by the humans.

It's been 30 years of wolves getting hunted and killed by them. 30 years of prejudice, taboos and discrimination between both species. 30 years since the leader of the werewolves was murdered, trying to achieve peace.

Still after 30 years, a nerd named Izuku finds himself assisting an injured wolf in the middle of the night, in the heart of Tokyo.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2019  Rating:Explicit  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  werewolves  Alpha-Beta-Omega  discrimination  violence  kidnapping  minor-character-death  aged-up-characters  injury  enemies-to-lovers  slow-build  AU  WIP  words:20.000-25.000 
5 days ago by hear-the-rain
The Meaning of Mistletoe - Endrina - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
“Just… tell me. Tell me what is going on, Snape.”
What was going on was that Severus Snape had no trouble tracking down one Petunia Evans, now Dursley, to a little town in Surrey where he saw how exactly she was treating her nephew. Which somehow led to last night and Severus knocking on Lupin’s door with a toddler half-asleep in his arms.
canon.divergent  au  f:hp  kidfic  kidnapping  c:remus  c:harry  c:snape  p:remus/severus 
8 days ago by miss_speller
cinnabee - Safety Synonym
After Izuku goes missing and no one believes Katsuki that it even happened, both boys must confront the versions of each other they keep in their own heads.

It's a race against time to bring all the pieces together again.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2019  Rating:Mature  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  kidnapping  torture  hurt/comfort  slow-build  PTSD  injury  friendships  brain-washing  words:40.000-45.000 
9 days ago by hear-the-rain
Silver Moon - JBankai89 - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Five years after the war, peace has fallen upon the wizarding world. Draco Malfoy has begun to find peace in the strangest of places, and now as a junior Potions Master after a mere four years, he finds his mind quieted from the horrors that scar his world in the deep and dark of the forests, where he goes to collect ingredients his master requires.

Unfortunately, one trek into the woods brings him close to werewolf territory, too close, in fact, and he finds himself captured. He expected to be devoured by these brigands, but the truth of his fate turns out to be far more confusing and terrifying than he ever imagined.
werewolves  f:hp  p:h/d  mate  kidnapping  c:teddylupin 
20 days ago by miss_speller
✢ And There Was Light
"When Lucifer Morningstar is found half dead in the desert, Chloe Decker is determined to find out why. The problem is ... not even Lucifer knows the answer. As Chloe's world is flipped upside down by incontrovertible evidence of the divine, Lucifer grapples with feelings of violation and futility. God's meddling has started a chain reaction, but to what end?" (143,059 words) First in the Illuminated series
  lucifer_morningstar  chloe_decker  mazikeen  trixie_decker  lucifer/chloe  bamf!lucifer  protective!lucifer  hurt!lucifer  hypothermic!lucifer  bamf!chloe  kidnapped!chloe  hurt!chloe  pov:chloe  casefic  angst  hurt/comfort  kidnapping  hypothermia  wing!removal  recovery  confession/secrets  devil!reveal  slowburn  sex:shower  first_time  series/verse  fandom:lucifer  author:ariaadagio  have:pdf 
22 days ago by elwarre
The Bodyguards - dracogotgame - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Harry and Draco are brought together for a seemingly dull security mission. Things however, are not as they seem.

Career Choices: Harry: Bodyguard; Draco: Bodyguard
f:hp  p:h/d  ewe  o:bodyguard  kidnapping  pre.ship 
23 days ago by miss_speller
“It’s three o’clock in the morning, Lucifer. You’d better be calling to apologize for standing me up.” “Unfortunately not. Don’t hang up—I— It’s just that I’m . . . in a bit of a bind.” “Lucifer, if this is some sort of game—” “I assure you, it’s not." He hesitated. “I seem to be, ah, in need of rescuing.” (19,013 words)
lucifer_morningstar  chloe_decker  mazikeen  amenadiel  charlotte_richards  lucifer/chloe  kidnapped!lucifer  hurt!lucifer  tortured!lucifer  understanding!chloe  protective!mazikeen  protective!amenadiel  hurt/comfort  devil!reveal  confession/secrets  kidnapping  torture  escape/rescue  preslash  fandom:lucifer  author:flutterflap 
23 days ago by elwarre
"The Devil is real. A sentence Chloe Decker never believed until Lucifer Morningstar burned out her skepticism with his hellfire eyes. It's a "Hell" of a reality shift, but Chloe realizes she may not have time for gradual acceptance when she discovers that one of the bodies in her most recent murder investigation isn't human. Worse still, the next target might be Lucifer. A story that begs the question: who prays for Satan?" (131,014 words)
lucifer_morningstar  chloe_decker  mazikeen  lucifer/chloe  bamf!lucifer  protective!lucifer  kidnapped!lucifer  hurt!lucifer  tortured!lucifer  sick!lucifer  protective!chloe  kidnapped!chloe  hurt!chloe  understanding!chloe  friendship  casefic  character_study  devil!reveal  kidnapping  torture  hunger/starvation  illness  escape/rescue  slowburn  first_time  lucifer:postseries  fandom:lucifer  author:ariaadagio  have:pdf 
23 days ago by elwarre
Truth and Consequences
“The place you give the Bite has meaning," Derek says. "Biting someone on the side is to make them your beta. It makes them your subordinate, but it also invites them into the pack with the full protection of the alpha. Biting someone on the legs indicates that you’re turning them to an omega. And biting someone on the arm, particularly the wrist, turns someone as your equal. It’s a mating ritual.”

Stiles nearly chokes on a mouthful of granola. “A what?”
Author:KouriArashi  TeenWolf  Slash  fanfic  Peter/Stiles  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Fluff  Romance  Relationship:FirstTime  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Grief/Mourning  Kidnapping  MatingRituals  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
24 days ago by Ambrosine8
a flower to pillow thy head
Yuuri is taken walking out of a flower shop, of all places.

He’s just bought a bouquet of bright blue roses because they’re Viktor’s favorite, because he loves Viktor and he loves the way his eyes light up and his cheeks flush pink whenever Yuuri does something to surprise him. He pushes through the door and hears it chime with his exit, buries his face into the soft blue petals, and has just enough time to feel the gentle curve of a smile lift the corners of his lips before the first man is on him.
fic  slash  au  mob  pairing:Victor/Yuuri  fandom:Yurri!!!_on_Ice  protective_Victor  kidnapping 
4 weeks ago by Ishara
A Match Made in Oakdale
Reid's having a really bad day when he comes to and realises he's been kidnapped. What makes it even worse is that Luke Snyder's been taken, too, and is currently standing in the cell next to his.
Author:suzvoy  ATWT  Slash  fanfic  Luke/Reid  Romance  Angst  Fluff  Hurt/Comfort  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Kidnapping  Trauma  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Bottom!Luke  Rimming  OralSex  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
6 weeks ago by Ambrosine8
A One Night Thing
It was only natural, Reid told himself. He'd helped an attractive young man through a rite of passage – his first one night stand with another guy. Reid had practically performed a public service. He felt a little smug about it, if he was honest, and even a little good about himself.

Of course it'd keep playing on his mind.
Author:suzvoy  ATWT  Slash  fanfic  Luke/Reid  Romance  Smut  Angst  Fluff  Hurt/Comfort  Drama  Relationship:FirstTime  FriendsWithBenefits  Bottom!Luke  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Kidnapping  PTSD  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
6 weeks ago by Ambrosine8
Diplomacy (is the Art of Telling People to Go to Hell in Such a Way that They Ask for Directions) - stilinstuck (superagentwolf) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The initiation of a new round of wolves is not something Derek is looking forward to; the Accord is just a nuisance to him, especially since his family is still fractured from the fire. When he runs into the trainee Emissary, however, Derek starts to enjoy Pack diplomacy.
Maybe a little too much.
au  hale.pack  emissary!Stiles  f:teenwolf  p:derek/stiles  kidnapping  magic!stiles 
6 weeks ago by miss_speller

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friendswithbenefits  from  fsa  fusion  futurefic  gen  gilette  gop  grief/mourning  guard  gwaine  h/c  h:newyears  hale.pack  hallucination  happy-ending  happyending  harry_potter  hashd  have:pdf  hayden_romero  het  hhs  hijinksensue  his  historicalromance  history  homophobia  hostage  house  human_rights  hunger/starvation  hurt!arthur  hurt!chloe  hurt!lucifer  hurt!melin  hurt!merlin  hurt!stiles  hurt/comfort  hypothermia  hypothermic!lucifer  idlib  idps  illness  immigration  imprisonment  in  injury  inspiring  insurgency  internal_struggle  investigating  is  isis  issues:class  jabari  jabhatal-nusra  jealousy  jewish  john.mcclane/matt.farrell  jordan_parrish  journalist  jwoc  k:69  k:barebacking  k:blowjobs  k:carsex  k:deepthroating  k:firsttime  k:handjobs  k:marking  k:mouthfucking  k:oralfixation  k:orgasmdelay  k:rimming  kate_argent  kateargent  kidfic  kidnapped!arthur  kidnapped!chloe  kidnapped!lucifer  kidnapped!merlin  kidnapped!stiles  kink:af  kink:comeplay  kink:comeshot  kink:rimming  kink:scent  kink:switching  kira/malia  kirkuk  kurdish  l:atlantis  l:offworld  l:uk  lasha  lawlessness  length:20.000-50.000  length:5000-10.000  liam_dunbar  looting  lucifer/chloe  lucifer:postseries  lucifer_morningstar  luke/reid  lydia/jordan  mademecry  magic!reveal  magic!stiles  magic  magical!stiles  mar15  masculinity  mason_hewitt  masterofdeath!harry  mate  math  matingrituals  mazikeen  mckay/sheppard  member  members  memory-loss  men  merlin/arthur  merlin  merlin:au:modern  metoo  military  militia  militias  minor-character-death  mission!fic  misunderstanding  misunderstandings  mob  mom  mordred  morgana  mukhtars  multichapter  murder  muslim_brotherhood  mutual-pining  natasha_romanov  nationalarmy  natives  ncis  new  nick_fury  nigeria  ninawa  noncon/dubcon  nt:bedsharing  nt:cuddling  nt:givingflowers  nt:sharingclothes  nt:watchingmovies  nukhayb  o:bodyguard  of  officer!arthur  offworld  omc/derek  oneshot  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r:none  r:teen  raped!merlin  rating:explicit  rating:mature  rating:nc-17  rating:teen-and-up  recovery  refuges  relationship:firsttime  relationship:pre-slash  reluctant!arthur  remix  repression  rescue  responsible  revenge  rimming  robbery  rojava  romance  royalty  rs:askingout  rs:banter  rs:bestfriends  rs:enemiestolovers  rs:established  rs:firstkiss  rs:firsttime  rs:flirting  rs:friendstolovers  rs:gettingtogether  rs:loveconfessions  rs:marriage  rs:meetagain  rs:meetcute  rs:meetonline  rs:mistakenidentity  rs:mutualpining  rs:ons  rs:preslash  rs:pretend  rs:secretidentity  rs:slowburn  rs:ust  rutbah  s3  s:bamf!stiles  s:bottom!stiles  s:dad!stiles  s:depressed!stiles  s:drunk!stiles  s:emissary!stiles  s:feared!stiles  s:fox!stiles  s:hurt!stiles  s:insecure!stiles  s:kidnapped!stiles  s:magic!stiles  s:oblivious!stiles  s:packmom!stiles  s:pining!stiles  s:postnogitsune  s:powerful!stiles  s:prisoner!stiles  s:protective!stiles  s:rich!stiles  s:slave!stiles  s:spark!stiles  s:stilesbisexualawakening  s:stilesdoesresearch  s:stilesfindsout  s:stilesispushedoutofthepack  s:stilesleaves  s:stilessavestheday  s:versatile!stiles  s:virgin!stiles  s:wererabbit!stiles  saudi-arabia  saveme  scarred!merlin  scars  scott&stiles  scott/derek/stiles  scott/derek  scott/stiles  scott_mccall  sect  security  series/verse  series  sex:shower  sg-1  sga  sick!lucifer  six  slash  slave!merlin  slow-build  slowburn  smart!merlin  smut  soulja  soulmates-fic  sp:sparring  spying  ss:animalcurse  ss:elementalmagic  ss:familiars  ss:hexed  ss:hunters  ss:magic  ss:magicalexhaustion  ss:motw  ss:nemeton  ss:sacrifices  ss:shapeshifters  ss:sorcerers  ss:telepathy  ss:witches  steve_rogers  stiles&cora  stiles/derek  stiles/peter  stiles_stilinski  student!merlin  t:autumn  t:summer  tanzania  team!fic  teddy_lupin  teenwolf  terrorism  th:kidfic  thought  threesome  tice  to  tone:angst  tone:dark  tone:fluff  tone:humor  tone:hurtcomfort  tone:mystery  tone:smut  tonydinozzo  top!arthur  torture  tortured!lucifer  tortured!merlin  tortured!stiles  toxic  trauma  trixie_decker  turkey  tw:postseries  uae  understanding!arthur  understanding!chloe  violence  virtual.reality  w:au  w:canon  w:canondivergence  w:futurefic  wc:1000-5000  wc:over100k  wc:under100k  wc:under10k  wc:under20k  wc:under30k  wc:under50k  wc:under5k  werebabies  wererabbit!stiles  werewolf_politics  werewolves  whipped!merlin  whipping  wing!removal  wip  woke  women  words:180.000-200.000  words:20.000-25.000  words:35.000-40.000  words:40.000-45.000  words:6.000-6.500  wraith  ws:actualwolves  ws:anchors  ws:claiming  ws:courting  ws:drainingpain  ws:feralbehavior  ws:fullmoon  ws:fullshift  ws:knotting  ws:mates  ws:matingbonds  ws:packbonding  ws:packbonds  ws:packdynamics  ws:packmarks  ws:packmeetings  ws:packruns  ws:puppypiles  ws:scenting  ws:scentmarking  ws:werewolfculture  ws:werewolfreveal  year:2018  year:2019  years  york  »read       

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