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Baby Steps
Jared's a cop in a small Texas town. He comes from a well known and wealthy family but wants to make it on his own when he can. He knows if he has a weakness it's his soft heart...a soft heart that takes a hit when he finally meets his new neighbors.

Jensen came from money but when he refused his family's demands to give up his child he was kicked out and disowned. Now on his own with a six-month old baby he struggles to survive in a new town with very little money, no help and he just lost his job.

When the two men meet one night the attraction is plain but Jared can see that Jensen's past has left him scared and also wary so it's with baby steps he begins to help this young father to heal & also to learn that he isn't like those who'd hurt him...until a piece of his past returns to possibly cost them everything.
J2  AU  abused!Jensen  hurt!Jensen  kid!fic 
23 days ago by bluefire986
The Best Gift Of All
Sam runs away from and abusive relationship, taking his daughter with him. On the road and trying to get as far as possible on limited funds, his car breaks down. Against his better judgment, Dean, a mostly retired hunter and the town mechanic, offers to let them stay with him until repairs can be made.
Supernatural  AU  Wincest  kid!fic  abused!Sam  hurt!Dean  hurt!Sam 
23 days ago by bluefire986
Have You Ever Seen The Rain
Au story Mary and John Winchester couldn't have children, they want to adopt a baby, that is until they meet two beautiful and specail children. Rated for mentions of abuse, nothing to graphic
AU  Supernatural  kid!fic  abused!Dean  adoption.fic 
24 days ago by bluefire986
Kintsukuroi is a Japanese word that refers to the act of repairing broken pottery by filling in the cracks with gold. Instead of trying to hide the damage, kintsukuroi illuminates it.

Because, mending is an art.

Because, there is beauty in the broken places.

Because, every scar has a story.

Jared’s world shattered when his young, healthy mate died unexpectedly during a holiday back with the pack that raised him. Tasked with raising a child as a single omega while trying to escape life in a traditional pack, he wasn’t sure if he could ever be whole again. ... Jensen, orphaned at six, had given up his dreams of ever having a family of his own and joined the Guards when he was barely in his teens. It was Fate that brings these two men together...
J2  AU  abused!Jensen  hurt!Jensen  werewolf!Jensen  werewolf!Jared  werewolves  kid!fic 
27 days ago by bluefire986
(Starts With) The Click of a Lock
“M’names Daisy Unwin, and my brother is Eggsy. He got hurt real bad. I’m at hospital, and there’s coppers here and I think they’re gonna take me away.” She scrunched up her eyes and remembered the last part. The part Eggsy made her say every night before she told him their nightly story. “Ossfords, not brogues.”

When Harry Hart responds to a phone call from a young girl, he has no idea how it will change his life.
author:stratisphyre  fandom:Kingsman  complete  pairing:Harry/Eggsy  kid!fic  au  drama 
29 days ago by yuurei
Ghost of Christmas Past
Rodney and John are baking gingerbread cookies with their daughter when Rodney's past comes back to haunt him, thankfully John is there to set things right again.
sga  mcshep  canon  au  romance  established!relationship  sweet  hurt/comfort  kid!fic  sga_santa  1000-9999 
6 weeks ago by popkin16
Home for Christmas
This was a JOY to write! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!
sga  mcshep  established!relationship  canon  kid!fic  cute  humor  hurt/comfort  marriage  sweet  1000-9999  sga_santa 
6 weeks ago by popkin16
In This Life
Two years after Rodney leaves Atlantis, he and John have a rather tense reunion.
sga  mcshep  canon  au  romance  established!relationship  angst  kid!fic  1000-9999  wip 
7 weeks ago by popkin16
Away Childish Things, by lettered
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: M/M
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Relationship: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Character: Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter
Additional Tags: Age Regression/De-Aging, Potions Accident,
Collections: Fandom Trumps Hate 2018
Published: 2018-09-21
Completed: 2018-11-07
Chapters: 13/13
Words: 153881

Summary: Harry gets de-aged. Malfoy has to help him.
fanfiction  harry-potter  harry/draco  kid!fic 
7 weeks ago by tarastarr1
rageprufrock - John/Rodney, E --- 11,533

“What the fuck, McKay!” John yelled. “I can’t take you anywhere!”
ao3  sga  mckay/sheppard  *e  w.d::10-20k  ;★★★  ;♥♥  hilarity  kid!fic  accidental-dating  domestic  first  pov-mixed 
8 weeks ago by we.are.golden
Tiny Little Treasures
Jack Frost had given up hope on ever having kids of his own. Then the Man in the Moon gave him five huge eggs. Jack's about to get the family he always wanted, and Bunny's gonna have to come along for the ride. Turns out, he's not the last Pooka after all.

Who knew Pooka laid eggs?

(Or: Jack's completely enraptured by his eggies, Bunny comes to a decision, babies are hatched, and Manny probably ships Jackrabbit in secret.)
author:FrostInTheWarren  fandom:RiseoftheGuardians  pairing:Bunnymund/Jack  complete  domestic!fic  kid!fic  fluff  future!fic 
8 weeks ago by yuurei
The Seedling
In the course of her adventures, Bilbo finds herself pregnant. Without an offer of marriage from Thorin, she returns to the Shire to raise the child with the help of her family.

The King Under the Mountain is heartbroken that Bilbo chooses to leave Erebor, but he cannot blame her. Not after he tried to kill her. There was a time when she would have proposed marriage, but that time is clearly past. If all he can have of her are her letters, then he will be grateful for the missives.

Getting these two to talk just might take divine intervention. Or the intervention of a particularly interested child.
au  genderfuckery  Hobbit  Bilbo/Thorin  kid!fic  kidfic 
9 weeks ago by eponymousanon
I'd love to see Jim and Spock's lil' baby wobbling around the bridge and then he runs into something, falls down, and cries.

Then Jim and Spock flip the fuck out. Total parental instinct override. Like, "My baby is in need of attention. Your argument is invalid."
Spock/Kirk  kid!fic 
10 weeks ago by kribban
Tell Me The Reason Why
Harry is rescued at eight from his abusive uncle by five teen soldiers who've just won their own war. Under their tutelage, Harry comes to Hogwarts with skills the Wizarding world doesn't expect and brothers who won't let Harry go without a fight.
author:sensiblytainted  fandom:HarryPotter  fandom:Gundam  pairing:0102  pairing:0304  character:HarryPotter  angst  hurt/comfort  abused!character  protective!character  badass!character  future!fic  au  hiatus  kid!fic 
10 weeks ago by yuurei
RIGHT. Well, fine anons and non-anons, I was browsing Youtube when I saw this ( mighty fine gem. AND IS THAT OR IS THAT NO BABY JIM?

So my prompt for you is: give me Winona showing the crew embarrassing Baby Jim holovids. You can incorporate the baby dancing or not, I don't care. Just give me those amazingly awesome Baby Jim videos. Did he drop trou in the middle of a Church service? Sure thing! Stomp around and growl at two like a dinosaur? You bet! Smack his own booty when he knew he was doing things wrong? Absolutely!
Winona  Kirk  McCoy  gen  kid!fic 
10 weeks ago by kribban
She's My Hero
Gaila was on the Farragut and died in the epic throw down with the Romulans. "Uncle" Jim (aka Daddy's boyfriend) tells a young Joanna bedtime stories of his Orion friend, out of fondness for her memory and as someone he thinks can provide a strong female archetype for Joanna to aspire to. He tells her how she broke away from slavery and the expectations of her people to be a great Starfleet officer. How she was beautiful, smart, etc. He makes her out to be this great heroine (because she so totally is!).

So, come Halloween, Joanna knows exactly who she wants to be. ^_^
Gaila  Kirk/McCoy  Joanna  kid!fic 
10 weeks ago by kribban
So, I was browsing through the kidfic here, and I realised we don't have a kid!Sulu. Someone fill this gap with cuteness, please?
gen  de-aging  kid!fic  Sulu  Chekov 
10 weeks ago by kribban
2nd fill: So, I turn into a pile of fluffy mush whenever a character calls their child 'baby'.

And I am a firm believer that George Kirk was too pretty and badass and awesome to die.

So could I get him calling 2-6 year old Jim Kirk that? Maybe he lost him at the mall, or little Jimmy had a nightmare or something dangerous happened to him (attempted abduction cause George is a Starfleet hero?), just something along those lines.
GeorgeKirk/ChrisPike  kid!fic 
10 weeks ago by kribban
So, I turn into a pile of fluffy mush whenever a character calls their child 'baby'.

And I am a firm believer that George Kirk was too pretty and badass and awesome to die.

So could I get him calling 2-6 year old Jim Kirk that? Maybe he lost him at the mall, or little Jimmy had a nightmare or something dangerous happened to him (attempted abduction cause George is a Starfleet hero?), just something along those lines.
GeorgeKirk/ChrisPike  kid!fic 
10 weeks ago by kribban
Kirk reads his daughter a bedtime-story.
Spock/Kirk  fluff  kid!fic 
11 weeks ago by kribban

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